House season finale is over and done with,thank God

12 May

Well,the last episode would have had an interesting idea but it was of course done in soap-opera style. As heartbreaking as House’s pure struggle with his mental health was ,nothing could erase the pathetic parts.

I was already immensely depressed……… I’m even more. In fact I’m thinking of closing this blog or completely changing its format because the people at FOX and House,Hugh himself,don’t give a shit about the fans(not unless you’re a Huddy of course) and they should because we are the ones who ultimately make your show a fucking success.I’m so disappointed !

First of all,to all the Huddy fans who might be reading this : you should not be idiots and complain because what you got was EXCELLENT . In fact it was the only intelligent,proper,respectful Huddy plot of the season. You might cry and moan that House and Cuddy didn’t fuck in real life but you’re missing the point . 1) hallucination or not you now have visuals to squee over and 2) House hallucinating gave it MEANING ,GOOD MEANING. It wasn’t just a one night stand,Cuddy didn’t take advantage of him or made a fool of herself by saying she’s been a fucking fangirl for 20 years(or did she?hmmm) and all this actually showed that House wanted her in his time of suffering,he wanted her and no pain,no bad effects of the detoxing . I’m a huge House/Cam,I think the Huddy is shit but if this single plot happened to my ship I’d be more than satisfied . Go party,you all won,FOX ,KJ and DS love you,you’re the chosen ones !

Now,my ship was killed ,administered the final cruel blows to the ship that WAS there since the BGINNING and there are interviews to prove it,by having House show feelings for Cuddy(hell,he was fucking happy about their night,he almost declared undying love to her probably due to his mental problems that stopped him from keeping all of his defense mechanisms in place) and by having Cameron marry Chase .They could have at least given us some sex too,some development,more than one kiss in a meaningless scene that was quickly forgotten.Yes,have it fail in the end,they all fail in the end but give us something for crying out loud,don’t kill it and pretend it never existed,have some decency,some respect for these poor people in fandom who buy your products and who help the show become popular.

Oh,Cameron marrying Chase is even more stupid than the Huddy. Ok,I get they want to be together but MARRY? COME ON !!! You mean all those amazing writers couldn’t find one intelligent way to restore their screentime? Is this all the show is about ? Relationships? Romance? Fuck this shit,I want my procedural drama back,I want the phylosophical stuff back,I want more than who wants to bang who,I want real drama ! They fucking ruined both Chase and Cameron. Chase was pretty much ruined when he became the silly love sick puppy running after Cameron but Cameron was doing so well,she is the only one apart from Wilson,who interacts with House in a friendly/deep way,she gets him,he respects her and everything even if it’s all platonic,she’s snarky and sarcastic,she’s tougher,she grew but now they throw the sperm shit at us and have her marry Chase……..PATHETIC.


I’m sorry for House and Hugh Laurie. If it weren’t for the soap-opera House’s drama over losing Amber,Kutner,his father,feeling increased pain and all the shit he’s been through,would have been amazing to watch and Hugh manages to show so much emotion through one single look,it’s heart-breaking to look at him in some scenes but the soap-opera ruins everything.

For me this show no longer exists ! This is where I abandon it . I’m doing that not only because they killed my ship for good this past 3 episodes but also because this show is not what it was. Unless you’re a blind Huddy who thinks this season was the best thing since chocolate , it’s obvious that they changed the formula. The worst part is that they tried to change it by also keeping it.Yes,it makes no sense and it’s why it failed. I don’t remember most patients of this season although this was a procedural show (were there actual POTW’s in the past 3 episodes?),I only remember Zelijko Ivanek’s character ,Mos Def’s character and Meat Loaf which is sad. Most of the season was a soap opera(and if it was Cameron instead of Cuddy I’d say the same thing,in fact,I have some Cameron bashing as well).They tried to show that House has feelings for Cuddy and has been having  them since season 1(which he didn’t,which they didn’t)so they used the only thing that was always present between them and had some sexual connection to it : the sexual harassment. Of course,they couldn’t have House suddenly change the way he treated her so they just came up with the notion that this is how House acts around women he likes (yeah,right,I must have missed it with Stacy,Cameron ,that woman from the Pole).The Huddy was not only illogical and appeared out of the blue but it was badly written and the writers didn’t manage to convey their view of their relationship in the proper way(except for the Huddies who are desperate and fall on their asses whenever he mocks her and whenever she succumbs to him and lets him wipe the floor with her).


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11 responses to “House season finale is over and done with,thank God

  1. Jack

    12/05/2009 at 5:52 PM

    Someone needs to calm down and remember that this is a television program. As the philosopher Jagger once said “You can’t always get what you want”. The season finale marked episode 110, they can’t all please you. Relax, watch some “House” re-runs and maybe you can get to season 6 without the world ending.

    • ada22

      12/05/2009 at 5:57 PM

      if you’re a Huddy all is good but for me this was insulting,everything was insulting. They killed the ship and turned the show into something I don’t like. Excuse me for being passionate.

