Hugh Laurie at the airport

02 Dec

It seems Hugh went back to the US to work on House some more before Christmas. Didn’t post about his black eye cause there was nothing interesting about that since he boxes and I heard he is good at it and likes to do it a lot so of course he will get punched in the face at some point.
The pic came with a small article that was in fact just a compilation of other older articles (he wants to be a Bond baddie for ex).
I still wish he grew his hair out and took a long rest accompanied by even more working out so he can get back in tip top shape cause he changed all of a sudden and you just don’t age that way no matter how old you are and he is not old. I hope he managed to give up smoking this time.
BTW, Hugh, I love you but you could get nicer glasses. Loving the tight jeans and the jacket though !

*first pic is medium sized and has a watermark ,the rest are rather small and they all belong to their rightful owners

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One response to “Hugh Laurie at the airport

  1. Kate

    13/12/2009 at 10:41 AM

    I think it’s the shorter hair and thicker beard that is making him look older/different.
    What do you think?


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