Christoph Waltz is an Oscar winning MOFO ,hilariously does Der Humpink and some Oscar related word vomit

09 Mar

Well,I watched the Oscars(in the wee hours of the morning since I am European). I was expecting Inglourious not to win Best Picture but I was hoping to be surprised. Personally I think The Hurt Locker is just a typical,cliche american war drama that appeals mostly to the patriotic americans who have a cult for all american heroes who triumph and have all sorts of dangerous adventures,hold tearjerking speeches and everyone loves them . It is a well made movie, Bigelow deserves her Oscar just as much as others and more than J.Cameron but the screenplay and movie as a whole don’t deserve it,it’s nothing original or inventive. Inglorious Basterds should have won in the original screenplay category,it was definitely original and quirky and did great things with the characters. I’m actually glad Sandra Bullock won ,Meryl’s movie kinda’sucked and her performance was nothing new for her(I love Meryl,don’t get me wrong and she’s born on the same date with me,22nd of June :D). I’m also glad for Bridges although I would have totally loved it if Colin Firth won.

Ok,the best thing about the Oscars was CHRISTOPH WALTZ. I am so glad there was no surprise there and he got the Oscar as he should have because he was absolutely amazing ,he’s versatile,talented,has a strong presence and he’s a smart ,good natured, educated ,funny guy. Best part : UBER-BINGO, he said UBER BINGO (pretend I added a ton of glittery stuff to that bit of text,I’m too lazy to actually do it now).

Best thing about this post? The video I am about to embed, video of Christoph Waltz in Der Humpink because, to quote, “The new age of humping has dawned” . Yeah,better embrace the Christoph love cause it’s going to rule the world. I swear,this guy is as good of an austrian “product” as the kasekrainer sausage ,Stiegl beer, Demel made cremeschnitte,beautiful mountain villages/resorts in the Alps and Strauss composed stuff . Yes, I have a love for Austria,it’s pretty much my second favorite country after the UK.

Here’s the funniest thing to grace your screen in a while

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One response to “Christoph Waltz is an Oscar winning MOFO ,hilariously does Der Humpink and some Oscar related word vomit

  1. Laura

    11/03/2010 at 11:24 AM

    That video is hilarious. He has a wonderful sense of humor. Still say he needs to be on House.


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