I’m addicted to Tumblr / Sunt dependenta de Tumblr !

30 May


Hello ! My name is Ada and I am a Tumblr addict !

Yup, you heard it right , I keep refreshing my dashboard and reblogging posts LIKE A BOSSobsessively every 2 seconds cause I’ve mastered the art of obsessing and Tumblr is helping me get even better at it !

Ok, maybe I don’t refresh it every 2 seconds but it’s certainly the most obsessed I’ve been with any of these social networking sites. I have accounts almost everywhere , I have a Facebook , a Twitter, a Myspace, a YouTube, a LiveJournal and this WordPress blog + a few others I’m forgetting but I was never so passionate about any of them except maybe LiveJournal but that’s kind of like a blog and it’s where all the cool tv show related communities are. I’ve never been obsessed with Facebook and I stopped playing Farmville last autumn cause it was too hard taking care of the massive farm, I Tweet but not regularly, I’ve forgotten my Myspace username and password, my HI5 account died along with my highschool years and everyone uses YouTube to some extent.

Now, Tumblr………..Tumblr is almost perfect ! It’s mostly pictures ,mostly fun or fascinating , there are tons of memes, .gifs and beautiful images, reblogging stuff is fun ,having stuff you post reblogged is made of pure and utter WIN ,you get to have fun and it looks pretty !

Plus, Tumblr is now my safe haven where I can share my fascination with WWII/Nazi Regime history as much as I like without being judged because there are other history nerds there who like the same thing and understand my fascination without thinking “omg she’s a nazi” (which is upsetting ,sad and boring cause I JUST AM NOT ).


Salut ! Numele meu e Ada si sunt dependenta de Tumblr !

Da, a-ti auzit bine, dau refresh la dashboard in prostie , o data la 2 secunde , abuzez butonul de reblog si-mi place la nebunie ! Eu in general sunt experta in obsesii deci e de bine , Tumblr a fost facut pentru mine si eu pt el !

Bine,poate nu dau refresh/reblog o data la 2 secunde dar oricum intru foarte des, verific si de pe telefon , ma distreaza cand sunt plictisita si e singurul site de networking/socializare care a reusit sa ma atraga in asemenea masura . Am conturi cam peste tot , pe Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Livejournal si altele pe care nu le mentionez ca nu le-am folosit deloc , dar dintre toate Tumblr a fost singurul care chiar a reusit sa ma “seduca” (LJ ar fi celalalt dar e ca un blog, nu se pune). Pe Twitter intru o data pe zi ,Facebook-ul e interesant dar plictisitor si nu m-am mai jucat Farmville din Septembrie anul trecut, la Myspace mi-am uitat username-ul si parola de cand n-am mai intrat, Hi5-ul a murit o data cu anii de liceu ca era prea de manelisti, etc ,insa Tumblr-ul e TARE .

Imi place Tumblr mai ales pt ca e un fel de combinatie intre Twitter si blogging normal , imi place ca e mai mult cu poze ,imi place ca e cu multe .gif-uri si meme’s si alte chestii amuzante dar si poze si mesaje serioase si interesante si imi place ca poti sa gasesti orice. Imi mai place ca poti gasi oameni interesati de aceleasi chestii si sa te conectezi cu ei (prin follow) formand astfel o mica sau mare comunitate unde fiecare contribuie cu ce are , e distractiv.

Alta chestie buna e ca Tumblr pt mine a devenit locul unde pot sa-mi satisfac nevoia de a impartasii din fascinatia mea pt al Doilea Razboi Mondial si Germania Nazista/Interbelica si asta fara sa ma gandesc cu groaza ca aoleo ma face cineva nazista cand nu sunt pentru ca imi gaseste postarile cine e interesat si cauta.

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