I bet you didn’t know I love Survivor

28 Mar

I’m the middle of my endless,stupid,ungrateful depression(although I think it went past depression and into total self-destruct mode)that makes me want to give up ,although not on my life but on my sanity(dead without actual death)cause God forbid I ever did something to get out of this stupid situation. Hang in there, that’s the only whining in this post, I swear.

In this stupid state the only ray of light comes from whatever shows I still manage to actually watch . I’m interested in many, I store them on different devices, I plan on watching them but somehow I never do. Well, there are a couple that I just have to watch and one of them is Survivor,bless its heart.

My love for Survivor began probably about 5 years ago(could be more though)when AXN started airing it. Obviously,AXN here was behind cause it had to start from season 1 but who cares, I watched it and loved it from day one. The great thing about Survivor is that it mixes survival themes,wonderful scenery,challenges and social stuff. You have this group of people from different backgrounds and of different ages who compete for 1 million $ and have to face challenges of all kind and that provides wonderful entertainment if done right. It’s very captivating to see how personalities,providing for the group, intelligence and other such factors that have more to do with native traits or cognitive patterns can ultimately make you or break you in this game no matter how strong you are physically. It’s also really fun to observe how some people are just able to manipulate,gain trust,be very likable and how it influences because this is a lot like life in society nowadays only in a nutshell .
I don’t know how “real” it all is. I’ve read stuff over the years,some say certain stuff are being influenced directly or indirectly by producers when they feel a certain *survivor* is better for the show and ratings than another, others say that the whole remote location thing is not always so remote and that is understandable in my opinion because there are few truly remote places in this world and most are probably not suited for efficiently shooting a series cause there’s a lot of equipment,a lot of technical aspects that have to be taken into consideration outside the whole “suitable camp place for x nr of castaways” . Still, I think most of the show is genuine and it’s all terribly entertaining.

This 20th season ,Heroes vs Villains , is one of those seasons I tend to love best, a season that brings back people from earlier seasons. As someone who has watched most of the seasons(minus Tocantins and Samoa)and who has an interest in tv series in general , I tend to remember and support or despise certain individuals so these seasons are awesome.

This 20th seasons brought back,as the title gives it away, some of the best heroes and some of the best villains. Heroes cause of the straightforward,serious,less manipulative/annoying and more heroic way in which they managed to get somewhere in the game and villains for the exact opposite way.

Now,most of my favorites were on the heroes side. The contestants I loved best from all the seasons so far were Cirie,Jonathan Penner ,Stephenie ,Tom and Boston Rob(despite his tendency to act as an asshole sometimes,especially when he was on The Amazing Race ,and that’s cause the guy is really smart and cunning). With the exception of Jonathan, everyone else participated in this season. Sadly, the only one still in it is Rob *cries tears of endless sorrow especially over Cirie*.

So far the Heroes sucked at challenges although physically they were stronger. Boston Rob pretty much owned everyone so far,the Villains would be dead without him,he gets them to do stuff,build stuff,he is the brain that ultimately won the challenges for them,etc. The Heroes just seem a bit disconnected,they don’t manage to act as a team for some reason and then with the alliances forming …..the shit hit the fan in more ways than one.

The newest episode,the one that aired this Wednesday(instead of the usual Thursday air time) was THE BOMB though. Both tribes went to tribal. Rob and Candice won the immunity challenge they competed in against their own peeps then Rob won the reward against Candice so the Villains went to Tribal first so they could eat and listen in on the Heroes tribe afterward. The BEST part about this episode was……….RUSSELL HANTZ . Oh ,yeah,I am a fan of Russell now in all his villainous glory. I had heard stuff about his performance in his season(Samoa ,season that finished shooting a little while before this one started shooting in the same location ),I’ve seen some scenes but ,damn, that guy is perfect for Survivor,he’s cunning,smart,funny in his (probably)exaggerated arrogance ,he’s entertaining and his fight for supremacy with Rob is the best thing about this whole season so far. Russell owned Rob this time, he knew exactly who to manipulate and fuck with the voting plan,he had the balls to risk and give the idol to Parvati thus saving her . I loved how Rob voted for him and ,as a comment, he went like “welcome to the big leagues” then 5 minutes later Tyson was out and Rob was confused. Man,if they both got to the merge and if Amanda was still there and wanted an alliance with her old alliance partner ,Parvati ….I think Russell,Parvati,Amanda could be a sort of Cirie,Parvati,Amanda back in Micronesia (+ a few other people). I’m not a fan of Parvati but she was in the most entertaining alliance that managed to blindside and fool a bunch of strong competitors with very little work.
I wish they would have voted James out last week instead of Tom, I wish Tom was still in the game . The whole banana etiquette thing was funny though.

Oh why isn’t Penner in this ,he should have been there instead of….a whole bunch of people like boring Candice,Danielle,Courtney,that bitch Sandra,even Colby (as much as I do like him). Penner was amazing,smart and oh so very pretty once he lost the extra bit of weight.

One more thing : this season wins at the spectacular shots of the scenery,the camera work/effects,those fillers are awesome.

Oh and both me and my mom,as two very heterosexual women, believe Amanda looks so very pretty without make-up on,better than when she’s all dressed up and *done* , we’re kinda jealous of her . Also,Parvati has a funny mouth .

Never forget, best facial expressions and she laughs so much ! (I secretly hope Cirie will participate in one more Survivor)

In the “wish you were here” category – Penner (maybe some other time he’ll play again)

In the “I want to be this pretty ,fuck my life” category – Amanda

I had more but this is a monster post already so…

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