100 random facts

100 facts that make me who I am

1.I’m left handed and I like it
2.Blue is my favorite color so when I was little I thought that was why my eyes were blue(who cared about genetics then :D)
3.I like KFC much more than McDonald’s
4.I like a kebab better than both of the above πŸ˜€
5.I love to eat (as u can guess) .
6.My fav. food is turkish/arabic food and I hate veggies in my food(potatoes not included) except onions and garlic
7.I love tea especially black tea and green tea.
8.Also I like to put milk in my tea.
9.I like coffee but don’t drink it regularly.
10.Beer is my drink of choice at any time although I am not an alcoholic.I don’t like black beer(or however it’s called in english).
11.I am not that much of a wine lover and I preffer white ,sweeter wine.But I do love mulled red one.
12.I can drink most people under the table mostly because I don’t tend to get drunk,just happier.
13.I love smoking water-pipe and I have a very nice one at home of which I am so proud.
14.I tend to obsess about different things and they can last for years,months or just days.
15.I love football and I’d watch the quality one all day long.My favorite competitions are the Champions League,the World Cup and The Africa Cup of Nations.My favorite teams are Rapid from Romania,Galatasaray from Turkey,Chelsea from the UK and especially Juventus from Italy + any team Marcello Lippi or Mircea Lucescu would train(except for Dinamo).
16.I am good at basketball and was best in my high school at table tennis(our school was crazy about this sport)and that was where I won my only medal ever in anything.Appart from this I don’t do sports πŸ˜€
17.I love ski jumping and I’m a fan of the finnish coach(of the norvegian team) Mika Kojonkoski.
18.I am probably the laziest person in the world(or among the laziest).
19.I can’t seem to force myself to do stuff I don’t like or learn stuff I don’t like and I hate to study so I don’t and always just pass(well,almost always) my exams/test/whatever by just reading the material once and paying minimal attention in class.
20.I had my IQ tested and the lady said it’s high and well over the average so I’m happy (see,Andra,I’m special too :P)
21.My biggest hobbies are traveling and watching tv-shows/movies.
22.My favorite shows are Heroes,House MD ,30 Rock,Battlestar Galactica and Stargate SG1 but I watch various other series .A few ex of present shows I watch : LOST,Supernatural,Fringe,CSI Las Vegas,Scrubs,Two and a Half Men,The Sarah Connor Chronicles,Stargate Atlantis,Prison Break.
23.Hugh Laurie obsesses me to no end and he’s the most interesting and talented public person in the whole world and hottest man alive(yes,it was absolutely necessary to mention him and tv shows in this).
24.Angelina Jolie obsesses me also :D.And Tina Fey and Jennifer Morrison .
25.I’m not particularly religious but I believe in what it should stand for and what it is meant to do with all the exaggerated stories and teachings.Also I have a big obsession for the Vatican in the political,historical,social sense.I dream of meeting Archb.Piero Marini one day.
26.I don’t read much and when I do it’s only because I have to or because I really,really want to.
27.Even if I am not a fan of reading I am not stupid,I can talk correctly and I have pleny of general knowledge which I believe to be my strongest point.
28.I’m not a girly-girl.I mostly have hobbies amd preferences believed to be more “manly” and I hate it when people want to treat me like I’m some sort of gentle flower just ’cause I’m a girl.I can carry my bags just well,fix something and open the door.
29.I hate going shopping.
30.I hate the color pink(well,unless Hugh Laurie is wearing it or Gerry Butler or something,then I don’t care :D)
31.I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life and it scares and depresses me.I’m studying the economy of turism because I’d like to be in a field related to traveling ,something dynamic but I am no good in anything related to nr’s and math so I suck at school.
32.In a perfect world (or if I was born in a different country)I would have studied history or languages,go into archeology or just egyptology but nothing is perfect.
33.I regret not being hard working and determined enough to go study abroad.I consider myself very flawed.
34.I HATE LISA EDELSTEIN AND CUDDY from HOUSE MD because thanks to her character my show is ruined forever and ever and ever.Also because she acts like a 14 year old.
35.Little things get to me more than big ones and ,while not sensitive,small stuff that would bring me inner satisfaction count more than big stuff like material satisfaction or carreer stuff.I’m depressive so it’s understandable.
36.I don’t believe in what the horoscope says(or what the people who “read” the horoscope say) but I do believe the month/astrological sign u were born in influence the way u are in some way and I met many people born in the same month with me(june) and/or the same sign and who were a lot like me in certain ways.
37.Considering what I just wrote above ,I was always extremly proud to be born in the same day with Merryl Streep (22 June) and the same month as Hugh Laurie.
38.I kinda’ tend to hate stupidity but not natural stupidity that one can’t help but the stupidity born from ignorance,pride,thinking you’re the best or because u want the wrong people to accept u.Newsflash : Punks,”manelisti”,stupid but slick and dangerous people aren’t the one who can really say who’s worthy of something or not.
39.I don’t discriminate people. Everyone is the same no matter what their skin color,religion,gender,nationality,sexual preferences,looks,weight,height is and I believe people who do discriminate either have an insicurity of their own(like men who homosexuals just ’cause or like white used to discriminate the black back in the old days)or don’t have their facts straight to which I say :go research!
