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Today, 16th of October, in history

As some of you might know and I make no effort in hiding it , one of my biggest interests is WWII history and especially Nazi history. No, again , I am not a nazi, I do not support Hitler or any of the bad things he did and if u choose to believe so cause of your narrow thinking than I don’t care btw.

Anyway, today in history, on the 16th of October 1946, in the early hours of the day, the ones who were given the death penalty ,after the main and first Nuremberg Trial , were hanged. Of course, now everyone will jump to say “good for them” or “justice has been made” or “who cares, they were criminals!” but I don’t see it that way. Sure, some of them were criminals in this trial and in the subsequent trials ,but none of the ones in this trial deserved the death penalty in my view and in general I am against the death penalty itself. Sure, I guess I can agree that for guys like Hoess ,Eichmann ,some of the other guards or commandants of concentration camps and for some of the ones in charge of Einsatzgruppen, it can be deserved cause they did horrible stuff ,they were the ones actually committing crimes and sometimes being even crueler than they should have been. Still, the death penalty I don’t generally agree with.

Anyway, back to the main point of this post. I read quite a bit about the Nuremberg Trial, I’ve watched almost all the footage I could find online and I think that, say what you will, it was legally a farce . No matter what the accused did, no matter if they were guilty or not, no matter if the sentence given was in some cases fair, it was generally illegal, an illegal trial. I mean, come on, even the indictment was all wrong legally since they were accused of things that didn’t exist prior to the trial.

What I am most sorry about is the hanging of Alfred Jodl. Jodl is a military figure and historical personality I find fascinating. Not many people know about him or care about him and it’s easy to just say the politically correct/simplistic “he was a lackey” or “he did what hitler said so he must have not given a shit” ,etc but in a totalitarian regime and in the case of a military man of Jodl’s kind and education, things aren’t that simple. I’m not going to go into details about his life, most of you might find him boring in the sense that he was for the most part an introvert ,not the glamorous, bombastic figure (like Goering or Heydrich or Goebbels or even Sepp Dietrich) but he was a smart, capable, loyal, disciplined man . When he went to the gallows he left his cell in perfect order, everything clean and organized and his last letters to his wife were beautiful and he showed a lot of selflessness ,much more feeling for her than for his own situation.

I also felt sorry for Wilhelm Keitel although he was truly a lackey ,he was Hitler’s puppet and all that. But, as a person, Keitel was actually a fine man, he was emotionally weak, he couldn’t handle Hitler and Hitler could easily push his buttons but if you look at his career before that, the man was hard working, disciplined, very correct ,likable and competent in administration. His case to me is the tragedy of how weakness can destroy someones life by making them take the wrong decisions/accepting the wrong thing/allowing the current to just drag them away from “shore” and into shark infested waters. He lost 3 of his kids in the war along with his life. He also suffered the most when hanged, took 24 minutes for him to die.

Other than these 2 I think Ribbentrop was just a vain snob who did only what Hitler told him to , death was too much for him as well . I can’t stand some of the others, especially Streicher and Frank but Streicher didn’t really deserve death for being a sick pervert, who condemns sick perverts to death for just spreading their ideas around? In fact Streicher killed one of his own in the last days of the war, should have tried him for that instead, that’s real murder.

None of these men were little angels, they weren’t without sin but neither were their counterparts from the Allies’ side. No one tried anyone for the atomic bomb, that was just deemed necessary , same as Dresden and Hamburg and the labor camps in the US for ex after the war. No one tried the USSR for the gulags and for the millions of rapes of innocent women and girls and no one tried Stalin for being even worse than Hitler in everything he did.

As I said, I am no Nazi and u can think whatever you want. I don’t deny the Holocaust , I visited Auschwitz and spent probably about 10 hours there in total, read books, saw footage. What I’m saying is that I hate when people generalize because no, not all “nazis” were bad or criminals and yes, some of these people were severely influenced by Hitler on a psychological level in a totalitarian regime that threw propaganda meant to brain wash them in a most successful way.  And no matter what, this trial was a legal farce . Jodl, if not tried in this trial, would have never gotten the death penalty, his second in command didn’t, his colleagues and equals didn’t for similar charges.

Sorry if this was a snooze fest or not very coherent, I am a bit tired and in a mood to rant .

This is the story of the hanging written by  Kingsbury Smith:

   Hermann Wilhelm Goering cheated the gallows of Allied justice by committing suicide in his prison cell shortly before the ten other condemned Nazi leaders were hanged in Nuremberg gaol. He swallowed cyanide he had concealed in a copper cartridge shell, while lying on a cot in his cell.

