House MD DOESN’T HAVE ONLY HUDDY FANS ! Stop insulting us !

01 May

Fox made a promo for the next episode of House and it’s all Huddy,dedicated to the Huddy fans(yes,it’s actually dedicated) and the fucking sex coming up .





PS – Hugh,I’m disappointed in you !


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15 responses to “House MD DOESN’T HAVE ONLY HUDDY FANS ! Stop insulting us !

  1. Welcome to my House

    03/05/2009 at 3:11 PM

    THANK YOU!!!!
    True dat, true dat, true dat.

    Hugh Laurie ROX!!!!!!

  2. HouseCameron4ever

    05/05/2009 at 8:19 AM

    You’re completely right!!

    Just your PS is weird, how can Hugh possibly have any influence on the storyline?

  3. Jack

    12/05/2009 at 5:54 PM

    “Just your PS is weird, how can Hugh possibly have any influence on the storyline?”

    Exactly. If you have any problems with the show’s direction then your problem is with the writers and directors. The actors are just happy to be on a highly publicized program.

  4. norhu

    14/05/2009 at 7:00 PM

    So you don´t want House MD to become a soap opera with the Huddy relationship but you want it to become a soap opera with the Hameron one. Hahahhaah, sorry but it doesn´t make sense.

    I understand if you don´t like ships but changing one girl for another doesn´t make the show different. Oh yes, House in love with Cuddy is a soap opera but House with Cameron is made for win, maybe the show can get an Oscar.

    C´mon, you can´t always get what you want

    • ada22

      14/05/2009 at 7:04 PM

      in fact I want the Hameron but not in the same way and so present as the Huddy. I want it back as it was,in between the actual action and purpose of the show

  5. Tb or not TB

    18/05/2009 at 11:07 PM

    Is to late to say something?

    But I love, love the video…

    I hate Huddy… with all my heart, and I’m a hameron fan, but for nothing in the world i’ll want my shipper were treat like the huddy has been.

    Cameron and House are great together… and working together are even more great.

    The thing have to change… but is not, the show will die.

  6. beth

    07/07/2009 at 9:39 AM

    Hameron??? Who remember that? Oh yes, a few bitter ones. Don´t worry, you can keep crying forever and bashing Lisa E, KJ and DS…you´re not gonna get what you want. Maybe Huddy won´t happen but Hameron is dead.

    • ally

      04/08/2009 at 11:56 AM

      Beth, there are tons of Hameron fans out there, just so you know, so stop calling everyone who doesn’t like your precious Huddy crap bitter. There is enough evidence that show we still outnumber you by far (and not your manipulated little polls that’s something for gullible idiots), like it or not ;P Our ship is far from being dead, DS himself said not too long ago that ANYTHING can happen, that it’s all open. Now stop bashing Hameron fans and shut up.

  7. FéFé'y

    11/09/2009 at 2:22 PM

    I’m french x) J’adore ton site !! il est trop biien

  8. Louise

    19/11/2009 at 4:24 AM

    Bravo! I stopped watching this show when the whole Huddy thing started. It’s absolutely ridiculous; David Jacobs meant House and Cameron to be together. Then Lisa E starts pushing herself forward at every opportunity, and sucking up to Katie J, and all of a sudden she’s his long lost love? I’m not buying it. She is too desperate and skinny; just what is it with her awful saggy boobs? They’re not even very large. She is just a whore and everyone knows it. That haggard face, pu-leeze. No man would want her when Jennifer Morrison is around.

    I’m still thinking Lisa E went after Hugh for real, and that’s why his poor wife and kids had to move over here. She is just a total bitch.

    Now they’re taking Jennifer Morrison off completely; what a waste! Yes, House MD is dead; long live House MD.

  9. Rose

    19/05/2010 at 6:55 AM

    Okay, so I think that I’m the one who’s going to sound horrible but I have to purge.

    I hate Cuddy. And that’s the main reason I hate Huddy. I don’t hate the idea of a relationship between Cuddy and House because I’d prefer one with Cameron and House, it’s because I truly cannot stand Lisa Cuddy. Her character sickens me.

    No one I’ve ever met agrees with me. My dear mother, who still watches the show with me every week, thinks Huddy is adorable and just meant to be. I feel like crying. Honestly. I guess it’s kind of pathetic to admit how much I love this show, but it has practically destroyed me to see it sink these past few seasons.

