Hugh and his flashy new Porsche

14 Oct

I thought long and hard about posting this(or better said,about not posting it) but I decided,after a few days, that I should post about it.
There’s an article in the Daily Mail(not a very reliable,serious source)that *introduced* us to Hugh’s new flashy Porsche(can’t believe I agree with the Daily Mail for once).

So,Hugh,should I assume the humble,adorable,shy,british,guilty you is slowly dying and the new,Hollywood Hugh is taking its place ? That would be sad,stay away from it,it’s not you ! Mid-life crisis much? Should I expect seeing you with a flashy, stupid looking blond sex bomb soon?(or ,God forbid, LE cause it’s almost the same thing,no offense,I might be wrong,I know) Oh well….
Don’t get me wrong,a Porsche is a Porsche and I love cars but once you stayed away from buying such a thing your whole life even though you liked cars and speed……’s a little suspicious. Of course,then again,I might be wrong and overreacting .

Hugh,honey,I love you,I really do,you’re awesome and an inspiration to me but if you really want to change your life in a good way and look cool and awesome maybe you should let your hair grow a bit,have a treatment to ensure you won’t lose any more of it, quit smoking and keep exercising,tell your bosses that you need a break,relax,go on vacation,have some *me* time and you’ll feel better !

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One response to “Hugh and his flashy new Porsche

  1. rollergurl

    24/11/2009 at 4:51 PM

    Blond, yes 🙂 Stupid and flashy, no. Hmmm, which girl could he find….:)

    In all seriousness ,he’s getting older. Maybe he doesn’t feel his bike is as safe for him to drive as it once was. I agree that buying a Porsche wasn’t necessary.

    I don’t think there is anything he can do about his hair 😦 He still looks great, but people age. Aside from his hair he still looks young.


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