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Summer shenanigans ,a trip to Germany.

   Oh wow, long time since I made a post on this blog, it looks like I’ve abandoned it but I haven’t !

Now that summer is over there’s only one more thing that will probably keep me away from making decent updates on this blog until October…..a trip to Egypt !!! Fun, fun, fun!!!

In case anyone is wondering and since travel posts are cool and entertaining, since my trip to Poland I’ve also been on a 2 week trip to Germany in the second half of July. Yes, I do love going to Germany ! In my trip I visited a few new places like Nuremberg, Heidelberg, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Berchtesgaden + a day in Munich. Anyone care for specifics? Yes? No? You get them anyway cause maybe someone will benefit from them and because I have an exam today that I don’t want to study for !

So, we boarded a Lufthansa flight to Munich one beautiful summer’s day in July . From Munich airport (which is not exactly close to Munich city center) we took (and you can too ,dear reader, if you ever decide to visit) a train that goes to central Munich and the train station where we needed to go. There are, if I remember correctly, 2 lines that go to the airport from the train station and they take about 40 minutes.


Once at the central train station ,I ate a quick Kasekrainer and then we took a train to Nuremberg (the journey takes a little over an hour) using the one country Interrail pass. After we got to Nuremberg and checked into our hotel right across from the station, we went around the center of the city. BTW, the train station in Nuremberg is right at the edge of old town so hotels around there are perfectly located.

In Nuremberg, during the next couple of days, we visited a lot of World War II/ Third Reich related stuff since the history of that particular time is such a big interest of mine. We went around old town, walked on all the streets and the surrounding area too. What I think you can’t miss when in Nuremberg :

a) Old Town of course

b) Reichsparteitagsgelände aka Reich’s Party Congress Land where the big Nuremberg party celebrations took place, stuff you can see in old footage and that is also featured in Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will. Now some of the stuff aren’t there anymore but you can still see the unfinished Congress Hall where there’s also a little museum, some of the original layout of the place as you walk towards the Zeppelinfeld and ,of course, the actual Zeppelinfeld which remained almost as it was. You can go up to where Hitler spoke and take a funny picture or something haha. It’s very interesting, like it or not history was made there and, as bad as it was, it is a fascinating one.

c) The Palace of Justice where the Nuremberg Trials took place. The Palace still stands and looks the same, it’s also still in use. There’s a small exhibition and you can visit the actual Room 600 where the court sessions were held. The room looks almost the same, slightly different layout and furniture but you’ll see the many resemblances. It will also look smaller because during the trial they actually made it bigger at the back by removing the walls and expanding it . Being there was pretty amazing for a WWII history nerd like myself and in the exhibition you can see two of the benches they sat on, one of them is the one Goering, Hess, Ribbentrop and Keitel sat on.

Pictures here :


2)Rothenburg ob der Tauber

From Nuremberg we decided to go on a day trip to Rothenburg ob der Tauber. This is a beautiful ,small medieval town famous also for its Christmas decorations. The town is gorgeous, very beautiful streets and houses, a positive, joyful, relaxing atmosphere, good food, very nice, highly recommended . From Nuremberg you can get there easily although it wouldn’t seem so on paper. You have to change trains 2 times but trust me, it”s easy and it doesn’t take a long time to get there.

Pictures :


3) Heidelberg

After Nuremberg we went to Heidelberg. To get there we took a train to Frankfurt and then one to Heidelberg. I don’t remember exactly how long it took but probably around 3 hours in total,not more than 4.

Anyway, Heidelberg is very beautiful ! Settled in the valley of the river Neckar, flanked by wonderful green hills where it has also expanded with beautiful residential areas, this town I’d gladly move to at any moment ! Just walk on the streets and up the hills, go to the castle area, have a nice meal at one of the many restaurants ,you can’t go wrong here. I also went to see Albert Speer’s grave, that was interesting !



4) Garmisch-Partenkirchen

From Heidelberg we then took the train to Garmisch. We had to change the train in Munich which ,again, was no big deal, don’t let these stuff scare you haha. The whole journey took a little less than 5 hours.

In Garmisch the hotel gave us a guest card that you can use during your stay to get some discounts at different attractions in the area and also to travel free of charge on the bus. Very useful thing, I liked it very much !

