Compulsory vacation related post + pretty pics

03 Aug

I am back from my 9 day trip to Austria :(( !
Came back today,the 3rd of August,a hot,terribly hot Monday ,after an almost 20 hour train journey from Vienna to Bucharest . BTW,the trains in Romania are the Captain Slow’s of trains,they run like snails on drugs cause our rails suck ,it’s wonderful !
Amazingly the trip from Bucharest to Vienna didn’t last longer than scheduled ,the train wasn’t late at all so we were able to take the train we wanted to Salzburg ……….except we didn’t,not both of us anyway. See,we got on the train,a Railjet going to Salzburg on its way to Munich,and the stupid woman at the ticket counter said we don’t need a seat reservation but the train was full so we decided to get off and take the next one,scheduled to depart in 20 minutes. I got off and wanted to take the big luggage from my mom but the fucking door closed and the train left which was ……….. less than wonderful. Luckily,I had given mom the ticket from the bag,only her ticket so we both had tickets and I could take the next train and hope she doesn’t do something stupid and get off the crowded train before Salzburg cause I had the phone,she had the money,I had no money and she didn’t have my phone nr. Three stressful hours later I got to Salzburg and my mom was waiting for me there. We then took the 150 bus to Strobl and then the 2560 bus to St Wolfgang ,our final destination ,where we arrived around 16:30 after one full day on the road.
The week spent in St Wolfgang was very nice. The weather was mostly good,2 cloudy,a bit rainy days but the rest very beautiful ,so we visited the area ,visited Salzburg, took the train to Hallstatt ,hiked down the mountain,walked around the lake,rented electrical small boats and chilled on the lake,ate lots of schnitzels and cakes,drank rivers of beer. We had one bad day when my mood and my mothers personality clashed and we fought over my general unhappiness and uselessness but other than that it was good. The last 2 days we spent in Vienna where I had to spend one full day shopping with my mom,I hate shopping,I hate it sooooooooooooo much and it was so hot . I also spent half an hour contemplating in Stephansdom,like I always do,this time it was a sad contemplation and God didn’t answer but I wasn’t expecting it.
Still depressed ,sadly ,it’s not gonna’ change so no point in whining here too.

And now,the moment you’ve all been waiting for ,pictures. Most are from St Wolfgang,from Schafberg mountain,a couple are the view we had from the hotel,some from Hallstatt,St Gilgen,Salzburg

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