The one-time Number Two man in the Nazi hierarchy was dead two hours before he was scheduled to have been dropped through the trap door of a gallows erected in a small, brightly lighted gymnasium in the gaol yard, 35 yards from the cell block where he spent his last days of ignominy.

Joachim von Ribbentrop, foreign minister in the ill-starred regime of Adolf Hitler, took Goering’s place as first to the scaffold.

Last to depart this life in a total span of just about two hours was Arthur Seyss-Inquart, former Gauleiter of Holland and Austria.

In between these two once-powerful leaders, the gallows claimed, in the order named, Field Marshall Wilhelm Keitel; Ernst Kaltenbrunner, once head of the Nazis’ security police; Alfred Rosenberg, arch-priest of Nazi culture in foreign lands; Hans Frank; Gauleiter of Poland; Wilhem Frank, Nazi minister of the interior; Fritz Sauckel, boss of slave labor; Colonel General Alfred Jodl; and Julius Streicher, who bossed the anti-Semitism drive of the Hitler Reich.

As they went to the gallows, most of the ten endeavored to show bravery. Some were defiant and some were resigned and some begged the Almighty for mercy.

All except for Rosenberg made brief, last-minute statements on the scaffold. But the only one to make any reference to Hitler or the Nazi ideology in his final moments was Julius Streicher.

Three black-painted wooden scaffolds stood inside the gymnasium, a room approximately 33 feet wide by 80 feet long with plaster walls in which cracks showed. The gymnasium had been used only three days before by the American security guards for a basketball game. Two gallows were used alternately. The third was a spare for use if needed. The men were hanged one at a time, but to get the executions over with quickly, the military police would bring in the man while the prisoner who proceeded him still was dangling at the end of the rope.

The ten once great men in Hitler’s Reich that was to have lasted for a thousand years walked up thirteen wooden steps to a platform eight feet high which also was eight square feet.

Ropes were suspended from a crossbeam supported on two posts. A new one was used for each man.

When the trap was sprung, the victim dropped from sight in the interior of the scaffolding. The bottom of it was boarded up with wood on three sides and shielded by a dark canvas curtain on the fourth, so that no one saw the death struggles of the men dangling with broken necks.

Von Ribbentrop entered the execution chamber at 1.11 a.m. Nuremberg time.

He was stopped immediately inside the door by two Army sergeants who closed in on each side of him and held his arms, while another sergeant who had followed him in removed manacles from his hands and replaced them with a leather strap.

It was planned originally to permit the condemned men to walk from their cells to the execution chamber with their hands free, but all were manacled following Goering’s suicide.

Von Ribbentrop was able to maintain his apparent stoicism to the last. He walked steadily toward the scaffold between his two guards, but he did not answer at first when an officer standing at the foot of the gallows went through the formality of asking his name. When the query was repeated he almost shouted, ‘Joachim von Ribbentrop!’ and then mounted the steps without any sign of hesitation.

When he was turned around on the platform to face the witnesses, he seemed to clench his teeth and raise his head with the old arrogance. When asked whether he had any final message he said, ‘God protect Germany,’ in German, and then added, ‘May I say something else?’

The interpreter nodded and the former diplomatic wizard of Nazidom spoke his last words in loud, firm tones: ‘My last wish is that Germany realize its entity and that an understanding be reached between the East and the West. I wish peace to the world.’

As the black hod was placed in position on his head, Von Ribbentrop looked straight ahead.

Then the hangman adjusted the rope, pulled the lever, and Von Ribbentrop slipped away to his fate.

Field Marshall Keitel, who was immediately behind Von Ribbentrop in the order of executions, was the first military leader to be executed under the new concept of international law – the principle that professional soldiers cannot escape punishment for waging aggressive wars and permitting crimes against humanity with the claim they were dutifully carrying out orders of superiors.

Keitel entered the chamber two minutes after the trap had dropped beneath Von Ribbentrop, while the latter still was at the end of his rope. But Von Ribbentrop’s body was concealed inside the first scaffold; all that could be seen was the taut rope.

Keitel did not appear as tense as Von Ribbentrop. He held his head high while his hands were being tied and walked erect towards the gallows with a military bearing. When asked his name he responded loudly and mounted the gallows as he might have mounted a reviewing stand to take a salute from German armies.

He certainly did not appear to need the help of guards who walked alongside, holding his arms. When he turned around atop the platform he looked over the crowd with the iron-jawed haughtiness of a proud Prussian officer. His last words, uttered in a full, clear voice, were translated as ‘I call on God Almighty to have mercy on the German people. More than 2 million German soldiers went to their death for the fatherland before me. I follow now my sons – all for Germany.’

