Back from my vacation + pics

06 Oct

On the 17th of September I left on a 3 week vacation . The first part of the trip consisted of short visits through Jordan,Syria and Lebanon and the second part was all fun and recreation in Egypt’s,Sharm el Sheikh .
Jordan – a beautiful country,they all were, that surprised me because I didn’t expect it to be quite so modern (I’m talking about the capital,Amman). Amman is slowly becoming a quaint city,beautiful buildings and atmosphere,not too crowded except for a few areas,great infrastructure,wonderful people,lots to see and do. The main 2 attractions for me in Jordan were Petra and the Dead Sea and they didn’t disappoint me at all. Petra was fabulous, one of the most amazing places in the whole world and it consists of so much more than that one facade everyone’s seen on tv or in pictures,it’s made up of various remains of different built structures made by the people who built that famous facade and the canyon you walk through to get to all those remains is stunning,full of color and charm. The Dead Sea is a beautiful body of water and it really is *that” salty, you do float and there are rock formations made of salt or rocks covered in salt on the shore (in the water there’s sand on the bottom). Also been to the place where they say Jesus was baptized in the water of the Jordan river and to another religious place I forgot(LOL) . Another great place was the ancient city of Jerash,lots of roman ruins,very nicely kept.
Syria – it has so many places to see,it has lots of history ,like an open air museum. Damascus is the oldest city in the world that was always occupied ,the old part is stunning,the maze of narrow streets and balconies,all the vendors and shops,many people walking around,the minarets,towers,the beautiful arabic style touches on parts of the buildings like the windows and arches ……all incredibly fascinating. I think the funnies part was buying ice-cream from an ice cream place in the old bazar because there’s no organized line,just a huge crowd of people shoving and pushing (but not with true aggressiveness)their way inside the shop ,to the counter and then pushing their way out of the shop with the ice cream over their heads (managed not to drop it btw ! that was a real victory ). We also visited Bosra where there’s a very big roman amphitheater made of dark stone cause of the volcanic past of the region),Maaloula where there are some old churches and it’s the only place where they still learn and speak Aramaic and last but definitely not least on our syrian experience were Palmyra and Crac de Chevaliers which are both very impressive with Palmyra being a big roman city with lots of well preserved stuff . The not fun stuff was staying in the border for 2 hours when we wanted to cross to Lebanon but at least we heard gunshots (less exciting than it sounds,just some idiots trying to smuggle some things out of the country so their car got shot at). Oh and we had the stupidest guide in the history of guides ,he was so stupid it was hard to be mad at him ,we laughed a lot in fact.
Lebanon – I think I am in love with Beirut . We stayed 3 hours in the custom(3 + 2 in the syrian border = 5 so still not my ultimate 7 hour record)and at one point some nice dude from the custom thought I was an artist (cause there apparently is an artist with the same name in their country) so we amused ourselves . Arrived in Beirut late ,around 22:30 or 23:00 and as we approached it along the coastline,the moon was shining brightly over the sea,the city lights could be seen all around ,it was amazing. Beirut is a wonderful city,full of life and joy just like its people. Everyone knows that Lebanon went through lots of turmoil in the past 30 or so years ,the civil war left Beirut in ruins but it rose from the “ashes” and managed to get where it is today even after the 2006 israeli attacks. Today it looks like a future Monaco to be honest. I’m sure there are poor,ugly areas and all that,saw a couple myself but the heart of the city,the more central parts ,the ones where the upper and middle classes live are pretty darn nice as far as I’m concerned and everywhere you look they are still building new and beautiful stuff . Beirut is for the most part pretty similar to mediteranean cities in Europe so u’ll feel right at home there. The people are fascinating,many are pretty european looking,they’re modern and opened,very fun,they know how to enjoy life and live every free moment and they love their country and city.Only stayed for 2 and a half days but I would go there again anytime and probably will go again in the future.
Egypt – 7th time there,only went to Sharm el Sheikh. It was lovely,the hotel was amazing (Hyatt Regency I’m pimping you ) and the Red Sea as warm and inviting as ever. The downside was that I got a bit sick,either an indigestion or a sunstroke or a bit of both (probably a bit of both) so I couldn’t enjoy the sea and fun for 2 days and I wasn’t in top shape during the rest cause of it. In the Egypt album you can see pics of the pyramids ,Cairo(with the Nile) and the Sinai mountains all taken from the plane).

Other than that………still depressed and it is only going to get worse,House sucks big time,never watching again especially since it leaked that Jennifer Morrison is leaving. Will make a post about Heroes and Supernatural cause I’m all over those and they are loads of fun .

Now for pics click on each of the links to the picasa albums

Sharm el Sheikh
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