It’s that time of the year again…..the time when I’m off on a trip

22 Jul

I’ll be going away to Austria for 10 days starting tomorrow,the 23rd of July. We’ll be staying in a little place called St Wolfgang in Salzkammergut for 7 days and then we’ll end our trip with a couple of days in Vienna . I like traveling by train but I’m not too happy about spending 16 hours on a train with nothing to do so I’m not looking forward to that part of the journey especially considering my emotional state,too many hours during which my mind will be free to obsess over what troubles me (and the journey back will take even longer) . At least most of the journey will be during the night and since we’re talking the sleeping train I hope I’ll be able to sleep for a few hours.Of course,from Vienna we’ll take another train to Salzburg and then a bus to Strobl and another bus to the neighboring St Wolfgang .
In case anyone is wondering……..yes,I’m excited about going but at the same time I’m not excited in general right now so these two “conditions” cancel eachother out but that’s what happens when what you want is what you need and you can’t always get what you want. I’m gonna’ try to have fun though and I hope the weather will be good so we can walk around and see stuff, go for a swim ,etc.
In case something new shows up in the Hughverse we all love ,I’ll post it when I’m back along with ,hopefully,pretty pics of pretty places.
Wish me luck !

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