Tv Guide Scans(Hugh,Jennifer,Omar and Jesse)

14 Oct

The new TV Guide House spread has great pictures,Jennifer is stunning,Hugh looks very hot in those suits,tv guide always knows how to dress him (oh,how I still miss the hair,he’d look even better without the lack of hair making it more than obvious that he’s got a narrow face)but the article is complete bullshit to me. I think it was a last minute damage control thing ,I smell big fat lies coming from DS’s mouth(and everyone else is lying too of course),they’re just trying to make Jennifer’s departure look less tragic by giving false hope. Oh,I’ll miss her so,the show already isn’t the same and it will never ever ever be the same without her. But hey,now the Huddy and 13 shit can have even more screentime so as long as LE ,KJ and their Huddy worshipers are happy nothing else matters(if you’re a fan of Huddy or LE but are a normal person I apologize ,try to see things in perspective)
At least there’s finally something in the media that has nothing to do with Huddy and 13,something about the original show, I’m grateful for that,it’s probably not going to happen again.

/end of rant

On to the scans (found originally on House_Cameron I guess),they belong to the wonderful people who made the shoot and to the people who scanned it for us. I want to see outtakes!

(click for full size)

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One response to “Tv Guide Scans(Hugh,Jennifer,Omar and Jesse)

  1. Jacqueroll

    15/10/2009 at 6:27 PM

    Congratulations for the blog! I love House M.D serie and actors!

    Continue posting!
    I’m brazilian, sorry for the poor english D:



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