Hugh Laurie and Jennifer Morrison at the Golden Globes 2010

18 Jan

Here are all the pictures I could gather up from different sites and fansites + some HD screencaps made by the lovely Marykir.
Hugh looked good at the Golden GLobes, I’m sorry he didn’t win but I am glad the show didn’t win because,even though Broken was as good as Three Stories from Season 1, the season as a whole has been a soap opera or a smart tv show on crack cause of all the stupid and irrelevant and illogical Huddy that ruined Cuddy as a character and even House a little bit(why can’t a woman and a man just be friends? the House/Cameron was good and it was subtle and it was enough, not all women have to want House and vice-versa).
I am SOOOO THRILLED that Jennifer Morrison was there and that she sat next to Hugh, it was a little bittersweet cause this might be the last time we see them together even though they have a wonderful chemistry on screen and Jennifer is such a wonderful and talented person.
I wish Hugh would do something about his hair though. I don’t have a problem with baldness in itself but Hugh’s facial structure doesn’t look good without hair so if he loses more it’s tragic and I’m surprised all those people around him didn’t convince him to get a treatment or something.
But God,the man rocks a tuxedo like no other, a nice fitted tuxedo OMG…HOT and his beautiful smile…drools.

I am so happy Christoph Waltz won for his role in Inglorious Basterds and I am sad the movie itself didn’t win in its categories. Avatar was fun,beautiful but the story itself doesn’t really deserve so many awards.

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