This is a page that includes the things I like most in this world

1. Since I like to watch tv shows we’ll start with that

a) House MD (seasons 1-3 only)

A FOX production that started in the fall of 2004 and is still in production.The main people behind it are David Shore,Lawrence Kaplow ,Brian Singer and Katie Jacobs

It stars the amazing Hugh Laurie as Doctor Gregory House ,a famous diagnostician with a limp and an attitude to match his talent.He’s rough,abrasive,rude,sarcastic and always says what is on his mind but at the same time he’s very funny,childish  and  has a passion for music and soap operas.

The whole show revolves around his character and his 3 young fellows(Allison Cameron,Robert Chase and Eric Foreman) who try to solve medical puzzles.

It’s a very interesting piece of television that ,although it follows the same pattern every week much like CSI,never gets boring and manages to be extremely funny and serious at the same time.

c) Stargate SG 1

This is my first love and it will always be nr 1 in my heart because I kinda’ grew up with it.The series began in late 1997 and ended after 10 seasons,in 2007.

Stargate SG1 continues the adventures of Colonel Jack O’Neill after the events in the blockbuster movie Stargate. The Col. gets a team and they start using the Gate frequently ,meeting new civilizations,fighting the Goa’uld and  ,more recently,the Ori.

What sets it apart is not only the amazing cast but the complexity of the Stargate Universe.The shows producers and writers created a very diverse world complete with languages and history.

A spin-off was created in 2004 called Stargate Atlantis which I also watch.

d) Other shows I watch/watched and enjoy/ed a lot are LOST,Supernatural, Fringe, The Walking Dead, Survivor, The Amazing Race , M.A.S.H, Modern Family ,Scrubs,Two and a Half Men(don’t judge) ,X-Files,Friends,Blackadder,A Bit of Fry and Laurie,Mr.Bean,La Piovra

2) Music

I listen to all kinds of songs from many genres but I prefer rock,alternative rock,stuff like Linkin Park,3 Doors Down,Three Days Grace,Snow Patrol,Coldplay,Muse,Evanescence,Gorillaz and songs from loads other artists from Solomon’s Burke to Portishead ,Damien Rice,Shakira,soundtracks and Austrian classical music.

3) I love history and I have a special passion for :



Luxor Temple, Luxor, Egypt

b)World War II in general, Nazi Germany and Germany between the World Wars in particular (including Weimar Rep).


No I am not a supporter of Nazi ideology, I don’t support oppressive regimes in general but I don’t go around condemning everyone either and just cause Hitler and his men brought on war, destruction and murder doesn’t mean it’s not an interesting piece of history and one that has two sides believe it or not, understanding it as a whole is fascinating and it says a lot about human nature which is what interests me, motives ,reasons behind beliefs and all that interests me greatly.

b.1) I am fascinated beyond belief by Albert Speer and am now in the process of reading everything about him that isn’t biased or simplistic or just plain stupid.  Yes, he was also an attractive man in my view haha but my main fascination lies in his personality and brilliance.

Albert Speer on the right with the sculptor Arno Brecker

Cause it's funny/cute

b.2)Favorite documentaries about WW2 and Nazi Germany : World at War (brilliant, 26 episodes comprised almost 100% of original footage and interviews and narrated by Laurence Olivier) , Apocalypse : WW2  , Hitler’s Henchmen

3) The Vatican .

I’m interested in the Vatican not religiously but historically, diplomatically, politically, socially, in terms of rituals and their origins and artistic value. I met a Cardinal (there’s none in my country and I met a famous one) and saw the Pope up close LOL.

4) Traveling is another big passion and pleasure of mine.If I had enough money I’d travel at least 6 months a year.But I can’t complain much since I’ve been to many places so far .

My favorite places are Egypt,Austria,England .

So far I’ve been several times to Egypt, Austria, England ,Turkey and Italy and once to France, Spain, Holland, Scotland(yes,technically the UK, I know), Syria, Lebanon ,Jordan , Czech Rep(only Prague) , Germany (only Munich) ,Greece.

This year (2011), if things go according to what we have planned , I’ll visit St Petersburg in Russia, Poland ,Munich and the Berchtesgarten/Obersaltzberg region and a bit of Finland. Next year I’m planning in Norway and on a cruise from Bergen to Cape North, above the Polar Circle if it won’t be too expensive.

5) If I could live in any country I’d either go to Austria or Great Britain

6) Eating is another “hobby” of mine and my favorite food is turkish/arabic/Lebanese because I like greasy,spicy foods

8) Movies

I don’t have a favorite movie but I have a big list of movies I never get tired of watching and that rank as favorites : Inglorious Basterds, Inception , Alien(especially 2 and 3) ,The Exorcist, A Beautiful Mind, Der Untergang (Downfall : The Final Days of Hitler) , Schindler’s List, The Shining , Leon : The Professional, etc

7) Smoking Water-pipe (Narhile,Shisha) LOL.I first smoked water-pipe in Egypt many moons ago and loved it although I hate cigarettes.



6 responses to “Hobbies/Passions

  1. Liana

    17/04/2009 at 9:17 AM

    Buna !
    iti multumesc frumos pentru coment. Nu mi-a venit sa cred cand am intrat pe site-ul tau 🙂 Un alt fan House in Romania !!!! Sunt si eu totally in love de acest superb doctor.
    Si eu sunt nascuta tot in 87 numai ca de Revelion.
    Daca ai vrea sa stam de vorba despre film, doctori frumosi cu ochi albastrii 😀 si orice altceva vrei tu da-mi add la id-ul din adresa de mail 🙂

    O zi superba !

  2. ada22

    17/04/2009 at 9:48 AM

    Ma bucur ca ti-am gasit blogul total din intamplare. Din cand in cand mai dau search pe google la Hugh Laurie ,numai pagini in lb romana , ca sa vad daca scriu si romanasii nostri ceva de el si de serial.

    Frumos an ’87,nu? LOL
    Evident ca vreau sa discut despre doctori frumosi cu ochi albastrii ,oricum asta fac mai tot timpul online.Dupa cum poti observa,pana si blogul meu ce se dorea a fi random a devenit plin numai de HL ,House si alte seriale.

    Iti dau add !

    PS – am o prietena din copilarie pe care o cheama tot Liana

  3. Mariana

    27/04/2009 at 10:35 PM

    dumnezeule, esti romanca!!!
    in primul si primul rand, felicitari ptr engleza impecabila!!
    in al doilea rand, o sa pierd toata noaptea citind blogul asta, e clar. te-am gasit cu un search dupa hugh laurie si slava domnului, am ce citi :p
    si nu in ultimul rand, nu ma las pana nu ne vedem la o narghilea aromata sa vorbim despre minunatia care este House/Hugh Laurie.

    sa dai un add la adresa de la mail. altfel o sa te bantui :p

  4. Hens Cambier

    04/08/2009 at 11:59 AM

    Hi, I found your blogsite searching Hugh Laurie pictures holding a balloon (House), so you can suspect I’m also a big fan of Hugh and House M.D. I alsof think the serie is brilliant en that Hugh is perfect for the role.;) x

  5. RollerGurl

    22/11/2009 at 5:31 AM

    You may want to update the post about House…actually, it’s nice reading about how it used to be. 🙂

  6. vizitatorul

    29/12/2011 at 8:24 AM

    happy new year for the next 367 days – nice stargate and doctor house, and history.. nice but not so nice, the wars … well, is just our measure of incompetence. daca prin competenta intelegem arta de a fi oameni, capitol la care tot esuam sistematic de mii de ani. dar, cine stie ?


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