Bits of new stuff + a promo with a naked House

14 Apr

I’m having a really bad period(the same one for any of you who might have read my past whining posts) so I guess I didn’t update this is some time. I’m gonna’ play the all known game of catching up while keeping it short and sweet.

So,Hugh is now filming his new movie that is supposed to come out next year (The Oranges) alongside Leighton Meester and a whole lot of other people. The movie started shooting in New York a couple of weeks ago. I have a pic from the set (supposedly taken on April 12). Click on image

There was a NY Times article about Hugh and his directorial debut. There are some outtake pics from the photoshoot(sadly they are small…….at least for now) and sadly Hugh doesn’t have the goatee anymore but his hair is pretty and longer again. I sure wish he kept some stubble for that new movie *sigh* . (Click on them for slightly bigger versions)

I don’t watch House anymore so I can’t tell you how the episode he directed was, it’s a matter of taste I guess and since I hate cliche’s and I hate the the feel of the show at the moment I guess I wouldn’t have liked it that much.

In the end,here’ s a promo for episode 18 of season 6 (I think it’s called Knight Fall). You should not skip this cause Hugh is NAKED and hot. About that, I know in the past I’ve said it looked to me like Hugh was starting to let himself go instead of taking care of his body(btw,House of Whining members,if you call someone an idiot for expressing their opinion and u do it in their absence then you are the idiot and Hugh is just a man,he’s not God,he’s not perfect,we’re allowed to not agree with everything and still love him). Well,in my defense ,he was getting quite a little bit of a belly last summer. BUT, if this video isn’t somehow crazily edited(which is unlikely) ,if he doesn’t have some horror hanging belly bellow what u see in this vid then I take it back,he’s just WONDERFUL and I hope he keeps it up like that and gets naked in The Oranges as well.

So,here’s the promo

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