Long time no post !

10 Nov

I am so incredibly ashamed of myself for not posting for so many months but I have made it a goal to post much more often and resume the regular schedule while also minimizing the whining because nobody gives a fuck about it or my personal life.

On the Hugh/House front things are not going well for me because since I can’t stomach House MD and the childishness of it I can’t watch it anymore and since this is Hugh’s main gig at the moment there’s not much for me to post and obsess about concerning him. I can’t wait for that blues album to come out, I hope he’ll do a concert at least in the UK but I’m not holding my breath or anything. I also can’t wait for that Hugh/Stephen reunion on GOLD on the 24th of November, the promos from that are just awesome, I hope to one day have a friend like that, I thought I did but it turned out that was not accurate so…

So, I’m gonna’ start posting more and from more than just the one topic cause,after all,this was not supposed to be 100% Hugh Laurie centered. Yes, whatever is new and shiny about him I’m post, that won’t change but I’ll be writing about other things (shows or general interests) I am fond of from shameless fangirling over hot men to serious business stuff cause I do have a brain in there somewhere.

I changed the layout a bit as well,hope you ,whoever stumbles upon this blog likes it(and yes, do visit again).

In the end here are promo vids for that reunion Fry and Laurie show on GOLD cause they are totally adorable together.

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