Here we weren’t very successful with the weather, it rained ALL day during the first day but we went to see the ski jumping hill platform (we’re big ski jumping fans and have none to see around here) and then to a beautiful  gorge. We also walked around the central areas. There are some very beautiful houses with murals ,very typical for this area. The second day we went to the Zugspitze (highest peak in Germany), it was very nice even though the clouds were obscuring the view all the way down. There was also snow, I love snow :D. After that we went down to the Eibsee , a very beautiful, quiet lake close to Garmisch, where the cable car goes down from the Zugspitze . We took a pedal boat or whatever they’re called in english and spent some time on the lake, ate a great meal, walked around on a trail that goes around the lake and got on the last Zugspitzbahn train to Garmisch. The next day the weather was acting up again so we decided to take the train to nearby Innsbruck(approx. 1h20 min). There it was sunny and nice and we went to see the Bergisel ski jumping complex. In Garmisch we couldn’t go up to the top of the platform but here you can visit it ,I loved it and then we went to the place where the coaches stay during the competition and suddenly a jumper appeared on the platform and jumped. This was a first for us, we’ve been watching ski jumping on the telly each winter for 10 years now but it was the first time we got to see someone jump “in the flesh”. When we got down to the foot of the hill, I immediately recognized the jumper, a famous Austrian one, Andi Kofler, so I said hi and politely asked to take a picture . He was very nice and then we saw him jump a couple more times. After this we went to the old part of town. Innsbruck has a small and quaint old town, very crowded

Pictures :


4) Berchtesgaden

From Garmisch we went to Berchtesgaden ,by train, via Munich . Let me say this : I love Berchtesgaden ! The area is BEAUTIFUL ,there are some great lakes nearby ,great views and lots of things to see ! The center of the Berchtesgaden is small but beautiful and up the hill so there is also a place where you can see a bit of a panorama. Here we sadly had one day of rain, rain, nothing but rain so we took a bus to Salzburg(40 min away) to eat at Demel and walk around. The other 2 days we went to the Obersalzberg ,the area where Hitler had his famous Berghof retreat/vacation home and where most of his closest collaborators had homes. The Berghof isn’t there anymore, all that’s left is a wall but it’s a must see and then go down the path to the Zum Turken hotel and do yourself a favor, enter the bunker under the hotel . This bunker is part of the network of bunkers built by Hitler. Most of the bunker system is either gone, collapsed/damaged or closed to the public and the one at the Documentation Center is so touristy some of its charm is gone. The bunker under the Zum Turken hotel ,on the other hand, is almost unaltered . Yes, there are no doors ,it’s not really water proof anymore ,it’s cold inside and they wrote directions on the walls in some places so you don’t get lost ,but otherwise it’s intact and offers a genuine experience . Plus, it’s on more than one level. It also connected with Bormann’s bunker and Hitler’s bunker. After that you can walk around the area and find many related ruins and such if you look online and look carefully. You can go to the Intercontinental hotel and walk around cause that’s where Goering’s house was located. A total must see is the Kehlsteinhaus aka Eagle’s Nest ! The house was built on Bormann’s order as a gift for Hitler’s 50th birthday. It sits upon a mountain top with great views in all directions and you get there by taking a bus or a long walk. Even the road up the mountain is breathtakingly beautiful ,up a steep ,narrow road. Once at the end of the road, you can take the elevator built inside the mountain, a work of art in itself, designed by Speer as his present to Hitler on his 50th birthday. The house itself looks pretty much like it did back then. The main room looks the same only it’s furnished as a restaurant now and you can still see Mussolini’s gift to Hitler, the fireplace. There’s also the option to walk around on the outside, near the house, there are splendid views to be seen and paths to be walked.

The next day we went to 2 lakes, the Konigsee and the Obersee. These are 2 gorgeous lakes everyone should see ! You can take a cruise on the Konigsee to the last stop ,Salet, and from there take the path ,1km, to Obersee and walk around it . The Obersee is just fantastic ! A small-ish lake between mountains, no boats, no houses ,nothing but crystal clear water that acts like a mirror. On the other side of the lake there’s one small cabin like structure that serves as a sort of shop where you can get fresh milk, bread and locally made cheese and butter ,beer, stuff like that. One of the most beautiful places I’ve been to, there’s nothing like the Alps ,what can I say ! Oh yeah, btw, fun fact, Hitler liked that lake too and there was a rock where he liked having his picture taken, u can go take a picture there too lol, I did !

