Emma Thompson received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Hugh Laurie was there

07 Aug

Personally I thought Emma Thompson was pretty darn amazing even before I knew of her friendship with Hugh , she seems like such a genuinely nice, funny, fun to be around, caring ,witty person and she’s easily one of the most amazing entertainers out there so she deserves to have that star ,should have gotten it a long time ago if u ask me. So, on Friday morning (6.08.2010), the ceremony took place and the main subject of this blog, Hugh Laurie, was there to support and talk about his old friend. From what I’ve seen I’m really jealous ,jealous in a good way , jealous at seeing 2 people who’ve known eachother for more than half their lives and stayed very good friends while also achieving greatness ,the fame, the fortune, the pressure ,none of these seems to have changed them ,at least not when it comes to the way they are to another and I think anyone would want a friendship like that + I think it speaks volumes about them as people, both Hugh and Emma have stayed great friends with the friends originally made in college and that shows character.
Anyway…..Hugh gave a lovely speech that a kind soul taped and posted on YouTube and I’ll shamelessly embed here. Same kind soul took a video of them before Emma went on stage, very adorable. Hugh looked lovely even with that horrible tie and hey, the pervert in me immediately spotted what looked like a very nice crotch action for once, thank God for that LOL.

So, here are pics I found, a big thanks to everyone who made/found/posted them before me . Some are HQ,some MQ,clicky as always!

PS – I’ve been busy and more depressed than ever which is why I haven’t updated in 2 months, I’m sorry about that but I am not abandoning this blog or anything. Next week I’ll be going on vacation but I plan to resume the regular posting shortly.

main source for pics

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