After his blackbooted, uniformed body plunged through the trap, witnesses agreed Keitel had shown more courage on the scaffold than in the courtroom, where he had tried to shift his guilt upon the ghost of Hitler, claiming that all was the Führer’s fault and that he merely carried out orders and had no responsibility.

With both von Ribbentrop and Keitel hanging at the end of their rope there was a pause in the proceedings. The American colonel directing the executions asked the American general representing the United States on the Allied Control Commission if those present could smoke. An affirmative answer brought cigarettes into the hands of almost every one of the thirty-odd persons present. Officers and GIs walked around nervously or spoke a few words to one another in hushed voices while Allied correspondents scribbled furiously their notes on this historic though ghastly event.

In a few minutes an American army doctor accompanied by a Russian army doctor and both carrying stethoscopes walked to the first scaffold, lifted the curtain and disappeared within.

They emerged at 1.30 a.m. and spoke to an American colonel. The colonel swung around and facing official witnesses snapped to attention to say, ‘The man is dead.’

Two GIs quickly appeared with a stretcher which was carried up and lifted into the interior of the scaffold. The hangman mounted the gallows steps, took a large commando-type knife out of a sheath strapped to his side and cut the rope.

Von Ribbentrop’s limp body with the black hood still over his head was removed to the far end of the room and placed behind a black canvas curtain. This had all taken less than ten minutes.

The directing colonel turned to the witnesses and said, ‘Cigarettes out, please, gentlemen.’ Another colonel went out the door and over to the condemned block to fetch the next man. this was Ernst Kaltenbrunner. He entered the execution chamber at 1.36 a.m., wearing a sweater beneath his blue double-breasted coat. With his lean haggard face furrowed by old dueling scars, this terrible successor to Reinhard Heydrick had a frightening look as he glanced around the room.

He wet his lips apparently in nervousness as he turned to mount the gallows, but he walked steadily. He answered his name in a calm, low voice. When he turned around on the gallows platform he first faced a United States Army Roman Catholic chaplain wearing a Franciscan habit. When Kaltenbrunner was invited to make a last statement, he said, ‘I have loved my German people and my fatherland with a warm heart. I have done my duty by the laws of my people and I am sorry my people were led this time by men who were not soldiers and that crimes were committed of which I had no knowledge.’

This was the man, one of whose agents – a man named Rudolf Hoess – confessed at a trial that under Kaltenbrunner’s orders he gassed 3 million human beings at the Auschwitz concentration camp!

As the black hood was raised over his head Kaltenbrunner, still speaking in a low voice, used a German phrase which translated means, ‘Germany, good luck.’

His trap was sprung at 1.39 a.m.

Field Marshal Keitel was pronounced dead at 1.44 a.m. and three minutes later guards had removed his body. The scaffold was made ready for Alfred Rosenberg.

Rosenberg was dull and sunken-cheeked as he looked around the court. His complexion was pasty-brown, but he did not appear nervous and walked with a steady step to and up the gallows.

Apart from giving his name and replying ‘no’ to a question as to whether he had anything to say, he did not utter a word. Despite his avowed atheism he was accompanied by a Protestant chaplain who followed him to the gallows and stood beside him praying.

Rosenberg looked at the chaplain once, expressionless. Ninety seconds after he was swinging from the end of a hangman’s rope. His was the swiftest execution of the ten.

There was a brief lull in the proceedings until Kaltenbrunner was pronounced dead at 1.52 a.m.

Hans Frank was next in the parade of death. He was the only one of the condemned to enter the chamber with a smile on his countenance.

Although nervous and swallowing frequently, this man, who was converted to Roman Catholicism after his arrest, gave the appearance of being relieved at the prospect of atoning for his evil deeds.

He answered to his name quietly and when asked for any last statement, he replied in a low voice that was almost a whisper, ‘I am thankful for the kind of treatment during my captivity and I ask God to accept me with mercy.’

Frank closed his eyes and swallowed as the black hood went over his head.

The sixth man to leave his prison cell and walk with handcuffed wrists to the death house was 69-year-old Wilhelm Frick. He entered the execution chamber at 2.05 a.m., six minutes after Rosenberg had been pronounced dead. He seemed the least steady of any so far and stumbled on the thirteenth step of the gallows. His only words were, ‘Long live eternal Germany,’ before he was hooded and dropped through the trap.

