Ski Jumping…another season ended

20 Mar

I don’t know if anyone knows but I love ski jumping ! After football this is my favorite sport to watch and I’ve been watching every season ever since I was 12 or 13,somewhere around the year 2000. What I love about this sport ,apart from the awesome jumping , is that there’s a feeling of friendship and camaraderie ,they’re not jumping at eachothers throats and I can support everyone basically . At first I did have a tendency to support the Finnish team more but when my favorite coach moved to the Norwegian team I jumped ship with him and have been rooting for them ever since ,with Austria a close second but it’s way too easy to like the Austrian team, they are the best !

Today was the final round of this season ,the third event in Planica, Slovenia this weekend . Now I am a little sad and melancholic about it because there were several people who retired ,my favorite hot coach being one of them , people who I’ve watched ever since they were at the beginning of their career. I was not a big fan of Adam Malysz but he and his mustache are legends already . I just hope Matti Hautamaeki doesn’t retire like he said he might.

More importantly , my favorite coach , Mika Kojonkoski , decided to leave coaching behind and accept a job in his native Finland, a job in the Sport Minister . NGL I almost teared up the last time he waved his flag (that said Thank You Norway) today ,for Tom Hilde. Damn you Mika, why do you have to go? Watching ski jumping will never be the same without you there in the stands waving your flag and being giddy and entertaining to watch.

Man, this takes me down memory lane, back almost 10 years ago when there was still no Morgenstern, no Schlierenzauer ,no Amman , the time when Malysz was just starting his winning streak, Ahonen was in top shape, Sven Hannawald won the Four Hills Tournament with victories in all 4 events ,a first and only , a time when when Germany was coached by Reinhard Hess(RIP, I was so sad when I heard he died) and Wolfgang Steiert ,when Alexander Pointer(Austria’s Coach) was only second in command  after Toni Innauer and so on and so forth. I remember when in 2002 Amman won, out of nowhere, both Gold Medals in the Olympics and everyone was like WTF for the next few years until he got back in serious shape and started winning again (this is already recent memory). I even remember the last year Martin Schmitt won a World Cup and that was a long time ago.

Oh Mika I’m gonna miss you so ! He was the reason my mom started watching this sport (very shallow of her but now she loves it) many years ago . Before Mika moved from training the Finnish team to training the Norwegian team, many moons ago (9 years), I found Walter Hofer’s email address  (Walter Hofer is the man in charge of ski jumping , the Godfather as I call him, from the FIS) so I wrote him an email to ask about this matter that was bugging me : would there ever be any jumpers from my country aka does the FIS have any sort of plan to help us build some infrastructure and start raising a team? Obviously I was certain I would get no answer . Well, next morning I got a very nice answer from Hofer which was so cool . Then I found Mika’s email address from the club in Kuopio and I just wrote him a little Happy Birthday email on his bday . Sure enough , the next evening I received a very nice reply . Ah , memories !

They celebrated him a little yesterday, had him ski down the slope ,there was some champagne involved, it was funny ,here’s the vid, it’s short ,watch it

Anyway ,haha, talking of Walter Hofer, he seems to be the one constant, he’s always there, always looking exactly the same and with his headband , it’s kinda’ reassuring , I hope he never leaves haha. But still…..MIKA WHY U NO STAY?

In case you care, this year the World Cup was won by Thomas Morgenstern , Austria was the best team , Gregor Schlierenzauer was ski flying champion .

Let’s celebrate with some pictures of Mika because he’s kinda’ hot !

yes, I like the sun glasses, so badass

this was from yesterday’s team event where they had him ski down the hill and basically had a little celebration for him.

brb crying

last and first photos from daylife.



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