40.I believe most people are not bad at their core but they choose to do bad for their own good,because they are weak or turned bad by the people they have around them.
41.I like british humour,subtle jokes,sarcastic jokes and irony and I believe only smart people are capable of making them.
42.I find 90% of the boys(yes,boys not men)my age unattractive no matter how “pretty” one says they are.I guess I like signs of maturity.
43.I love swimming.
44.I have an obsession with Egypt.
45.I like english more than romanian for some reason.
46.I love ice cream.My favorite flavours are :hazel and berries.
47.I don’t like to be rude and I like being polite.Also I don’t like to fight in public.
48.While I hate to fight in public I will argue about something if I disagree and feel I am right.
49.I am not a formal person in anything and I don’t expect anyone else to be either but ,since I’m polite,I expect people to be polite around me and others.
50.I like to play computer games but I am not a big fan of strategies because I don’t have the patience required.
51.I do like shooters but they have to have a story and good graphics(ex:Bioshock)
52.I mostly play sports games like Fifa,NBA,NHL.
53.I am a Barack Obama fan for a whole lot of reasons including him being sexy.Also,we both now own a Blackberry phone so yeeeey.
54.I love Blackadder and everything Hugh Laurie,Stephen Fry or Rowan Atkinson did.
55.I play backgammon at least once a week for various hours.
56.I can’t go anywhere without my watch.I have a Swatch.
57.I like manly watches with a metal bracelet because I like to feel that I have a watch attached to my wrist :D.
58.I go everywhere with my headphones and some device that allows me to listen to music.
59.I don’t like complete silence.
60.I don’t like complete darkness but I like the dark to some extent.
61.I have small phobias : a spider phobia,any kind of creepy bug phobia and rat phobia.
62.I like snakes(not the poisonus ones though).
63.I like horses and dolphines a lot.
64.I love dogs and have 2.
65.I went parasailing and loved it .I wanted to go again the next day but I was too lazy to look for the guy where I had to book it.Went again a year after(in 2008)and also took a hot air balloon ride,that was so cool.
66.I want a leather jacket,biker style ,but I couldn’t find one(what’s up with that?).Nevermind,found one……….in London LOL
67.I want a motorcycle but I can’t even drive one(will learn one day)
68.I love the cold weather.My favorite season is winter.
69.I wanna’ sex Hugh Laurie (yeah,had to write this at the 69th place LOL) . Seriously now….let’s see……I love Scotland,visited it recently and it did not let me down,it was everything I had hoped for and more.
70.Hot weather iritates me ,makes me mad .
71.I used to collect stamps and public phone cards.
72.Now I collect plane tickets and any other tickets from the places I go.
73.When I go somewhere I like to take many pictures of streets and places .
74.I don’t like to have my picture taken because I look like an idiot in them since I can’t pose and feel uncomfortable.Therefore I have very few pics of myself and none on my pc.
75.I don’t plan on changing how I am for anything or anyone.With me it’s either u like it or u don’t ,I don’t care,I like most aspects of my personality.
76.I hate that I’m lazy and have little ambition to do big things or things I don’t like.
77.I use bad words quite a lot but mostly is just for(at least my own)fun.
78.I hate monotony but I’m also too lazy to avoid it most of the time.
79.I’d love to go on a trip around the world for a couple of years.
80.I’d love to move to Austria and get a nice apartment in Vienna and maybe a small place in the Alps.But I guess I would want to move to Edinburgh the most.
81.I’d also love to have a small apartment in London and Cairo.
82.I feel most at peace,good and safe in Stephansdom(St Stephan Cathedral in Vienna)and always take at one hour to just sit there when I’m in Vienna.
83.I love popcorn and sometimes go to the movies just to eat fresh popcorn.
84.I like sleeping late and staying up late.
85.I want to visit Chernobyl because the whole story of the place fascinates me and how time stood still there.
86.I don’t like blond men.
87.I listen to all kinds of music except manele .I love to listen to Strauss,it makes me feel jolly.
88.I love traveling by plane but I hate traveling by bus because I can’t sleep in an upright position so I suffer on long journeys.
89.When I’m stressed or really,really bored I bite my nails.
90.I don’t smoke.
91.I hate dancing and I even hate to watch people dancing club style.But I like watching(for a short while) people waltz,tango or dancing the salsa.
92.I can be very childish at times and very mature at others.
93.I get easily bored.
94.I tend to only talk about what obsesses me.I guess I have a rather obsessive personality.If I have a hobby ,if I like something then I automatically put a bit of my heart into it,I get emotionally attached and passionate.
95.I am slightly depressed at all times because I am depressive but I always try to keep a smile on my face and make fun of any problem.Very few people(mom and not even she knows well)know about my depressions because I don’t want to annoy or burden people with them.Sometimes the smallest thing can depress me .
96.I do believe some things are just meant to be.
97.I like lolli-pops
98.I would like to be able to play the piano and guitar but sadly I don’t have the talent(or maybe I do and I’m not aware of it although I have a piano in my house)and I admire people who can play.
99.I like tequila.
100.I think there is little justice in the world.


