House Season 6 premiere promo stills + an interview with DS (spoilery)

26 Aug

(shameless pimping first : you can find this post on my new LJ community dedicated to Hugh : Hugh_Bliss and all you need if you’re 18 ,open minded and not a Cameron or HCam hater ,is to join)

Surfing the internet I found a few promo pics for the premiere. In some of these Hugh looks really hot but in a few he looks really tired and aged and you can see the I call them..rolls of fat,his waist definitely got some fat that wasn’t there a while ago (I know he’s 50 but that has nothing to do with it). Yes,I am obsessed,I know,I’m sorry !

Also found a spoilery interview with DS. Now,I got very annoyed that the question he gave the longest answer to was the Huddy question ,it’s clear he’s trying to win their love,they only care about them now,the rest of the fandom might as well die for all he cares (well, Hilsons are at least lucky that Wilson is still a bit more important than Cuddy,at least there’s that).

total sex


sexy back


arm!porn,sexy arm!porn but I can’t help but notice the fat around the middle area *cries*


I want to be that cane, I can’t stop staring at the crotch ! But again I am worried by the fat ,I see fat *cries more*


sexy gaze, OMG so sexy ! I am obsessed so I will again state my sadness about the rolls of fat around his damn waist *rolls on the floor crying*


sexy position,sexy expression but totally unflattering blouse ……. yes, I will obsess about the fat again,it looks bad in this one (don’t shoot me,I know I am annoying)


sexy and not fat for a change LOL but he looks kinda’ gaunt and worn out,poor baby


this is the saddest picture,he looks really,really tired here and I know he’s supposed to a bit cause of the part but it’s something about him, I don’t know. Look,he has no shoe laces ,at least they’re trying to be accurate


I want to be his roommate ,I’d jump him,he’s waiting for me


I’m guessing he’s either just arrived and so did his roommate or his roommate left or died or something




will they have matching bellies? hmmm… I am obsessed with the belly,you can spot it a bit . Looks like they’re bonding LOL . Oh Hugh,I miss the curls !


Interview with DS

‘House’ promises shocking Season 6 storylines

What will happen to House (Hugh Laurie) this season? Will he ever run the team again? Will House and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) do the horizontal bop for reals this time?

What does House’s absence mean for Chase, Cameron and Foreman (Jesse Spencer, Jennifer Morrison and Omar Epps)? And why the heck did House have to get his hair cut?

We quizzed House creator David Shore about Season 6, and he gave us some juicy tidbits to gnaw on – but not about the doc’s new coif, sadly. What will this two-hour episode represent, time-wise, for the show?
David Shore: This episode will represent his several months in the institution.

TVG: Are Cameron and Chase coming back to their old jobs?
David Shore: They will be back in their old jobs, in a sense. We didn’t really want that to get that information out, but it is out there. After the House two-hour episode, we needed to give other people responsibilities, and we shook the team up a bit, and are having a little bit of fun with it. We’re bringing them up front and centre for a little bit, for a few episodes certainly. And we’re enjoying [what we’re doing with their characters] so far.

TVG: Is Foreman taking over the day-to-day running of the team?
DS: In a way, yes. As with anything, though, we try to make it more complicated than that, but yeah.

TVG: Will there be friction between Foreman and Thirteen [Olivia Wilde]? Will they break up?
DS: I think you’re safe to assume that. You can’t have friction without having ramifications.

TVG: How will this affect House’s relationship with Cuddy? I’m assuming there will have to be some sort of confrontation between the two. Will you be addressing that?
DS: Yes, we are. There is some stuff online that says that House and Cuddy’s relationship will go on the back burner, and I think that’s an oversimplification.

Primarily, what we’re trying to do at the beginning of this year is House’s search for change, and whether he can or wants to change. It’s fundamentally the same character, but he’s also just trying to make his life just a little bit better. And trying to take the high road.

Having him just coming out of an institution, we didn’t want to throw him into a relationship initially. We want to deal with his mental health a little bit. House is trying to be a more mature person. And failing more often than not.

TVG: Will House try not to take Wilson for granted so much?
DS: Again, he’s going to try to. [Laughs.]

TVG: Will Amber [Anne Dudek] be back?
DS: No.


So,wait,does this mean House might end up in a relationship with Cuddy later on? OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,kill me now !

DISCL : pics are not mine, I just found them,they belong to Fox and whoever took them ! I’m poor !

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