Julius Streicher made his melodramatic appearance at 2.12 a.m.

While his manacles were being removed and his bare hands bound, this ugly, dwarfish little man, wearing a threadbare suit and a well-worn bluish shirt buttoned to the neck but without a tie (he was notorious during his days of power for his flashy dress), glanced at the three wooden scaffolds rising menacingly in front of him. Then he glanced around the room, his eyes resting momentarily upon the small group of witnesses. By this time, his hands were tied securely behind his back. Two guards, one on each arm, directed him to Number One gallows on the left of the entrance. He walked steadily the six feet to the first wooden step but his face was twitching.

As the guards stopped him at the bottom of the steps for identification formality he uttered his piercing scream: ‘Heil Hitler!’

The shriek sent a shiver down my back.

As its echo died away an American colonel standing by the steps said sharply, ‘Ask the man his name.’ In response to the interpreter’s query Streicher shouted, ‘You know my name well.’

The interpreter repeated his request and the condemned man yelled, ‘Julius Streicher.’

As he reached the platform, Streicher cried out, ‘Now it goes to God.’ He was pushed the last two steps to the mortal spot beneath the hangman’s rope. The rope was being held back against a wooden rail by the hangman.

Streicher was swung suddenly to face the witnesses and glared at them. Suddenly he screamed, ‘Purim Fest 1946.’ [Purim is a Jewish holiday celebrated in the spring, commemorating the execution of Haman, ancient persecutor of the Jews described in the Old Testament.]

The American officer standing at the scaffold said, ‘Ask the man if he has any last words.’

When the interpreter had translated, Streicher shouted, ‘The Bolsheviks will hang you one day.’

When the black hood was raised over his head, Streicher’s muffled voice could be heard to say, ‘Adele, my dear wife.’

At that instant the trap opened with a loud bang. He went down kicking. When the rope snapped taut with the body swinging wildly, groans could be heard from within the concealed interior of the scaffold. Finally, the hangman, who had descended from the gallows platform, lifted the black canvas curtain and went inside. Something happened that put a stop to the groans and brought the rope to a standstill. After it was over I was not in the mood to ask what he did, but I assume that he grabbed the swinging body of and pulled down on it. We were all of the opinion that Streicher had strangled.

Then, following the removal of the corpse of Frick, who had been pronounced dead at 2.20 a.m., Fritz Sauckel was brought face to face with his doom.

Wearing a sweater with no coat and looking wild-eyed, Sauckel proved to be the most defiant of any except Streicher.

Here was the man who put millions into bondage on a scale unknown since the pre-Christian era. Gazing around the room from the gallows platform he suddenly screamed, ‘I am dying innocent. The sentence is wrong. God protect Germany and make Germany great again. Long live Germany! God protect my family.’

The trap was sprung at 2.26 a.m. and, as in the case of Streicher, there was a loud groan under the gallows pit as the noose snapped tightly under the weight of the body.

Ninth in the procession of death was Alfred Jodl. With the black coat-collar of his Wehrmacht uniform half turned up at the back as though hurriedly put on, Jodl entered the dismal death house with obvious signs of nervousness. He wet his lips constantly and his features were drawn and haggard as he walked, not nearly so steady as Keitel, up the gallows steps. Yet his voice was calm when he uttered his last six words on earth: ‘My greetings to you, my Germany.’

At 2.34 a.m. Jodl plunged into the black hole on the scaffold. He and Sauckel hung together until the latter was pronounced dead six minutes later and removed.

The Czechoslovak-born Seyss-Inquart, whom Hitler had made ruler of Holland and Austria, was the last actor to make his appearance in this unparalleled scene. He entered the chamber at 2.38 1/2 a.m., wearing glasses which made his face an easily remembered caricature.

He looked around with noticeable signs of unsteadiness as he limped on his left foot clubfoot to the gallows. He mounted the steps slowly, with guards helping him.

When he spoke his last words his voice was low but intense. He said, ‘I hope that this execution is the last act of the tragedy of the Second World War and that the lesson taken from this world war will be that peace and understanding should exist between peoples. I believe in Germany.’

He dropped to his death at 2:45 a.m.

With the bodies of Jodl and Seyss-Inquart still hanging, awaiting formal pronouncement of death, the gymnasium doors opened again and guards entered carrying Goering’s body on a stretcher.

He had succeeded in wrecking plans of the Allied Control Council to have him lead the parade of condemned Nazi chieftains to their death. But the council’s representatives were determined that Goering at least would take his place as a dead man beneath the shadow of the scaffold.

