Of politics, Presidents and Prime Ministers

24 Oct

We are in the middle of a political crisis in Romania. Basically,our President thinks (and apparently can cause that is the beauty of having a Constitution that leaves room for interpretation) he’s the God of everything that moves around here (dictator tendencies much?)especially when the elections are right around the corner and he’s uncertain of victory after 5 years of mandate during which he had everyone’s best interest in mind except for our best interest and especially his (and the party he originated from played with the executive power cause they were lucky enough to win the elections).

So,the President’s party messed with their political allies PSD (political allies who are in fact their biggest enemies but they shook hands over the country one year ago cause neither could form a majority in Parliament and they both wanted the power) which made all their ministers quit from the government and then the newly formed opposition managed to vote against the makeshift government ,one that now had 11 ministers in charge of 22 ministries (yeah,stupid, I know) .
Now,while the government that was “kicked out” is still in charge but with less authority , the President didn’t want to lose the grip on power so close to the elections so he refused to designate a new PM proposed by the new,clear and transparent majority in Parliament even though it was a great proposition and one that brought very different parties ,that usually hate eachother ,together (which never happened before) . Instead,the President designated whoever he saw fit and now this guy (and his newly formed team) has to go present their program in Parliament and ask for approval which he won’t get cause the majority is against him and everyone knows this and it’s why the Constitution says that the President must consult(mediate talks between the parties in fact) with the parties forming the Parliament and ,in case they haven’t already formed a majority, help them get to a majority and then designate as PM a person who the majority proposed ,especially if there’s nothing wrong with that person.

I personally enjoy watching the political circus in Romania, the political scene is full of stupid ,incompetent people who fight with eachother all day long but it is a sad situation and very harmful for our country and future.


The man the majority proposed for PM(in the above photo) is a man I personally like a lot and who proved to be very competent and popular , winning 3 mandates as mayor of Sibiu ,a city he pretty much restored and brought to its former beauty and glory without much help from the state. Johannis,cause that’s his name ,is also very intelligent, very well spoken,polite and has very few opponents . I don’t think he’s without a sin, I would be surprised if he didn’t use his position as mayor to make a small fortune by taking some money from here and there but everyone does that and it’s a proven fact that he invested everything he could in the infrastructure and the needs of his city. Every time he appears on tv ,which he doesn’t really like to do, he proves he knows what he’s talking about,he proves he has what one needs to be a PM and he presents himself in the most elegant,dignified way seen so far in our politics. Also,he’s not a member of any party and is very well seen outside Romania (which is something we really need).
I doubt he or anyone else can really get us out of the crisis in a very short time but I think that on long term,if he stays this way and has support in Parliament, he can do good things.

Oh and I decided who I will vote for in the Presidential elections cause of Johannis, so yeeey. I just hope Antonescu doesn’t go against his word and put Patriciu as PM if he wins cause that would be a major fail

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