First Promo for House Season 6 + Emmy nominations

17 Jul

Well,here we have the first promo for the next season of House MD. I think the show jumped the shark but this promo looks interesting. Personally I believe this seasons premiere is going to either be very awesome or just good (depending on how they manage to properly show House’s “adventures” in the asylum without making it look rushed or dull) . I base my belief not necessarily on the promo but on the fact that they need to get some viewers back and stop the fall in ratings so they’re going to try and lure people in by concentrating more on House and his general problems instead of the Huddy/14/Chameron crap that got very old about 93289452 years ago. But I also think that KJ and LE will make sure the soap-opera continues .
Oh and Lisa,hun,try being less obnoxious when you talk about Hugh or House or when you’re around him because you’re a 40+ year old woman who just looks desperate over a married man who happens to be your friend.
Also,Hugh should lose some weight,he looks a little puffy around the waist and it’s a shame to lose such a great built

Hugh got his usual Emmy nomination and I hope he wins but the show also got a nom and I hope it doesn’t win,don’t need to add more fuel to the crazy fire going on in the creativity department right now.

Also, I want Tina Fey,30 Rock and Alec Baldwin to win again and again and again and again ’cause they rule.


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3 responses to “First Promo for House Season 6 + Emmy nominations

  1. Lori

    22/07/2009 at 5:55 PM

    By God, how come there’s another Hugh Laurie/House overly obsessed person in Romania and I don’t know about it? Your blog is a blessing, next to the fact that I can now know for sure that I’m not alone here 🙂

    PS: I ship House/Cuddy and House/Stacy but I get along with H/Cam shippers too 🙂 Don’t hit me, pwease *puppyface*.

    Lori xx

    • ada22

      22/07/2009 at 8:49 PM

      mai sunt si alti fani in Romania,stiu si eu destui dar e intotdeauna bine sa descoperi oameni noi . Ma bucur ca-ti place blogul meu desi avand in vedere ca-ti place Huddy nu prea vad de ce ti-ar placea . Atata timp cat nu vorbim de ships e bine,otherwise I might bite,I am very frustrated

  2. Tb or not TB

    26/07/2009 at 5:49 AM

    You read my mind… in everything. Huddy/14/Chameron stuf, lost of audience, KJ and LE soup opera,
    Lisa (for shame, she keep her mouth close) and Hugh’s weight… when I saw the promo I through he is a little bit fat…(I’m starting to think this is the huddy effect on the character)
    Well I hope he win the emmy, because the work he has done is past years, but the series, NO WAY!!!


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