Survivor Season 22 : Redemption Island

17 Feb

Redemption Island

A new season of Survivor started airing this Wednesday YAY ! I’m a big fan of Survivor and The Amazing Race (which also starts a new season this week, on Sunday)so I was happy to finally sit down and watch a group of people being merry and not so merry on some random beach.
This season takes place in Nicaragua just like the previous one (I’m guessing it’s done that way to cut costs) and it has some interesting people and by interesting I don’t mean necessarily smart …oh no.

I don’t know about the majority of fans but I LOVE to see former contestants go at it again and I especially love seeing contestants that were controversial and successful but that I also found likable (either cause they were nice or just entertaining) .So, I LOVE that they brought Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz back although I’m guessing they won’t be very successful this time . No, I didn’t read whatever spoilers leaked , I stayed well away from those so it’s my personal assessment that they won’t be there for long. In case anyone is wondering why I like Russell….well, he’s a douchebag more often than not and he’s sneaky but he’s one of those charismatic assholes who is entertaining and likeable if you’re not the direct recipient of his assholeness(did I just invent a word?) . He’s fun , he’s funny ,he’s not a stupid guy and he’s genuinely enthusiastic about playing the game and winning the game, being the best. I think most people like Rob who is in fact quite an ok dude apart from his sneakiness and cocky attitude ,he’s become better with age, he’s nicer and calmer and he’s charismatic, he works hard, he’s smart. I hated him on The Amazing Race for pulling those douchy stunts but that has passed, you know, forgive and forget.

Ok, so , we have 2 tribes : OMETEPE and ZAPATERA. Ometepe is with yellow or orange or whatever and Zapatera is purple. Rob is in Ometepe and Russell in Zapatera. Ometepe lost the first immunity challenge cause they lost big at the physical part of it and even though Rob was ON TOP of that puzzle the lead was too big and those other guys weren’t idiots either.

The 2 tribes have some colorful figures in them. In Rob’s tribe there’s a crazy man called Philip who is totally crazy and provided major lolz at Tribal Council. So, they went to Tribal Council and everyone was answering questions and shit and then this woman called Francesca is asked something about voting and she sorta’ says that Rob isn’t getting voted out and Philip ,who was in an alliance with her and this other woman Christina , goes totally stupid and says something along the lines of “hei girl,hold up,weren’t we voting for Rob, wat u doing?” cause he thought they were lying to him ,never crossed his stupid mind that this is fucking Survivor and you have to keep your plans to yourself. Then he goes on and says he’s in an alliance with these women and Christina has an idol and everyone’s laughing and wtf-ing all over the place and shit. In the end Francesca gets voted out . Now, I like that chick Christina, she watched and learned from past seasons, it seems to me at least. She went to search for the hidden idol with no clues and she found it, she’s observant and cunning, too bad she’s not on Russell’s tribe. There’s a guy who resembles Fabio from last season but I liked Fabio a whole lot more and the rest I just don’t give a fuck about. Oh and did I mention Philip is nuts?

The other tribe, Zapatera , has some interesting faces as well. There’s this one hillbilly type ,total redneck looking and all that who has hair all over his body, he’s like a damn sheep(yes, he has hair on his back, a lot ,it’s disgusting) but he’s apparently good at building and shit. There’s this super hot ex marine who was deployed to Iraq twice , this kinda’ nerdy smart looking guy who I think is a defense attorney ,a middle aged hot guy with a hot body who I have no idea what is up with except for hotness, a waitress who wants to be all sneaky and evil and ally herself with Russell (haha, I hope she’s the new Natalie only she ends up losing).

Oh and there’s the Redemption Island part. When someone gets voted off they go there and then when another person gets voted off they have some sort of “battle” (I’m guessing a challenge) and the winner stays on Redemption Island and so on until a point in the game when whoever is there gets to go back into the actual game.

I wish they brought Parvati and Amanda back too , I lurve them so!

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