Of Bitter Farewells ,broken promises,tears and the loss of House MD

17 Nov

This might be my last post about House (well,at least until the next super idiotic thing happens)

I haven’t watched the 8th episode, Jennifer Morrison’s/Cameron’s last, Teamwork but I watched a few of the scenes, watched the heartbreaking scene between Cameron and House.

I cried today watching that scene, it ruined my day (as pathetic as that sounds).
The only time I cried at a movie/tv show was when I was little,less that 7 I think and I was watching La Piovra(an italian tv show of the 80s-early90s about the fight with the mob)and this character called Corrado Cattani ,was killed in a horrible and brutal way ,gunned down by a wall. I remember that I cried the whole night then not because he was brutally murdered but because I thought that,since he was the title character at that time, the show was over. It was in fact not over but I didn’t know squat about seasons and stuff like that. I will always remembered how I cried about that show, it was the first show that got me hooked and I watched it ,the first 5 or 6 series, a couple of times since then (now my fav character is Tano,the mobster LOL).

Back to House and Cameron’s departure now. Honestly I don’t even know what to say, I am very disappointed, it was one of the reasons I cried. The last scene was good but it marks the end of a story that never began,the end of a character that grew so much,that evolved and shared a special connection to House(even in that last scene we got a glimpse of just how well she knows House). For over 3 seasons, House/Cameron was pretty canon ,the chemistry was always ,until the end,amazing, there were subtle scenes,glances,the eye!sex as we call it,that pull ,the understanding, sexual tension and a beautiful story waiting to happen,nothing forced,something that grew from the first episode of the first season. In the end it (and we ,the fans) got nothing,it got no story,it was a lot like sex without the orgasm ,foreplay that lead to nowhere and jumped straight to the “bye bye,I’m going home”. All it got was the echo,the memory of distant promises from everyone including David Shore and Katie Jacobs, a kiss that was never discussed and that was ,probably on purpose, set in a context that allowed it to mean nothing in the end. Most of all,in the end, all it (and we) got was a farewell scene that had a lot of soul and the confession that came too late,at a point where Cameron faced the new canon House,a House who probably never cared about her,a House who didn’t experience the first 3 seasons. I wish this would have happened in season 3 when he was still the House i loved ,the House who had a connection with her and I wish it would have taken their relationship to the next level in a far less soap-opera-ish way than the Huddy, with far less accent on it, just glimpses,something,anything,even short lived.
All that is left are broken promises, no fulfillment, an empty spot where an amazing character used to be and the disappointment and anger caused by a bunch of producers,writers and executives who decided that only one small group in a fandom is to be taken into consideration even though this is a business and in a business one should take all customers into consideration.

Huddy is stupid, the whole backstory now makes no sense because the first seasons had nothing of that,it’s all forced and it takes away from what the show used to be,the ratings will drop and it will die but I don’t care,I don’t want to care anymore.

Hugh Laurie,you’ll never read this but you disappointed me too, maybe now you really only care about the money and fame or are too tired to realize what is going on in your show.


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3 responses to “Of Bitter Farewells ,broken promises,tears and the loss of House MD

  1. RollerGurl

    22/11/2009 at 5:24 AM

    Hello, long time no talking. I didn’t know you had wordpress 🙂

    Maybe David Shore is a complusive liar. It would explain why he said that Cameron would be back as a regular but than wrote out the most talented actress from the show.

    Why isn’t Jesse leaving? He said he would leave if Chase and Cameron got married.

    At least it’s easier than ever to see the difference between Lisa and Jennifer. Lisa is totally unprofessional and can’t tell the difference between House and Hugh. Jennifer must be upset about being stabbed in the back, but she’s being really classy about the whole thing 🙂

    I hope her career goes really well. It has to, since she’s so talented. I have a feeling that Lisa will have a hard time finding television work after House is over (which according to the rating drop should be in a couple years!).

    I will never watch House again unless Jennifer comes back and Lisa either leaves or they make Cuddy just House’s boss. Also, they have to mention MEDICINE and being DOCTORS more than once an episode 😉

    My other shows are going well. Clois is happening on Smallville right now, I know for sure that Bones and Booth will end up together, and 30 Rock seems to be heading a direction I like. What shows are you watching?

    Have a great day, evening, or afternoon!! (What time is it where you are, lol?)

  2. ada22

    22/11/2009 at 3:20 PM

    Jesse was only joking when he said he’d leave,it was a joke. I think DS has no idea what to do anymore and so all the Huddy idiots there have convinced him that it’s the right thing to do. Whatever,it’s a painful subject,seems like the ship didn’t exist in the first place.

    I watch 30 Rock too,I’m yet to see the last 2 episodes cause usually I like watching more than one eppy since they’re short so I wait a couple of weeks. Other than that I watch Fringe,Lost,Supernatural,V,Heroes,Modern Family,Two and a Half Men,Scrubs,stuff like that.

  3. Kate

    03/12/2009 at 11:59 AM

    I’m really sorry you are hurting so much about this and I’m really sorry to hear that this may be your last post. I watch the show mainly for Hugh and RSL, but I was shocked to hear that JM was leaving. Now that she is not commited to HOUSE, she will be able to look for better work. Who knows, maybe she’ll become real famous!!
    Anyway, I hope you come back and I hope you can feel better soon.


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