The guards carrying the stretcher set it down between the first and second gallows. Goering’s big bare feet stuck out from under the bottom end of a khaki-coloured United States Army blanket. One blue-silk-clad arm was hanging over the side.

The colonel in charge of the proceedings ordered the blanket removed so that witnesses and Allied correspondents could see for themselves that Goering was definitely dead. The Army did not want any legend to develop that Goering had managed to escape.

As the blanket came off it revealed Goering clad in black silk pyjamas with a blue jacket shirt over them, and this was soaking wet, apparently the results of efforts by prison doctors to revive him.

The face of this twentieth-century freebooting political racketeer was still contorted with the pain of his last agonizing moments and his final gesture of defiance.

They covered him up quickly and this Nazi warlord, who like a character out of the days of the Borgias, had wallowed in blood and beauty, passed behind a canvas curtain into the black pages of history.



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Leapsa : Daca eram ……………. as fi fost……………

Bun, am vazut leapsa asta pe un blog al unei prietene si am zis sa “fur” si eu idea . Enjoy!

Daca eram un anotimp, as fi fost toamna.
Daca eram o luna, as fi fost Decembrie.
Daca eram o zi a saptamanii,as fi fost Joi.
Daca eram o parte a zilei, as fi fost dupa masa.
Daca eram un animal marin, as fi fost delfin.
Daca eram un animal de uscat, as fi fost cal.
Daca eram o virtute, as fi fost cunoasterea/curiozitatea.
Daca eram o planeta, as fi fost Jupiter .
Daca eram un lichid, as fi fost bere.
Daca eram o piatra, as fi fost smarald.
Daca eram un metal, as fi fost aur alb.
Daca eram o pasare, as fi fost o bufnita.
Daca eram o planta, as fi fost floare de colt.
Daca eram o stare a vremii, as fi fost furtuna.
Daca eram un instrument, as fi fost pian.
Daca eram un sentiment, as fi fost exaltare.
Daca eram un sunet, as fi fost un tunet
Daca eram un cantec, as fi fost Keane – Nothing in My Way
Daca eram un film, as fi fost Inglorious Basterds
Daca eram un serial, as fi fost LOST
Daca eram un oras, as fi fost Londra.
Daca eram un gust, as fi fost dulce-acrisor.
Daca eram o aroma, as fi fost caramel.
Daca eram o culoare, as fi fost aquamarine.
Daca eram un material, as fi fost bumbac.
Daca eram o parte a corpului, as fi fost ochi.
Daca eram un drog, as fi fost marijuana.
Daca eram un accesoriu, as fi fost ochelari de soare.
Daca eram o expresie a fetei, as fi fost zambet.
Daca eram o materie, as fi fost istorie.
Daca eram un personaj de desene animate, as fi fost personajul Scooby Doo.
Daca eram o forma, as fi fost sfera.
Daca eram un numar, as fi fost 22.
Daca eram o masina, as fi  fost Jaguar.
Daca eram o haina, as fi fost camasa.






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I’m addicted to Tumblr / Sunt dependenta de Tumblr !


Hello ! My name is Ada and I am a Tumblr addict !

Yup, you heard it right , I keep refreshing my dashboard and reblogging posts LIKE A BOSSobsessively every 2 seconds cause I’ve mastered the art of obsessing and Tumblr is helping me get even better at it !

Ok, maybe I don’t refresh it every 2 seconds but it’s certainly the most obsessed I’ve been with any of these social networking sites. I have accounts almost everywhere , I have a Facebook , a Twitter, a Myspace, a YouTube, a LiveJournal and this WordPress blog + a few others I’m forgetting but I was never so passionate about any of them except maybe LiveJournal but that’s kind of like a blog and it’s where all the cool tv show related communities are. I’ve never been obsessed with Facebook and I stopped playing Farmville last autumn cause it was too hard taking care of the massive farm, I Tweet but not regularly, I’ve forgotten my Myspace username and password, my HI5 account died along with my highschool years and everyone uses YouTube to some extent.

Now, Tumblr………..Tumblr is almost perfect ! It’s mostly pictures ,mostly fun or fascinating , there are tons of memes, .gifs and beautiful images, reblogging stuff is fun ,having stuff you post reblogged is made of pure and utter WIN ,you get to have fun and it looks pretty !

Plus, Tumblr is now my safe haven where I can share my fascination with WWII/Nazi Regime history as much as I like without being judged because there are other history nerds there who like the same thing and understand my fascination without thinking “omg she’s a nazi” (which is upsetting ,sad and boring cause I JUST AM NOT ).


