Hugh Laurie at NAPTE in Vegas

04 Feb

So,Hugh was at this NATPE conference in Vegas together with David Shore and Katie Jacobs a few days ago and I found some HQ photos from that event so I’ll post them for your viewing pleasure ,as always. I’ve been told by a friend who watched the video from this conference, that Hugh was most probably really tired and quite pissed and he appears not to be as jolly as he wants us to think he is regarding House and the direction of the show,his body language is telling. Of course, we might be wrong but I’m sorta’ hoping we’re not because it’s a HUGE disappointment if he likes the parody that is House MD right now.
The good part is that he looked much better(or so it seems in these pics) and his hair is a bit longer. Now he just needs to work on his stomach to fit those big ,beautiful arms a bit and we’re good.

BTW, there was no SAG’s photo post because the only pics of Hugh were 3 or 4 screencaps,he was late for the Red Carpet .

found on hughbunnies on LJ,thanks to various people.

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