Pictures :

Obersalzberg/Kehlstein House

From Berchtesgaden we went back to Munich ,walked around, did some shopping ,drank more beer and the next day we got on a plane back to Bucharest.

If you want to see pictures, click on the thumbnails that take you to my picasa account ! 😀



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On the road again ,day 3 : Auschwitz I & Auschwitz II – Birkenau

Yesterday I went to Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II – Birkenau. This was one of the most fascinating, amazing places I’ve ever visited (and I’ve seen the Pyramids, Petra, most of the popular European capitals,etc). Of course, I am a WWII/Nazi  history enthusiast so I was visiting a place very relevant to my interests but even if you have little idea about the 2nd World War as a whole, it should be an incredible experience !
I am not the very sentimental type and since I’m interested in the history that the place is part of, I looked at it more from a historical point of view than an emotional one but you do feel that you are in a special place, a place where many people lost their lives and suffered and where some of their ashes and remains are mixed with the soil.
It’s probably a good idea to have some knowledge of the place and the war before you go though cause I feel that is the perfect place to learn about respect and equality and the value of each individual and their lives but it can just as well promote hatred towards a group of people (germans alive in the 30s-40s and, thus, part of the Nazi regime and war) which is not fair either because not everyone was a monster. One must learn to only accuse people truly involved and separate them from the rest, otherwise it’s just like racism.
Ok, moving on !
How you get there, you might be wondering ? Well, from Krakow you can take a train or a bus. I would like to advice everyone to go without an organized group,don’t book a day trip, just go on your own, it’s easy . There are 2 places : Auschwitz I (the “Arbeit macht frei” one) and Auschwitz II – Birkenau (the famous train tracks image and the wooden barracks one).
If you take the train (and probably the bus as well but I suggest the train, it’s comfortable) then you get out of the station at Oswiecim and go to the right, you’ll soon see a sign for Auschwitz. You can walk to both Auschwitz I(a little further away) and Auschwitz II – Birkenau(the first one as you leave Oswiecim). If you’re going on your own and want to be free to visit at your own pace ,you should first go to Birkenau(at one point you take a right,there’s a sign,cross a bridge,walk a bit and you’ll see it). Birkenau is HUGE, I spent 4 hours there. It’s ,for me, the most interesting one and the one where you really get a feel of a concentration camp . It’s also quite a beautiful place (aesthetically), it’s all green with trees and grass and open spaces ,the buildings are made of red brick or wood. You can see a lot of things there and just walk around, feel the immensity of the place .
Then you can take the free shuttle that runs every half hour or so, from Birkenau to Auschwitz and back. At Auschwitz I I suggest ,if you go during the summer, to go after 3pm because before 3pm you have to join a guided tour but after 3pm you can walk just as you do in Birkenau. Oh and they are both FREE, it’s all FREE.
Auschwitz I, with its Arbeit Mach Frei sign, is smaller than Birkenau, all the buildings are multiple story red brick structures ,it’s also aesthetically nice, I think they weren’t built by the Nazis(at least not all). Inside some of the buildings there are exhibitions about the HOlocaust and WWII (including the famous hair and confiscated stuff).
Anyway, as I said, it was an amazing experience, everyone should visit it at least once in their life to learn about history and life and the human nature.

Now pictures !

Mai tarziu scriu si in romana


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On the road again : Krakow Day 2

English :

Today, day 2 in Krakow, is/was the 22nd of June. You know what happened on the 22nd of June ? Well, in 1940 France capitulated on the 22nd of June and in 1941 Operation Barbarossa began. Yup, stuff like that ! Apart from that, on the 22nd of June 1987 I was born ,that is the most important event to happen on the 22nd of June. Oh and Meryl Streep was born on the 22nd of June as well. Factbook,that’s what they should call me !

Anyway, today ,for my bday, I walked for about 9 hours straight with 2-3 breaks to have a drink and eat and rest my legs.

I visited the Jewish quarter , Kazimierz(I might be butchering the spelling but Polish is horribly hard, sorry!) ,Schindler’s factory museum ,streets from where I guess the ghetto used to be and the area where the nearby concentration camp was that is now basically an open field/park. Then I ate at a Jewish place back in the Jewish quarter.