Salut ! Numele meu e Ada si sunt dependenta de Tumblr !

Da, a-ti auzit bine, dau refresh la dashboard in prostie , o data la 2 secunde , abuzez butonul de reblog si-mi place la nebunie ! Eu in general sunt experta in obsesii deci e de bine , Tumblr a fost facut pentru mine si eu pt el !

Bine,poate nu dau refresh/reblog o data la 2 secunde dar oricum intru foarte des, verific si de pe telefon , ma distreaza cand sunt plictisita si e singurul site de networking/socializare care a reusit sa ma atraga in asemenea masura . Am conturi cam peste tot , pe Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Livejournal si altele pe care nu le mentionez ca nu le-am folosit deloc , dar dintre toate Tumblr a fost singurul care chiar a reusit sa ma “seduca” (LJ ar fi celalalt dar e ca un blog, nu se pune). Pe Twitter intru o data pe zi ,Facebook-ul e interesant dar plictisitor si nu m-am mai jucat Farmville din Septembrie anul trecut, la Myspace mi-am uitat username-ul si parola de cand n-am mai intrat, Hi5-ul a murit o data cu anii de liceu ca era prea de manelisti, etc ,insa Tumblr-ul e TARE .

Imi place Tumblr mai ales pt ca e un fel de combinatie intre Twitter si blogging normal , imi place ca e mai mult cu poze ,imi place ca e cu multe .gif-uri si meme’s si alte chestii amuzante dar si poze si mesaje serioase si interesante si imi place ca poti sa gasesti orice. Imi mai place ca poti gasi oameni interesati de aceleasi chestii si sa te conectezi cu ei (prin follow) formand astfel o mica sau mare comunitate unde fiecare contribuie cu ce are , e distractiv.

Alta chestie buna e ca Tumblr pt mine a devenit locul unde pot sa-mi satisfac nevoia de a impartasii din fascinatia mea pt al Doilea Razboi Mondial si Germania Nazista/Interbelica si asta fara sa ma gandesc cu groaza ca aoleo ma face cineva nazista cand nu sunt pentru ca imi gaseste postarile cine e interesat si cauta.

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Draga ClickNet de la Romtelecom ,

Te urasc nespus ! De o luna mergi si nu prea ! Dar, ce zic eu o luna cand de fapt nu ai mers ca-n “brosura” niciodata !

Sa incepem cu inceputul ca asa e frumos ,nu? Se facea ca eu, Adelina, aveam nevoie de internet iar la mine pe ulita ,in capitala Romaniei ,Bucuresti, zona destul de centrala chiar, nu existau prea multe variante ….adica exista unica varianta : Romtelecom. Asta se intampla acum multi ani, probabil prin 2003. M-am dus eu cu mamica mea (ca deh, eram prin clasa a 10a) la magazin si am facut contract, am primit modemul ,totul bine si frumos. O perioada a fost bine dar de vreo cativa ani da rateuri de parca s-ar distra pe seama mea.

Fast-forward cativa ani pana prin anul de gratie 2008. Eh, de prin 2008 ,cand au inceput parca sa scoata si noi viteze la inaintare, internetul meu sucks ! Se intrerupe asa cand ii vine lui, uneori nu-si mai revine iar alteori pur si simplu cade o data la cateva minute. Am dat telefoane (nu obsesiv ca ma enervez) ,am facut reclamatii ,am schimbat modemul dar problema nu se rezolva.

Si asa am ajuns in prezent, anul 2011 . Internetul meu a avut o perioada cat de cat bunicica, s-a intrerupt ceva mai putin de cand am schimbat modemul(acu’ vreun an si ceva parca) ,mai rarut ca-i mai bunut. De la un timp insa a luat-o razna yet again asa ca in ultima luna ,de ex, am avut perioade de cateva zile o data cand mergea 3 minute si se intrerupea ,mai mergea inca 5 minute si iar se interupea sau, varianta extrema, mergea 30 de secunde si murea in chinuri vreo 3 ore. Saptamana trecuta a fost extrema, a stat mai mult mort decat viu si nu si-a revenit complet .

Eh, dar ce sa fac ? Sa dau telefon? Data trecuta am dat telefon si mi-a zis operatorul sa resetez modemul (chestia aia de te duci la o adresa in browser si configurezi modemul) . Asta a rezolvat temporar problema in sensul ca a inceput sa mearga (nu mergea deloc) dar tot cu intreruperi. Asa ca acum nu am mai dat telefon pentru ca ori imi da indicatii d-astea care nu ma ajuta cu mai nimic ori trimit pe cineva prin zona sa se zgaiasca la cutia de pe stalp sau de unde naiba o fi ,o zgaltaie putin si problema ramane, as always iar eu stau prost cu nervii asa ca nu vreau sa-mi sacrific ultimul neuron cu Romtelecom.

