International Children’s Day / Ziua Internationala a Copilului

01 Jun


Today, the 1st of June,  in some countries around the world ,most of them from the Eastern block (aka former communist countries) or related, we celebrate the International Children’s Day.

A quick search on the mighty and holy Google reveals the following about the origins of this day

The World Conference for the Well-being of Children in Geneva, Switzerland proclaimed June 1 to be International Children’s Day in 1925. It is not clear as to why June 1 was chosen as the International Children’s Day: one theory has it that the Chinese consul-general in San Francisco (USA) gathered a number of Chinese orphans to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival in 1925, which happened to be on June 1 that year, and also coincided with the conference in Geneva.

Other countries celebrate Universal Children’s Day on November 20th and others on various other days, according to their own customs.

But all this isn’t really important, the date and month are irrelevant ,it’s the significance we’re interested in after all !

So, what is Children’s Day? It’s a day to celebrate children, of course , but when does one stop being a child ? Is it when they are physically and mentally considered to have reached maturity? What about those of us who can be mature but also children at heart? Should the playful ,childlike enthusiasm/curiosity/energy of people of all ages be celebrated as well? I think it is a great thing to keep the child in you alive and that should be celebrated.

This Children’s Day is normally and conventionally a celebration of the young members of our society and I’d say it’s important because they are the future and also because ,as children, they are defenseless and dependent on us, grown ups, on society . Has anyone ever stopped to truly ponder on just how much influence we adults have over the little ones? Some parents ,many parents, take this lightly . Usually it’s considered that taking care of the child and giving him/her “all that they need growing up” equals the best food, shelter ,education ,toys/activities and safety measures one can provide and if the parent is able to provide those things then the job’s basically done. Well, I think that is incomplete , very incomplete and yet rarely do parents think of that ! Sure, a good ,safe environment, proper nutrition and education are all very important and essential but there are other things that are also essential but are being overlooked for lack of time or visible effects. I’m talking about affection , real displays of affection ,physically showing the child that you care ,that he/she is not alone and that he/she is loved and taken care of.

You see, when children are small and even up until the teenage years, they can’t properly realize and understand those indirect signs of affection and care like providing the best in terms of material things and education, they are in need of physically being shown that affection ,being comforted , having the people around them spend time with them , things like that . So , there are many children who grow up with emotional problems that are not always visible and that have a subtle but very important influence on the choices they make in life, their self esteem and the way they relate in society, their romantic life and their social life.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that there should be more Children’s Days because this is a day when adults are supposed to pay attention and spend actual time with their children ,learn to really value and enjoy them as individuals not just as their offspring or cute little boys and girls.


Astazi e Ziua Internationala a Copilului , zi care se serbeaza pe 1 iunie mai ales in tarile ce au facut parte din fostul bloc comunist. In Vest si in restul tarilor Ziua Universala a Copilului se serbeaza pe 20 Noiembrie (dar exista tari unde Ziua Copilului are loc in cu totul alte zile).

In fine , ce este Ziua Copilului? Cine se incadreaza in aceasta categorie? Oare adultii care-si pastreaza o parte din sufletul de copil ,din entuziasmul ,curiozitatea si bucuria de a trai specifice copilariei, nu au si ei dreptul sa fie inclusi in categoria celor sarbatoriti in aceasta zi? Pana la urma e un lucru minunat sa nu lasi copilul din tine sa moara !

Daca e sa vorbim despre insemnatatea traditionala a acestei zile , o zi pentru si despre copilarie in forma ei pura si conventionala, cred ca e important sa reflectam asupra rolului ei important in viata unui copil inconjurat de adulti.

In ziua de azi (dar si in trecut) , a avea grija de un copil si a-i oferi toate sansele/conditiile inseamna in special ,pentru parinti si societate , a-i oferi copilului lucruri ce tin de material si pragmatic : hrana , adapost ,educatie, siguranta ! Daca acestea sunt asigurate la un nivel cat mai ridicat (hrana de cat mai buna calitate si o dieta cat mai sanatoasa, o casa cat mai spatioasa, moderna, dotata si confortabila/salubra/sanatoasa ,educatie de un nivel cat mai ridicat) se considera ca parintele si societatea si-au facut datoria fata de copil iar acesta are toate conditiile si sansele de a reusi in viitor, de a se maturiza si de a deveni un adult responsabil si fara probleme de adaptare. Intradevar, cele mentionate mai sus sunt mai mult decat importante ,necesare, esentiale insa multi uita ca mai exista un aspect la fel de esential legat de partea emotionala.

In general un copil si chiar un adolescent in ultima faza de maturizare, are nevoi emotionale, e influentat la nivel emotional de cele mai mici lucruri . Un copil nu percepe emotional ,constient sau nu , lumea si actiunile adultilor din jurul sau in acelasi fel in care o face un om matur. Un copil poate sa aprecieze eforturile parintilor de a-i oferi cele mai bune conditii material si fizic dar emotional nu le va percepe la fel de puternic precum percepe o dovada fizica si concreta de afectiune si atentie. Un bebe, un copil mic ,un copil ce abia a inceput scoala inca nu este destul de matur emotional sa perceapa aceste dovezi indirecte de dragoste si atentie la nivelul la care parintii lui si-ar dori, el are nevoie de o mangaiere, o imbratisare, o ora de joaca, un zambet, o jucarie, un pupic de noapte buna. Din pacate in multe cazuri aceste dovezi de afectiune lipsesc cu desavarsire si nu din rautate sau nepasare . Lipsa acestor lucruri poate duce ,din pacate, la probleme emotionale care il vor afecta pe copil de-a lungul vietii. Este de ajuns sa ne uitam in jur ,sa citim despre anumite personaje din istorie ,celebritati ,etc. Depresie, oameni incapabil sa-si exprime emotiile chiar daca le au, incapacitatea de a socializa corespunzator, lipsa stimei de sine si increderii in propria persoana ,lucruri care nu sunt vizibile dar care afecteaza de multe ori “pe ascuns” deciziile pe care viitorul adult le va lua ,felul in care va interactiona social ,romantic si in familie, calea pe care o va apuca si capacitatea de a se bucura de viata.

Deci, ce vreau eu sa spun este ca aceasta zi a copilului ar trebui poate serbata mai des pentru ca este o zi in care se presupune ca cei mici sunt in centrul atentiei ,o zi in care adultii petrec timp cu ei si le arata fizic si direct afectiune si pretuire ,lucruri de care orice copil ,orice om are nevoie si e pacat ca multora le trebuie zile ca aceasta sau cliseul dezgustator care e Valentine’s Day, pentru a-si arata direct sentimentele .











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