  2. Stella

    13/05/2009 at 5:03 PM

    I think you are over reacting, seriously, I mean, I understand how you might not like the Huddy part, but the whole “soap-opera” thing I don’t understand.
    I’m sorry but honestly, I bet you would not be as angry or “passionate” like you call it if your ship hadn’t been killed.
    Like Jack said relax and watch some re-runs, that’s what I did.

    • ada22

      13/05/2009 at 5:05 PM

      90% of those who aren’t Huddy say it’s all a soap-opera and by that I don’t just mean the huddy,I mean everything including Chase/Cam,13/Foreman,sperm plots and silly mockery…everything

  3. Lauren

    16/05/2009 at 8:44 PM

    Wow. I really think you are overreacting about this, just a tad. I see that you’re angry, but saying fuck every other two words isn’t going to get them to change anything for you 🙂
    Watch some re-runs. settle down. season 6 is right around the corner…

  4. Bec

    17/05/2009 at 9:47 AM

    I agree about the over-reacting. And for someone who thinks the relationships are stupid, you’re certainly invested in them…
    Why don’t you try to look at the episode another way. I thought it was brilliant (and I’m a Hameron shipper at heart) – it was the most character and plot development I’ve seen so far, without detracting from the procedural/formulaic element that makes the show brilliant

  5. Tb or not TB

    18/05/2009 at 10:59 PM

    You know what.
    I’m totally agree with You.
    I don’t care how passionate you are. Actually I love it.

    I’m agree with you 100%. With the hddy soup opera. Cameron and Chase wedding. It was really stupid thing to do. And the story of the sperm was lame.

    I don’t believe that House is in love with Cuddy… or her with him. I hope the huddy is over. And Cameron and Chase have all the trouble in the world. But most at all, I want is my show back.

    I really love to read you. We are many more than we think like you.

  6. Emma

    10/06/2009 at 10:21 PM

    FINALLY! someone unafraid to actually tell it like it is – i applaud you. Everything you said there was true.

    This once-great show has been ruined by pointless and superficial plots and couples that have absolutely no chemistry (Huddy, Chameron, Foreteen) and guess what? HOUSE IS LOSING VIEWERS FAST.

    How can the writers not see what a mess they’ve made? House was once their top drama – it’s gone from 19.5 million to 12 million. 7.5 MILLION PEOPLE STOPPED WATCHING THIS SHOW.

    I agree with you too in that i think the reason people liked House/Cameron was because their relationship was not thrown at you – it was there in the sexually charged scenes and eye-sex and little touches. It was there, but it was believable and we loved it.

    the writers had better realize that actually viewers don’t like what they’re seeing. or this show is gonna tank.

    • Tb or not TB

      18/06/2009 at 12:20 AM

      “This once-great show has been ruined by pointless and superficial plots and couples that have absolutely no chemistry (Huddy, Chameron, Foreteen) and guess what? HOUSE IS LOSING VIEWERS FAST.”

      I could not say it better.

      WHY WHY DS and KJ are doing this? Somethimes I hope House lose viwers really really fast.

  7. Andrea

    10/09/2009 at 5:35 AM

    Some very strong emotions going on here. Anyways I’m not a huddy, Hameron, Chameron and I despise fourteen.

    But I agree on the the “huddy fans shouldn’t be pissed on the hallucination part” Because I think theyre actually lucky that they got a chance to see that even if it’s only hallucination. I bet the other ships listed above except fourteen (because they got way to much exposure that it’s creepy) would kill for that scene. e.g. Hilson fans (yep I just said it!)

    My hopless wish is to bring back the old times where it’s all about the case and shit like that and not focus on the ships that much I believe they have greys anatomy for that and I think that show got that ship thingy uber covered for that. And I almost forgot I’m alsao hoplessy hoping they bring back season 1 Cuddy the one who has the balls and backbone anyways I doubt that would happen

    and now the six season is just around the corner. With House in the looney bin I’m exited to watch it this would be interesting.

  8. Louise

    25/10/2009 at 6:02 AM

    I love this! You are so passionate, and your words
    are so heartfelt! I completely agree with you. This show started as a medical show, NOT a soap opera. They did give us intriguing glances at the characters’ past, but that wasn’t the point of the show.

    Now it’s all sex and relationships. They totally assassinated both Cuddy and Cameron’s characters; they turned Cuddy from a strong, intelligent hospital director to a lovesick victim of emotional abuse. Cameron went from being tenderhearted and honest to chasing Chase all over the hospital.

    And does EVERY woman on the show have to fall in love with House? Get real, people! THis is just David Shore’s midlife crisis fantasy. There is no way in the real world all these women would fall for a drug-addicted jerk like House. Wilson, I can see that happening. Or Chase. But NOT House.

    No disparagement of Hugh Laurie intended, of course. He seems like a very intelligent, modest man. But the character of House is not someone anyone should be interested in romantically.


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