Solutia ? Pai in Romania solutia e sa incerci altceva . Acum ,de anul trecut, au intrat in zona si cei de la RDS, cu fibra optica (parca) deci am varianta asta si planuiesc sa o incerc dupa ce expira contractul cu Romtelecom. Nu-mi fac mari sperante nici cu profitorii de la RDS si monopolul lor dar trebuie sa renunt la Romtelecom ca am si eu o limita, nu pot sa-i las sa-si bata joc de mine la nesfarsit.

Ah, apropo , am luat anul trecut, in prostia-mi infinita (imi merit soarta!) si wireless pentru laptop tot de la Romtelecom. SA NU CUMVA SA FACETI ASEMENEA PROSTIE !!!!! E o porcarie totala, merge mai prost decat dial-up !

Asta e Romania anului 2011, cred ca nu exista seriozitate nicaieri ,dezinteres total , noi nu stim sa cultivam relatii si sa facem afaceri !


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Berlin Day 1 & 2

English version :

I’ve been in Berlin for almost 2 full days now and have already done some serious sightseeing. Yesterday I didn’t do much since I went to Hugh’s concert but today I visited quite a lot.

So ,let’s see, I went to Olympia Stadion ,the Olympic Stadium built during the Nazi Regime for the Olympic Games in 1936. I also went to Spandau area but sadly couldn’t find the place where Spandau prison once stood because I forgot to look for the name of the street haha but Spandau is a nice place, I liked it ! Then I went to the beginning of 17 Juni boulevard and walked its whole length to Brandenburg and from then on to Wilhelmstrasse where I actually ate turkish food right across the street from the place where Hitler’s New Reichchancellory was ,on the corner of Wilhelmstrasse with VossStrasse. Then I went on to gaze at what used to be Gorings Aviation Ministry ,now Finance Ministry. That building is fucking HUGE but I kinda’ like it, it’s sorta’ simple yet elegant. Right across the street is the remaining part of the Berlin Wall and the remains of the Gestapo and SS quarters where there’s an exhibition thing that I don’t know the name of right now, something with terror. After that I went on to Friedrichstrasse and Checkpoint Charlie , walked a little on the street, drank a hot chocolate at Starbucks then went back on some other streets to Brandenburg and then the Reichstag where I took pictures, had a beer and watched the sunset. After that I went to the hotel.

It was a lovely day , I am quite fond of Berlin already, I like it and if u happen to like history then there are certainly things to see . I’m just sad that 90% of the stuff belonging to the Nazi period have been demolished because it was a fascinating period  and it’s kinda’ stupid that the communism related stuff are all used as bait for tourists yet all the nazi stuff that tourists would also pay to come and see were destroyed when they were just objects. Oh well….

Tomorrow I plan to go see the Flak Tower , I hope I can get tickets for the tour and in the morning I gotta’ go shopping….I hate shopping !

Romana :

Am avut o zi plina , prima zi petrecuta in intregime in Berlin si prima in care am vizitat. Am fost in Spandau dar n-am gasit locul fostei inchisori pt ca am uitat sa ma uit sa vad cum se chema strada haha dar a fost frumos, e o zona interesanta si am vazut citadela. Apoi am mers la Stadionul Olimpic unde m-am asezat la soare pe o banca vreo 15 minute . Apoi am plecat spre centru si am mers la capatul bulevardului 17 Iunie si am mers destul de mult pana la celalalt capat unde e si Poarta Brandenburg. Mi-a placut plimbarea totusi pentru ca bulevardul asta e inconjurat de Tiergarten ,parcul mare al Berlinului , mi s-a parut interesant. Inainte de Brandenburg e si monumentul sovietic ridicat dupa razboi…foarte interesant, mi-a placut si ala. E frumoasa si Poarta Brandenburg si zona din jur, chiar mai frumos decat ma asteptam , destui turisti, soare, cald, atmosfera. Apoi am mers pe Wilhelmstrasse, unde era centrul puterii pana dupa al 2lea Razboi Mondial si unde era si Noua Cancelarie a lui Hitler. Acum n-a mai ramas nimic din ea, sunt niste blocuri in locul ei si unde era bunkerul e un teren de joaca . Ceva mai incolo e singura cladire ramasa acolo de pe vremea lui Hitler, fostul minister al aviatiei adica a lui Goring . E o cladire imensa, mie mi s-a parut eleganta, e sobra nu are o arhitectura ostentativa ci simpla si sobra atata ca e URIASA, luuuuuuuuuuuunga, i-am facut vreo 982378573298 de poze haha. Chiar peste drum la intersectie e ce a mai ramas din zidul Berlinului si apoi un fel de expozitie a terorii(ceva de genul ii zice) locul unde era sediul SS/Gestapo.De acolo am mers la Checkpoint Charlie si dupa aia inapoi pe alte strazi spre Brandenburg de unde am mers sa vad si Reichstagul la apus, foarte frumoasa cladire, am baut o bere la o terasa cu vedere si apoi am mers la hotel.

