Hugh Laurie candids (buying flowers for V Day)

16 Feb

So there are some candids of Hugh buying flowers for Valentine’s Day . I wonder if these are really for his wife considering he hasn’t been wearing a ring or been photographed in her presence in almost 2 years. Of course, the Hugh Laurie fanatics for whom Hugh can do no wrong will say it’s for his wife, the rabid and disillusion shippers will claim it’s for this or that but I’m really curious if he’s a)still with his wife then why not wear that beautiful,gorgeous ring and b)if he’s not with his wife who is he with ,hopefully someone who isn’t a celebrity or anything and someone cute. Most of all I would actually be even happier if he just bought those flowers for some of his co-workers because V Day is such a stupid holiday .

Right, here are the pics, you know the drill,clicky. Credit goes as usually these days to the german drhouse forum.
Also,since I failed to post pics from the Award shows (u know, Golden Globes and SAG) cause my internet has been playing with my sanity during the month of January, I added some of those too.

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