Tomorrow if it doesn’t rain I’m going to Auschwitz. Hopefully it will be sunny like today .

Romana :

Azi, a 2a zi in Cracovia, a fost 22 Iunie. Stiti ce s-a intaplat pe 22 Iunie? Pai, de ex, in 1940 Franta a capitulat in fata Germaniei, in 1941 a inceput operatiunea Barbarossa si in 1987 m-am nascut eu ! Da, a fost ziua mea (si a lui Meryl Streep haha) , am aparut si eu pe planeta in 1987.

Eh, azi, de ziua mea, am mers vreo 9 ore aproape non stop cu ceva opriri pentru a ma adapa(cu bere), a manca si a-mi odihnii picioarele putin.
Am fost in cartierul evreiesc, Kazimierz(daca scriu gresit imi pare rau si probabil ca scriu gresit dar e grea limba asta de numai pot), la fabrica lui Schindler, prin zona pe unde cred ca era ghettoul si la fostul lagar de concentrare din apropiere (din care nu a ramas mai nimic, e un loc ca un parc/camp/deal)cu verdeata,carari si vreo cateva monumente pentru cei ce au murit acolo).

Mi-a placut tot ce am vazut, Cracovia are un aer pitoresc si prietenos, cladiri vechi ,unele renovate altele nu dar locul per total ingrijit si numa’bun de plimbat. La fabrica lui Schindler e acum muzeu ce tine de muzeul de istorie si e frumos organizat, inventiv ( e o camera unde pe jos podeaua e cu model….zwastici…mi-a placut maxim haha)

Maine daca e frumos ca azi , ma duc la Auschwitz !

Now pictures/acum poze !

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On the road again ! This time….Krakow ,Poland . Day 1

I’m away on a trip again YAY ! This time my destination was Krakow, Poland . This is like my bday present ,my bday is tomorrow, the 22nd and I prefered going on a trip alone than just doing the same thing I do every week at home (aka go out with a couple of friends).
So here I am , in Krakow ,after a very busy first day.
I left BUcharest at 6am when I boarded a LOT flight from Bucharest to Warsaw. This meant I didn’t sleep at all last night since I left home at 4am . Anyway, once in Warsaw I needed to get to the train station so I took the 175 bus from just outside the terminal and this bus passes by the train station (around 20 min from the airport to the train station).At the station I already had a seat reservation and an Interrail pass so I found the platform and waited for the 8:27am train to Zakopane via Krakow. Three hours later I was in Krakow, it was 11:35am.

Couldn’t check in until 2pm so I went and ate in the center, then came to the hotel ,checked in and left my luggage in the room so I could go walk around town comfortably.

I walked for hours on most of the streets that make up the so called Old Town city center. It’s very beautiful ,especially the large main square and the Cathedral. I didn’t go into any museum or anywhere except inside the Cathedral and another Church so I won’t get into details.

Now I bought something to eat and came back to the hotel because I am a bit tired after 30+ hours of no sleep.


Am plecat iar in excursie ! De data asta destinatia principala e Cracovia , Polonia. Excursia asta e cadoul de ziua mea ,practic si e bine ,am preferat sa merg singura in excursie decat sa stau acasa si sa facem acelasi lucru pe care il fac saptamana de saptamana.

Daca e cineva intersant de datalii tehnice si de organizare …sa va povestesc pe scurt ! Am luat avionul de la Bucuresti la Varsovia. Acolo am luat autobuzul 175 pana la gara centrala de unde trebuia sa iau trenul spre Cracovia. LA 8:27am eram in tren iar la 11:34 eram la Cracovia.

Nu m-am putut instala in camera pana la ora 14:00 asa ca m-am dus sa mananc in centru ,m-am plimbat nitel si m-am intors sa imi iau camera in primire ca sa-mi pot lasa actele si alte chestii ,sa merg mai comfortabil. Asa ca de pe la ora 3 pana pe la 7 m-am plimbat prin centrul vechi. E foarte frumos, mai ales piata centrala si catedrala dar nu intru in detalii ca n-are rost.

