Berlin Day 1 & 2

29 Apr

English version :

I’ve been in Berlin for almost 2 full days now and have already done some serious sightseeing. Yesterday I didn’t do much since I went to Hugh’s concert but today I visited quite a lot.

So ,let’s see, I went to Olympia Stadion ,the Olympic Stadium built during the Nazi Regime for the Olympic Games in 1936. I also went to Spandau area but sadly couldn’t find the place where Spandau prison once stood because I forgot to look for the name of the street haha but Spandau is a nice place, I liked it ! Then I went to the beginning of 17 Juni boulevard and walked its whole length to Brandenburg and from then on to Wilhelmstrasse where I actually ate turkish food right across the street from the place where Hitler’s New Reichchancellory was ,on the corner of Wilhelmstrasse with VossStrasse. Then I went on to gaze at what used to be Gorings Aviation Ministry ,now Finance Ministry. That building is fucking HUGE but I kinda’ like it, it’s sorta’ simple yet elegant. Right across the street is the remaining part of the Berlin Wall and the remains of the Gestapo and SS quarters where there’s an exhibition thing that I don’t know the name of right now, something with terror. After that I went on to Friedrichstrasse and Checkpoint Charlie , walked a little on the street, drank a hot chocolate at Starbucks then went back on some other streets to Brandenburg and then the Reichstag where I took pictures, had a beer and watched the sunset. After that I went to the hotel.

It was a lovely day , I am quite fond of Berlin already, I like it and if u happen to like history then there are certainly things to see . I’m just sad that 90% of the stuff belonging to the Nazi period have been demolished because it was a fascinating period  and it’s kinda’ stupid that the communism related stuff are all used as bait for tourists yet all the nazi stuff that tourists would also pay to come and see were destroyed when they were just objects. Oh well….

Tomorrow I plan to go see the Flak Tower , I hope I can get tickets for the tour and in the morning I gotta’ go shopping….I hate shopping !

Romana :

Am avut o zi plina , prima zi petrecuta in intregime in Berlin si prima in care am vizitat. Am fost in Spandau dar n-am gasit locul fostei inchisori pt ca am uitat sa ma uit sa vad cum se chema strada haha dar a fost frumos, e o zona interesanta si am vazut citadela. Apoi am mers la Stadionul Olimpic unde m-am asezat la soare pe o banca vreo 15 minute . Apoi am plecat spre centru si am mers la capatul bulevardului 17 Iunie si am mers destul de mult pana la celalalt capat unde e si Poarta Brandenburg. Mi-a placut plimbarea totusi pentru ca bulevardul asta e inconjurat de Tiergarten ,parcul mare al Berlinului , mi s-a parut interesant. Inainte de Brandenburg e si monumentul sovietic ridicat dupa razboi…foarte interesant, mi-a placut si ala. E frumoasa si Poarta Brandenburg si zona din jur, chiar mai frumos decat ma asteptam , destui turisti, soare, cald, atmosfera. Apoi am mers pe Wilhelmstrasse, unde era centrul puterii pana dupa al 2lea Razboi Mondial si unde era si Noua Cancelarie a lui Hitler. Acum n-a mai ramas nimic din ea, sunt niste blocuri in locul ei si unde era bunkerul e un teren de joaca . Ceva mai incolo e singura cladire ramasa acolo de pe vremea lui Hitler, fostul minister al aviatiei adica a lui Goring . E o cladire imensa, mie mi s-a parut eleganta, e sobra nu are o arhitectura ostentativa ci simpla si sobra atata ca e URIASA, luuuuuuuuuuuunga, i-am facut vreo 982378573298 de poze haha. Chiar peste drum la intersectie e ce a mai ramas din zidul Berlinului si apoi un fel de expozitie a terorii(ceva de genul ii zice) locul unde era sediul SS/Gestapo.De acolo am mers la Checkpoint Charlie si dupa aia inapoi pe alte strazi spre Brandenburg de unde am mers sa vad si Reichstagul la apus, foarte frumoasa cladire, am baut o bere la o terasa cu vedere si apoi am mers la hotel.

Acu’ poze .

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