Heroes and Supernatural promos

26 Aug

House might very well just have only 2 or 3 good episodes this season,before the soap opera starts again ,but at least Supernatural and Heroes promise me some fun times. Here are the largest promos I could find .

1.Heroes – I am so happy they brought Robert Knepper because that guy was the only good thing about Prison Breaks for 2 seasons, I hope they don’t kill Danko but I guess that will be happening *cries* . I’m curious about HRG,he’s my favorite (duuuuuuuuuuuh),I hope nothing permanent happens to him and I’m curious to see what is the deal with Tracey . The best part is of course the Sylar/Nathan storyline ,that is bound to be awesome,they’re both great and Angela is right in the middle of it so yeeey,badass. WTF is it with Claire kissing girls? Is she bi-curious now all of a sudden? Really? For the fanboys? Kring and NBC are that desperate? Oh well,I can at least make fun. It seems Sylar will be in Parkman’s mind now too,that’s also very cool
Ok,here’s the extended preview

2.Supernatural – Misha Collins is,as we’ve all known for a while, a regular so it’s obviously going to be great ! Supernatural is one of the few shows that actually got better with age,it evolved,it got funnier,more daring ,the dialogue got better and they introduced some cool characters (Castiel and I liked Bella but they just had to kill her ). I’m very curious about the whole Lucifer thing . I think the only thing that could make it even better is if JDM came back for an episode or 2 LOL.

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