Acu’ poze .

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Exciting trip Day 2 : Hamburg + Hugh Laurie concert

Second day went by fast as well . Spent most of it sightseeing then ,around 5:30 in the afternoon , I went to Cafe Keese to make sure I have a place in front at Hugh Laurie’s first concert .

There I met loads of nice people ,some german, some dutch, an ukrainian, some french , this made waiting in line quite pleasant, it was fun and everyone was really nice and excited but civilized, no crazy people.

Around 7:00pm they let us in and I stood right by the stage, right in front of the microphone ,a few cm’s away and a couple of meters away from the piano….perfect spot ! The concert began at 8pm and Hugh was very good, he sang great, the mood was great and one could tell he is really passionate about his music. The band was wonderful as well, they deserve to get some attention for sure !

The only complaint is that Hugh should be nicer to fans, he just doesn’t seem to care so he rushed out at the end and only gave autographs for a few seconds , mostly to autograph hunters which was totally uncool especially since he had no excuse, there were only a few people around at the exit, none of them scary or crazy or desperate but whatever…I knew he wasn’t very open to his fans.

Pictures from Hamburg and Hugh’s concert. Sorry for the red eyes, I didn’t get to fix them and I couldn’t avoid it since I was really close.

Romana pt mama haha : deja ti-am povestit asa ca mai bine te uiti la poze sa fie tabloul complet ca n-are rost sa mai si scriu. Apasa pe poze sa se faca mari .

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Exciting trip day 1 : Hamburg

So , I finally left on my trip YAY! First day was quite busy. At 6:10 I boarded a plane to Frankfurt then went to the train station and around 9 I was already heading to Hamburg where I arrived around 1pm and I was already out and about around 2:30pm. Went to get a feel of the center (Rathaus area) ,ate and then went to visit the harbour and Speicherstadt. I really liked this part of Hamburg, I spent about 3-4 hours around there, had a beer by the waterfront, walked around a lot ,it was definitely worth seeing.
So far I like Hamburg quite a lot and I saw the sunset by the waterfront in a recreational area around my hotel. Tomorrow I already know what I want to see before I go to Hugh Laurie’s concert !

Here are pictures

Romanian for my mom/pt mama :

Am plecat din Bucuresti la 6:10 cu Lufthansa pana la Frankfurt. De acolo am luat metroul pana la gara si de la gara am luat trenul pana la Hamburg. La 13:00 eram deja la Hamburg ,pana la 14:00 m-am cazat si apoi am plecat in oras.
Cum nu am prea mult timp la dispozitie , am facut un mini tur de forta cu 2 pauze, una de masa si una de bere in port haha.Am incercat la intamplare un carnat si a fost tare bun, imi mai iau asa ca mancarea e buna deocamdata cel putin. De vizitat am vizitat astazi putin centrul (Rathaus si imprejurimi)asa ca sa studiez terenul iar apoi am profitat de vremea buna si m-am dus sa vad portul si Speicherstadt. Mi-a placut tare mult acolo, sunt niste cladiri tare interesante si imi place atmosfera si de pe canale si din port unde e si o faleza pe care te poti plimba. Pe la 20:00 am venit inapoi in zona hotelului unde e o zona de agrement pe malul apei si am stat pe o banca sa vad apusul. Momentul de maxima placere a fost cand i-am vazut pe unii in zona asta de agrement, pe o pajiste, facand gratar dar ei fac gratar civilizat, au niste gratare mici de purtat, exista la capatul zonei verzi inclusiv un container mare in care sa arunci carbunii ,nu ard nimic si nu lasa murdarie.

Maine deja mi-am stabilit traseul, m-am prins ce e unde e
foarte repede, e usor asa ca sper sa vad cat mai mult maine pana ma duc la concert.

Apasa pe poze sa se faca mari

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