Hugh Laurie at the 2010 PCA’s

07 Jan

As a good little soldier who gets nothing in return , here goes the obligatory PCA’s post with whatever pics I could find. This year Hugh and House won again. I’m happy for Hugh but I wish House would stop getting awards it doesn’t deserve. Seriously, this season is full of crap but it had one fabulous episode that might and would normally deserve to win at the GG’s,SAG’s and the Emmy’s so they’re probably going to get even more awards and that’s just not right. I’m pretty sure the army of blind followers voted for House repeatedly until their keyboards were on fire so it won at the PCA’s too. I for one only voted for Hugh not House.
Well,this year there was no pretty tuxedo like last year,no pretty hair,no Jennifer Morrison or Robert Sean Leonard so it was pretty bland. Hugh looked in a good mood at times but also pissed off and uncomfortable at other times, that tie was cute but so not stylish which is ok I guess cause it’s Hugh’s style and it is part of what makes him so interesting, there was too much Lisa Edelstein ,too little of everyone else but who cares(cause if you’re not a huddy you don’t matter so most of us don’t matter).

Right,skip this, I’m in a horrible mood yet again (not that anyone gives a damn).
Here are pics . I WILL ADD MORE WHEN I FIND and I’ll try to find the smaller ones in high resolution too. For now,some are HQ and some medium to low resolution. The pics aren’t mind,didn’t make em and wasn’t the first one to find them so thanks go to a nr of people from livejournal and other places on the internet.


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2 responses to “Hugh Laurie at the 2010 PCA’s

  1. sharp2799

    07/01/2010 at 4:49 PM

    THANK YOU for saying what I was thinking. I think this might be the last year I watch these awards. Unless they ever decide to do it properly and have one vote per person.

  2. Jane

    07/01/2010 at 6:57 PM

    I say, don’t judge this season too early. The earlier seasons had very daring themes which made us very uneasy at times too. I remember I thought S4 was going to crash the series with its survival arc but it turned out to be a very revealing season on House’s take on his team dynamics and not forgetting to mention the development towards Amber’s death and House’s friendship with Wilson. I trust the writers have good stuff in store for us this season too. Let’s just try to enjoy the show.

    On Hugh’s tie… I agree that it isn’t stylish, but like you said, it’s part of his style. Reminds me of his comedy days when he would dress in clothes that are slightly mismatched. =) And I don’t know if I’m reading a little too much into it, but isn’t that a tartan tie? Hugh keeps up his British heritage and I suppose the tie draws reference to his scottish ancestry too.


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