Mai multe date maine ! Pana atunci…..poze

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Draga ClickNet de la Romtelecom ,

Te urasc nespus ! De o luna mergi si nu prea ! Dar, ce zic eu o luna cand de fapt nu ai mers ca-n “brosura” niciodata !

Sa incepem cu inceputul ca asa e frumos ,nu? Se facea ca eu, Adelina, aveam nevoie de internet iar la mine pe ulita ,in capitala Romaniei ,Bucuresti, zona destul de centrala chiar, nu existau prea multe variante ….adica exista unica varianta : Romtelecom. Asta se intampla acum multi ani, probabil prin 2003. M-am dus eu cu mamica mea (ca deh, eram prin clasa a 10a) la magazin si am facut contract, am primit modemul ,totul bine si frumos. O perioada a fost bine dar de vreo cativa ani da rateuri de parca s-ar distra pe seama mea.

Fast-forward cativa ani pana prin anul de gratie 2008. Eh, de prin 2008 ,cand au inceput parca sa scoata si noi viteze la inaintare, internetul meu sucks ! Se intrerupe asa cand ii vine lui, uneori nu-si mai revine iar alteori pur si simplu cade o data la cateva minute. Am dat telefoane (nu obsesiv ca ma enervez) ,am facut reclamatii ,am schimbat modemul dar problema nu se rezolva.

Si asa am ajuns in prezent, anul 2011 . Internetul meu a avut o perioada cat de cat bunicica, s-a intrerupt ceva mai putin de cand am schimbat modemul(acu’ vreun an si ceva parca) ,mai rarut ca-i mai bunut. De la un timp insa a luat-o razna yet again asa ca in ultima luna ,de ex, am avut perioade de cateva zile o data cand mergea 3 minute si se intrerupea ,mai mergea inca 5 minute si iar se interupea sau, varianta extrema, mergea 30 de secunde si murea in chinuri vreo 3 ore. Saptamana trecuta a fost extrema, a stat mai mult mort decat viu si nu si-a revenit complet .

Eh, dar ce sa fac ? Sa dau telefon? Data trecuta am dat telefon si mi-a zis operatorul sa resetez modemul (chestia aia de te duci la o adresa in browser si configurezi modemul) . Asta a rezolvat temporar problema in sensul ca a inceput sa mearga (nu mergea deloc) dar tot cu intreruperi. Asa ca acum nu am mai dat telefon pentru ca ori imi da indicatii d-astea care nu ma ajuta cu mai nimic ori trimit pe cineva prin zona sa se zgaiasca la cutia de pe stalp sau de unde naiba o fi ,o zgaltaie putin si problema ramane, as always iar eu stau prost cu nervii asa ca nu vreau sa-mi sacrific ultimul neuron cu Romtelecom.

Solutia ? Pai in Romania solutia e sa incerci altceva . Acum ,de anul trecut, au intrat in zona si cei de la RDS, cu fibra optica (parca) deci am varianta asta si planuiesc sa o incerc dupa ce expira contractul cu Romtelecom. Nu-mi fac mari sperante nici cu profitorii de la RDS si monopolul lor dar trebuie sa renunt la Romtelecom ca am si eu o limita, nu pot sa-i las sa-si bata joc de mine la nesfarsit.

Ah, apropo , am luat anul trecut, in prostia-mi infinita (imi merit soarta!) si wireless pentru laptop tot de la Romtelecom. SA NU CUMVA SA FACETI ASEMENEA PROSTIE !!!!! E o porcarie totala, merge mai prost decat dial-up !

Asta e Romania anului 2011, cred ca nu exista seriozitate nicaieri ,dezinteres total , noi nu stim sa cultivam relatii si sa facem afaceri !


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Exciting trip day 1 : Hamburg

So , I finally left on my trip YAY! First day was quite busy. At 6:10 I boarded a plane to Frankfurt then went to the train station and around 9 I was already heading to Hamburg where I arrived around 1pm and I was already out and about around 2:30pm. Went to get a feel of the center (Rathaus area) ,ate and then went to visit the harbour and Speicherstadt. I really liked this part of Hamburg, I spent about 3-4 hours around there, had a beer by the waterfront, walked around a lot ,it was definitely worth seeing.
So far I like Hamburg quite a lot and I saw the sunset by the waterfront in a recreational area around my hotel. Tomorrow I already know what I want to see before I go to Hugh Laurie’s concert !

