My ass sat in a cinema again ….

03 Apr

…..and this time I watched The Rite with Anthony Hopkins and some pretty young priestguy named Colin O’Donoghue who , if really a priest, would have for sure been the star or his diocese,town and possibly the Vatican haha.

The movie itself, as a whole, is interesting, I like the cinematography and the atmosphere and the subject but it isn’t the greatest horror or movie you’ll ever see. I liked for the most part it paints a wordly ,even humorous (the kind of self deprecating, ok humor) picture of priesthood and portrays these men (and women cause damn that shot of nuns in a car in Rome smoking was fun) as simple people with their “normal” aspects of life instead of some angels sent from Heaven (which they are NOT). I also liked the fact that for the most part kept asking the question “is this for real or is it just a case of mad people doing crazy things?” without swinging one way or the other completely.

Oh yeah, the movie is about this young fella’ called Michael who works in the unfortunate family business ,funerary services, with his father (played by Rutger Hauer who I was always fond of for some reason, ever since I was little). Worried that he’ll be stuck in this family business he decides to go into priesthood even though faith is not one of his strong suits. Long story short, he gets to go to the Vatican for a bit ,meets the weird nonconformist all around awesome Father Lucas and creepy stuff ensue. You will have to discover the rest by yourself.

The best part about the movie is ,undoubtedly ,Anthony Hopkins who is fascinating, funny and brilliant as Father Lucas but he’s Anthony Hopkins….of course he’s brilliant. Colin O’Donoghue is actually quite good in this role, he holds his own in the scenes with Hopkins and the chicks will all love him for sure so that’s a plus.

Anyway, here’s the trailer for the movie

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