The 83rd Annual Academy Awards aka the Oscars aka that time Colin Firth finally got his Oscar

28 Feb

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you must know that this Sunday in LA all the big celebs gathered for the bazillionth time to celebrate themselves and eachother ,show off and be merry.

Since we all know I’m a dedicated ,passionate person…I decided sleep was overrated and stayed up ALL night to watch the Oscars . Mind you, in my tiny corner of the world in Bucharest, Romania, the Oscars began after 3am so I deserve a prize or at least a cookie or perhaps a warm pillow.

I tweeted the shit of out of the Oscars ,me who rarely tweets, and I even thought maybe I should copy/paste my tweets here but decided against it.

Anyway, the hosts were Anne Hathaway and James Franco. Now, I must say I like Anne Hathaway , always did and I am impartial to Franco but Goddamn , who wrote their hosting script thingy cause it was BAD, I felt bad for them . I swear, I was praying for Hugh Jackman to get on stage and start singing/dancing/being adorable and funny and ENTERTAINING like when he hosted. Of course, I would have LOVED for Ricky Gervais to host the Oscars(and all the other awards shows and any event basically) but with all the big Hollywood royalty that take themselves way too seriously, that would have been impossible.

Is it just me or did James Franco seem stoned/high/bored and Anne Hathaway a bit drunk….with excitement? It was fun though and the lesbian joke was ok



The only ok moments were Alec Baldwin in the introduction sequence/parody , the musical parody (haha the Twilight part was the BEST), Billy Crystal and that Bob Hope moment and…well that’s about it. Oh and Kirk Douglas was fun as well although I swear I was thinking “please don’t have a stroke,please don’t have a stroke” while he was on stage.

The speeches were ok, nothing spectacular until Colin Firth obvs and Natalie Portman but I might be biased.

The winners….OMG YAY FINALLY WHAT I WANT WINS !!!! The King’s Speech got the big awards like Best Director, Best Film, Best Screenplay ,Best Actor so I was absolutely thrilled and OMG the Director mentioned the triangle of man love haha.
The Social Network also won some good Oscars but honestly I don’t give a fuck about The Social Network so I didn’t care and I was happy it didn’t win Best Film.

I have to say , while I was rooting for The King’s Speech and all, I feel Nolan was robbed for for Best Director and Screenplay, I think Inception was brilliant and smart and fresh and deserved an Oscar in those categories as much as The King’s Speech.

Colin Firth and Natalie Portman…..oh where do I begin, how do I keep myself from gushing?!
I’ve been a fan of Firth and Portman for at least 10 years ,probably more, I was just a blossoming teen. I don’t remember what I saw Firth in first , I don’t think it was Bridget Jones’ Diary but I loved him in it. I do remember when I saw Natalie Portman first, over 10 years ago, in Leon :The Professional, one of my all time favorite movies, she was absolutely incredible as Mathilda and the movie was a work of pure art. I love both their personalities and the way they act, I love that they are smart and grounded and I love Firth and his Britishness like whoa and his hair..there I said it!

Was it my tired brain playing tricks on me or did Colin Firth seem quite nervous and emotional during his speech? Totally adorable, I wanted to give him a hug and I loved the randomness in his speech, so cute! I loved that Natalie Portman thanked Luc Besson and also the crew behind the scenes that usually everyone forgets to mention.

All in all….boring Oscars ceremony, I don’t think they managed to get the younger demographic all excited. Honestly, for me it wasn’t boring as much as it was dull. After all, I watch to see who wins,what they say, I watch to see all these stars and what they do, it’s like a freak show in a way so that’s why I say it wasn’t that I was bored but it was dull, it had no spark and that is the producers fault. I think they should make it less serious, less pompous and minimize the ass kissery and get over themselves ,loosen up but that won’t happen when you have a big bunch of very rich,arrogant, ass kissed people in one room.

Oh yeah ,Bale won Supporting Actor and he still looked like shit but at least he made fun of himself and the f-bombs. Hahahahah you and me are done professionally ,who thought he’d get an Oscar after that!

I missed Christoph Waltz, I wanted to see Christoph Waltz and I wanted him to get another Oscar….or 10. But hey, at least we had hot RDJesus










some more pics



I love Jeff Bridges



Man love cause it’s Geoffrey Rush, he’s brilliant



Royal trio basically


Precious, flawless, talented, beautiful, etc




pictures taken from and getty images I guess, not mine 😀

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