10 responses to “100 random facts

  1. Smilla

    10/05/2008 at 8:35 AM

    ce dragut! am citit tot-tot! ma bucur ca te-ai mutat pe wordpress, ca mi-e mai usor sa comentez πŸ™‚

  2. ada22

    10/05/2008 at 9:12 AM

    ma bucur ca mai citeste/comenteaza(I love comments) cineva ce scriu eu aici ca daca m-am mutat nu stie nimeni de mine πŸ˜€

    M-am mutat pe wordpress ca mi-e frica sa nu cada 360 de tot si sa raman fara nimic + asta e mai complet,am mai multe optiuni

  3. karla

    30/05/2008 at 4:12 PM

    ok dont post sumen if its not dealing with yo fucken topic dis website dont go its fucken boosie fall back

  4. controlandtony

    16/08/2008 at 10:25 AM

    haha, we’d just get on fine πŸ˜€

    ps: seems you didn’t get bored writing down 100!!!! things on 1 topic πŸ˜‰

  5. Profa

    24/01/2009 at 7:42 PM

    I recognize a Crab when I see one.:d Heh, good to know! Opposites attract, dontcha know?:D

  6. ada22

    24/01/2009 at 7:47 PM

    ^ wow,another comment ! I think I love you ! What sign are you?

  7. Liana

    17/04/2009 at 9:20 AM

    In ceea ce priveste punctul cu numarul 69 sunt total de acord cu tine πŸ™‚ Can we share it?

  8. ada22

    17/04/2009 at 9:49 AM

    ^ we can share it,sure

  9. r41n

    28/04/2010 at 4:41 PM

    let me guess, are you a taurus?

    • ada22

      28/04/2010 at 4:47 PM

      nope πŸ˜€ , I’m a crab(I refuse the actual english name of the sign because it’s so unfortunate),born 22nd of June πŸ˜›


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