Here are pictures

Romanian for my mom/pt mama :

Am plecat din Bucuresti la 6:10 cu Lufthansa pana la Frankfurt. De acolo am luat metroul pana la gara si de la gara am luat trenul pana la Hamburg. La 13:00 eram deja la Hamburg ,pana la 14:00 m-am cazat si apoi am plecat in oras.
Cum nu am prea mult timp la dispozitie , am facut un mini tur de forta cu 2 pauze, una de masa si una de bere in port haha.Am incercat la intamplare un carnat si a fost tare bun, imi mai iau asa ca mancarea e buna deocamdata cel putin. De vizitat am vizitat astazi putin centrul (Rathaus si imprejurimi)asa ca sa studiez terenul iar apoi am profitat de vremea buna si m-am dus sa vad portul si Speicherstadt. Mi-a placut tare mult acolo, sunt niste cladiri tare interesante si imi place atmosfera si de pe canale si din port unde e si o faleza pe care te poti plimba. Pe la 20:00 am venit inapoi in zona hotelului unde e o zona de agrement pe malul apei si am stat pe o banca sa vad apusul. Momentul de maxima placere a fost cand i-am vazut pe unii in zona asta de agrement, pe o pajiste, facand gratar dar ei fac gratar civilizat, au niste gratare mici de purtat, exista la capatul zonei verzi inclusiv un container mare in care sa arunci carbunii ,nu ard nimic si nu lasa murdarie.

Maine deja mi-am stabilit traseul, m-am prins ce e unde e
foarte repede, e usor asa ca sper sa vad cat mai mult maine pana ma duc la concert.

Apasa pe poze sa se faca mari

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A cry for help? Maybe ! …A simple cry? Definitely !

Have you ever felt like your life was in ruins even though it shouldn’t be? No? Yes? Well, I feel just like that right now,been feeling this way ,more and more so, in the past 2 years. Normally, someone my age and in my general condition shouldn’t feel that way, I should be on my way to building a future, a life while enjoying life as a 20something yro. what am I doing instead? None of the things I should be doing. I’m miserable and stuck in an endless and endlessly boring routine, feeling more and more unhappy,unsatisfied,alone and trapped with every single day that passes. I sink deeper and deeper and I’m partly doing it to myself cause of my tendencies to make myself unhappy and obsess over everything.
Everyday I think about my life,about how I’m wasting my life and every single day I feel more and more like my dreams,desires,everything I wanted in life in general and from myself or to achieve,everything is getting further and further away, slowly disappearing,dying,becoming unreachable . I look for someone to help me, for something palpable to hold on to but there’s nothing,no one,no help and what I desperately need right now to help me at least get me a little closer to seeing the light at the end of my emotional dark,lonely tunnel,that what I need is unreachable because that’s just my luck,because I’m a small ,useless piece of shit who doesn’t matter on this planet,because I wish too much and too out of my reach,because I’m just not good enough or capable enough. I just wish my deepest dreams and desires would come true for once, that I could get what I want ,that I could rest,that I could feel and feel better ,that I could get the burden off for a while,rest. But, that won’t happen, I’m too small,useless and shitty for that.

But hey, in the end,who cares? In the end no one gives a shit about some annonymous idiot on the internet . Just one more unhappy person on the internet, right? *Get a nr and join the queue* some would say *go cry bitterly in a pillow and leave us alone* others would say and maybe I really shouldn’t be complaining when most people in this world have it 10 times as rough, *real* prblems ,some would call them.

Whatever, nothing will come out of this, nothing ever comes out of anything but the deeper I sink in the dark pit of my mind,the less I care about what people think of me whining .

In fact I just wrote this because my therapist said my blog doesn’t really reflect my general mood and maybe I should let it show so here it is although I doubt he’ll read this blog again so he can see I’m a good little puppy ….if only it could help.

Now I will go back to my routine until it’s time to go to bed and spend yet another restless night with poor quality sleep that will let me feeling tired and drousy to tackle tomorrows routine which will be just like every single day : get up,eat,waste time in front of the pc miserably,eat,do the pc shit again,go to bed. Oh well….

Had fun? Was this fun for you? No? YOu didn’t even read it? Whatever….

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