    I think it was the fourth season when everything began crashing down. The loss of the old ducklings was pretty hard to take, and I never really liked the new ones as much as I had liked Foreman, Chase, and of course Cameron. Thirteen annoyed me, and some plots were so completely Grey’s Anatomy that I almost stopped watching.

    Anyway, back the the issue at hand: relationships. When I first began watching the show, all I could think was House and Cameron were the perfect match, in that they were the imperfect match. They could never be together – they would destroy each other – but they couldn’t be apart either, because deep down what they had was magnetic. And even though Huddy seems to dominate the relationship floor, Hameron fans would sometimes receive precious moments between the two of them (ex: Informed Consent, Wac-A-Mole). And, for me at least, those moments were worth more than Cuddy’s desperate attempts to change House into the man he could never be.

    In my opinion, Cuddy has loved House for a long time. Possibly even while he was dating Stacy. She knows that he’s bad for her, that he’s not a good guy, that he’s an ass, but she can’t let go of her fantasy. So she dresses inappropriately and throws herself at him, hoping to catch his attention.

    But from the scenes I’ve seen, and the dialogue between them, all that House feels for Cuddy is sexual attraction, enhanced by her lack of dignity when it comes to her clothing. He thinks she’s attractive, and would have sex with her if given the chance, but for him, that’s all there is. That’s how I feel, and I have seen every episode more than once, more than twice even.

    To me, also, Cuddy’s intelligence would be a major part of the equation. House could never love anyone who wasn’t even close to his intellectual level. And from what I’ve seen, Cuddy is an idiot. Really. It pains me whenever she joins the diverential, offering up one idea like it’s worth millions (ex: Let Them Eat Cake, S5 – “In the cold. Cold air hits the lungs, sets off an attack! Exercise induced asthma!”) It was embarrassing to watch how pleased she was with herself, one silly contribution that in the end was completely irrelevant.

    Cameron seemed like the only one who could spar with House about the medicine (ex: No Reason). It was always clear that he felt a deep respect for her, possibly deeper than the bonds he felt with Foreman and Chase.

    The problem with the way the show is now is that we have a bunch of self-loathing mini-Houses – Foreman and Taub and Thirteen – so depressing! With Cameron at least someone was there to argue with House about the ethics of the case, to fight him when she thought he was pushing it to far. She was different, and the show needed that.

    A few more rants to go through – 1: House’s Hallucinations. Did it ever seem strange to any of you that when House was taking less Vicodin (and thus in a clearer mental state) he was interested in Cameron? And it was toward the end seasons that a drugged up, confused House felt as though he were “in love” with Cuddy. Another point is that House not only hallucinated Cuddy, but he hallucinated Cameron as well. Remember No Reason – the entire robot scene was ten times more intimate than Cuddy and House’s sex scene. It was meaningful, it was deep, it was complicated – just like the two of them.

    Okay, on to number 2: Chase. I never quite understood this. The Cameron we had met over the years would have never done what she did to Chase. She was thoughtful, considerate, not ignorant and selfish. I couldn’t believe the entire friends with benefits situation! It didn’t fit with her character, and seemed a forced storyline to push Cameron away from House. Cameron and Wilson seemed more realistic than Cameron and Chase.

    Number 3: Lucas and Rachel. Cuddy is now a mother of a beautiful little girl. She should realize that House is no good for her, that he cannot make her happy, that he cannot be father. Lucas can. He was there for her, for Rachel. Cuddy has picked the wrong time to be selfish.

    Number 4 – last one, I promise!: Vicodin. House without Vicodin is just not the same. His entire personality was built around his addiction, take it away and the structure crumbles – as it clearly has by Season 6. It pains me to see that the show is still stumbling on, that Fox has indeed renewed it for a 7th season.

    Alright, and in closing. I don’t know if anyone is actually reading this, but if anyone is – please respond. I’d love to hear your thoughts. In case you all were wondering, I am a Hameron fan, and the only one I know where I live. Everyone else thinks Huddy is wonderful, and could really last. I don’t. And if I have to analyze every single episode one by one, I’ll do it to prove that Huddy is completely out of character for House.

    Okay, so I’ve ranted and raved. You’ve heard pretty much everything from my hatred of Huddy to my dislike of Chameron to the fact that Thirteen annoys me immensely.

    Please, comment. I would love to hear what you have to say!

