Shameless pimpage

06 Apr

Hey there Hugh fans who stumble upon my blog ! I haven’t posted in a while but there also hasn’t been much to post lately and I’ve been down .
Hugh should be in NY working on his movie,Oranges, now. U can check it out on Facebook,just look for it.

In this post I will pimp my own new Hugh dedicated place ,a sort of sister blog on Tumblr that will mostly just have your daily dose of random pictures that,who knows,might occasionally be new to some of you . Please do check it out here : HUGHBLISS . I just opened it today so it’s just starting but I promise to post every single day . Feel free to comment, ask, advise ,whatever you feel like it as long as it is on a friendly tone ,of course.

If you want,you can also check my new personal tumblr ,also opened today : HOUSEOFRANDOM . This one will be,as the name suggests,totally random (mostly) pics or vids found on the internet or that I took and that I found interesting,funny,cute,hot,etc. Don’t u sometimes feel the need to be random,random oh so very random?

Cheers !

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