Hugh Laurie at LAX

30 May

Hugh was spotted at LAX a couple of days ago(I hope he’s in the US to join fellow Band From TV members to an award ceremony on the 31st of May where they’ll be getting some award for their charity work) sporting a BIG beard. Now,this better be for House and it better not last,I want the scruff back. See,scruff = perfection , huge homeless beard = hobo look . Hey,the man still is sexy as Hell but that new ecosystem growing on his face,that hairy monster,the living organism or whatever you might call it is eating his face . I do love his outfit though and gosh he’s so tall and sexy !

I don’t understand why ,if it’s for House and I can’t imagine it not being for House(I’m almost 100% certain he wouldn’t let his beautiful beard grow so much for pleasure), they must use this cliche all the time in movies and tv series. I mean,almost every single time a man is going through a difficult time emotionally or physically,they show him grow a hobo beard the size of Europe. The last time that annoyed me was on Heroes when Nathan also had a giant hairy monster devouring his face. Seriously,I know House is in the nut house for a while but even if you can say he’s not allowed to handle sharp objects ,even if he’s supposed to be upset and depressed ,he’s still not suddenly in the stone age and this is a tv show,they changed canon to suit their Huddy needs,they do outrageous things that defy any logic and they can’t just keep his stubble nice and trimmed and sexy? Whatever,he better not have it at the Emmy’s and he better win this year (although I hope the show never gets nominated for anything again,DS and KJ must learn a lesson).

hugh at lax

hugh at lax

Discl : pics not mine,got them from HERE

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