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On the road again ! This time….Krakow ,Poland . Day 1

I’m away on a trip again YAY ! This time my destination was Krakow, Poland . This is like my bday present ,my bday is tomorrow, the 22nd and I prefered going on a trip alone than just doing the same thing I do every week at home (aka go out with a couple of friends).
So here I am , in Krakow ,after a very busy first day.
I left BUcharest at 6am when I boarded a LOT flight from Bucharest to Warsaw. This meant I didn’t sleep at all last night since I left home at 4am . Anyway, once in Warsaw I needed to get to the train station so I took the 175 bus from just outside the terminal and this bus passes by the train station (around 20 min from the airport to the train station).At the station I already had a seat reservation and an Interrail pass so I found the platform and waited for the 8:27am train to Zakopane via Krakow. Three hours later I was in Krakow, it was 11:35am.

Couldn’t check in until 2pm so I went and ate in the center, then came to the hotel ,checked in and left my luggage in the room so I could go walk around town comfortably.

I walked for hours on most of the streets that make up the so called Old Town city center. It’s very beautiful ,especially the large main square and the Cathedral. I didn’t go into any museum or anywhere except inside the Cathedral and another Church so I won’t get into details.

Now I bought something to eat and came back to the hotel because I am a bit tired after 30+ hours of no sleep.


Am plecat iar in excursie ! De data asta destinatia principala e Cracovia , Polonia. Excursia asta e cadoul de ziua mea ,practic si e bine ,am preferat sa merg singura in excursie decat sa stau acasa si sa facem acelasi lucru pe care il fac saptamana de saptamana.

Daca e cineva intersant de datalii tehnice si de organizare …sa va povestesc pe scurt ! Am luat avionul de la Bucuresti la Varsovia. Acolo am luat autobuzul 175 pana la gara centrala de unde trebuia sa iau trenul spre Cracovia. LA 8:27am eram in tren iar la 11:34 eram la Cracovia.

Nu m-am putut instala in camera pana la ora 14:00 asa ca m-am dus sa mananc in centru ,m-am plimbat nitel si m-am intors sa imi iau camera in primire ca sa-mi pot lasa actele si alte chestii ,sa merg mai comfortabil. Asa ca de pe la ora 3 pana pe la 7 m-am plimbat prin centrul vechi. E foarte frumos, mai ales piata centrala si catedrala dar nu intru in detalii ca n-are rost.

Mai multe date maine ! Pana atunci…..poze

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Hugh Laurie – Let Them Talk promotional pictures

Here are more promo pics for Hugh’s upcoming blues album. I love the black and white ones. Anyone know when the concerts in Europe will take place cause I need to buy me a couple of tickets NOW !

Click for bigger

Too lazy to look for these more thoroughly so credit goes to my favorite go to source

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Hugh Laurie at the Writer’s Guild Awards(WGA’s)

Hugh was on stage with David Shore at the Writer’s Guild Awards on the 20th of February. House MD (sadly in my opinion since this will just make the writers more arrogant) won some awards for episode 1 of season 6 (Broken).
Hugh looked great, he’s letting the hair grow,that’s good and he does rock a tux like no other. Hmmm…he had no ring on again so I am guessing his marriage is possibly over which I was expecting but it makes me sad just for jealousy reasons. Oh well,as long as he’s not screwing some bitch I guess it is alright.

Here are the HQ pics I found

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Hugh Laurie at NAPTE in Vegas

So,Hugh was at this NATPE conference in Vegas together with David Shore and Katie Jacobs a few days ago and I found some HQ photos from that event so I’ll post them for your viewing pleasure ,as always. I’ve been told by a friend who watched the video from this conference, that Hugh was most probably really tired and quite pissed and he appears not to be as jolly as he wants us to think he is regarding House and the direction of the show,his body language is telling. Of course, we might be wrong but I’m sorta’ hoping we’re not because it’s a HUGE disappointment if he likes the parody that is House MD right now.
The good part is that he looked much better(or so it seems in these pics) and his hair is a bit longer. Now he just needs to work on his stomach to fit those big ,beautiful arms a bit and we’re good.

BTW, there was no SAG’s photo post because the only pics of Hugh were 3 or 4 screencaps,he was late for the Red Carpet .

found on hughbunnies on LJ,thanks to various people.

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New House Season 5 promos – Hugh only

Ok,here are 4 more HQ House season 5 promo pictures with Hugh Laurie/House. All I can say is ,as always,”Hugh why so sexy,WHY?” .

Ah,check out that first picture………………if u can look at anything else but the big “guns” and by that I mean the pretty arms,the biceps,then you are my hero and deserve a statue.

But you know what the COOLEST thing about these pictures is ? In the second picture u can see Hugh’s watch perfectly and it shows the hour,the day ,month and year.The hour is not important BUT the day is Sunday,the 22nd of JUNE which is MY EXACT BIRTHDAY *giggle fit……mad laughter….hyperventilation* so I think this settles it,it’s a sign that we must meet,I must meet my idol ,it’s meant to be *prays to God*

disclaimer : not my pics,didn’t take ’em ,have nothing to gain from them but visual pleasures .Thanks goes to DRYOPE at House_daily on LJ,

*clicky on pics to make really big đŸ˜€

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Heroes on set HP,MV pics *SPOILERISH*

Nothing new is really going on these days ,summer is always slow in the land of pretty tv shows but every now and then a new spoiler appears,new set photos,an event or two so here are some goodies.

I found a bunch of pics from the set of Heroes and I thought I’d post them here. The shots are only of Hayden Panettiere(Claire) and Milo Ventimiglia (Peter).The pics were probably just made to show the world how HP and MV are together but for Heroes fans they are also interesting because Milo has that famous Five Years Gone scar and Hayden has the brown hair so I’m guessing at least one episode will involve the future versions of our beloved characters which is a yeeeeeeey.

As always : pics are thumbnails,press to make bigger

All credit goes to who made them and to the SOURCE

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