The King’s Speech

18 Feb

L:”Do you know any jokes?” B : “Timing isn’t my strong suit”

King's Speech

Ah,don’t you just love it when common people who’ve been foolishly allowed online, review your favorite movies? Well then , I have arrived and I’m reviewing !

Colin Firth is HOT! There,I got that out of the way, I feel better now so let’s move on!

Last Sunday I went to see The King’s Speech (shut up, it just premiered here and I wanted to watch it legally) and it didn’t let me down!
I won’t talk too much about it cause I’m no seasoned critic or anything and the movie is being discused everywhere so I’ll keep it short and sweet. I mean, come on, I’m judging anyone who hasn’t heard of it or at least knows it’s about some english dude who stammers.

Ok, so ,compulsory “what is this movie about?” paragraph . The King’s Speech is about King George VIth who took the throne in the late 1930s from his older brother who gave it up to marry a divorced woman. King George VIth or Bertie as his family adoringly calls him, has a bit of a problem that is kind of conflicting with his role as a Monarch : he stammers …BADLY. He’s totally adorable when he does it (at least as played by Colin Firth) but not so much when he has to address his people. We meet Bertie in the early 1930s when after another failed speech and more crazy “solutions” from his doctors (who the Hell can talk with marbles in their mouth and I’m sure those cigarettes are doing wonders to his lungs)he gives up but his wife finds Lionel, an Australian guy specialized in speech problems. Lionel is ,of course, a nonconformist in his ways but slowly he and Bertie develop a beautiful and awkward friendship.In the meantime ,of course, Bertie’s father dies ,his brother is the new King but he gives up the throne and we see Bertie struggle with everything that is happening and with becoming the King right as England was on the verge of going to war .


The movie walks a very fine line, and walks it brilliantly, between drama and comedy, it has many funny moments, the characters are very nicely portrayed ,I liked the way it was shot and the zooming in on Firth’s mouth and face at time.I know about that period in history since I’m obsessed with WW2 but I don’t know all the details about the English Royal Family of the time, more about Churchill and war related things and Germany in particular so don’t take my word on it but I think the movie is pretty accurate in the essential stuff, maybe not entirely as far as the King’s relationship with Lionel goes or even the one with Churchill but I didn’t see anything out of place so you history buffs should be able to go through the film without trying hard not to gauge your eyes out with a fork.


Colin Firth is hot, yes, yes very hot but the most important thing is that he’s brilliant in this role and deserves dozens of Oscars. I’m not familiar with the actual King George ,I know they look nothing alike, but Firth’s George is a very compelling man, very complex, complicated, with lots of vulnerability but also a lot of strength and will, he’s slightly awkward emotionally but loving ,funny and lovable . Oh and Firth stammers like a BOSS.
I’m also a fan of Geoffrey Rush, he’s a fantastic actor with a great presence and I absolutely adored his Lionel, spot on and the 2 actors click . Helena Bohnem Carter is splendid as well.

My advice? Go see it as it’s most likely money well spent!



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2 responses to “The King’s Speech

  1. lupus

    19/02/2011 at 5:04 AM

    Since I saw Girl with a Pear Earring, I Just felt in love with Colin Firth, and then I’ve been trying to watch every single with he has done.
    This thursday , here in Chile, Sudamerica, was the premiere of King’s Speech… and I went to the cinema, I could not lose it… Colin is amazing in the movie….
    Well I’m absolutly agree with you.

    • Ada

      19/02/2011 at 2:13 PM

      I don’t even remember what the first movie I saw with Colin Firth was but he’s exactly the type of actor(and man) I like, with a strong presence yet some vulnerability and shyness and geekiness, the kind of actor who you just know is also a smart,educated individual who likes to keep a low profile and stay true to himself, the kind of actor with dedication and versatility who could play anything + British lol.

      He is brilliant, too bad he didn’t have some major roles like the ones in The King’s Speech and A Single Man ,that put the spotlight on him more but it’s nice he’s been getting international praises now.

      Thanks for your comment and for reading 😀


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