    • lupus

      19/05/2010 at 2:34 PM

      Well since english is not my mother lenguaje,(but I read very well, I think) I can’t give you the apropiate comment I would Like.

      But I’m agree with you. I hate Cuddy too, and is the mayor reason because I hate huddy. I think they are re-writen the entire show to make the huddy fit,(making a past for now explain the Cuddy’s love for House) and of course they are forget many details about House and other people around him, like Cameron.
      It’s sad, and I’m done with the show. If KJ wants to keep going with her huddy agenda, go head… just I hope millions just stop watching this charade. (the rating wasn’t bad, but I belive that maybe is the worse for a season finale, no one can defeat the robo sex, yey!!!)

      House is not the same, not since season 4, and with the last episode they just don’t realize how much this show has lost.

    • ada22

      19/05/2010 at 4:53 PM

      Hi there ! Let me know if you’re aware I responded to your comment cause otherwise I will mail u,u deserve it ! 😀
      First of all : Hi ! I think I love you and we should be friends,form a club,etc,etc,etc *waves*

      Finally someone who matches my comment length(oh,u should see the comments I make in other people’s posts sometimes,totally huge and I also can’t seem to be concise in my posts so..)

      I agree with you so much.
      First of all though I want to say that to me the first 3 seasons had no Huddy ,all those jokes and mock flirtation was just that ,mock flirtation,it was a sort of innocent game and it was House pushing Cuddy’s buttons.
      To me,all their interactions in the first 2 and a half seasons were platonic or ,as I said,mock flirtation like House does all the time. In fact I am 100% certain that at least in the first 2 seasons all the sexual comments House made were meant to push her buttons so he’d have the upper hand,it was more like little bro’ fighting with a dominating big sister. See,in my view,House used mocking,insults and snide remarks to in fact learn stuff about the people he was insulting/mocking ,teach them something ,gain upper hand or because something was wrong with him and he was being obnoxious. He ,again,in my view of the original House, found someone’s weak spot and used it against him/her to gain knowledge,teach a lesson,correct it or gain control. He hired Foreman,Chase and Cameron because they were promising doctors but there were other applicants who looked just as promising at first glance,professionally speaking and what sealed the deal were these weaknesses that House found because he thought that if they got to this point with those weaknesses then there was more to them than just being good doctors on paper ,it meant they might actually have a passion for medicine and the right ambition not to get money and fame but to succeed in this field and get better .House admires this because medicine is a passion for him,solving that puzzle is a passion. So,based on that and what he told Cameron and Foreman(which made it clearly obvious) I got that he used their weak spots,pushed those particular buttons to get things out of them and ultimately make them better. He always mocked Foreman about the hood ,about being black,about being a convict because that is his weakness but also the proof that he has what it takes cause he got out of that life when most don’t and he struggled with all the problems and the preconceived notions about people like him when he could have taken the easy route. He mocked Chase about being a rich boy,daddy’s boy because it was his weakness and yet he tried to do something on his own and came to the US and ultimately proved he had what it took. He mocked Cameron about her looks and wearing her heart on her sleeve and her husband cause those were her weaknesses that she overcame or had to overcome .He mocked Wilson’s personal life,his inability to stay faithful,wanting needy women,being way too polite because those were Wilson’s weaknesses. In the same way I think he used sexual references with Cuddy and made comments about her clothing and her being a woman because those were her weaknesses,being a woman in a male dominated field ,struggling to also keep her femininity and feel attractive although taking care of the hospital at her age and as a woman was taking up all her time. I don’t think it was more than that and,as I said, he used all that to get the upper hand or to gain insight ,even actually teach them something,help them toughen up . House has a big heart,he’s a caring person,he is a just person but the leg ,being abandoned by Stacy,his childhood and the pain made him rough on the surface,he ended up hiding his feelings from the world,defending himself,keeping people away either consciously or unconsciously and this mocking was his way of dealing ,his way of,in fact,acting on his desire to help ,to teach these people,to learn about them.
      Of course,the writers might have meant it differently and whatever they meant is the right way cause it’s their character but …the way I see it..

      The problem with the Huddy is that they reinvented canon,stuff from the past,rewritten them,changed their meaning. They also used the only thing that could,in a very retarded way,have some sort of hidden romantic meaning : the mockery, to convince us that House always had a thing for Cuddy and convince us that this is how House acts when he’s in love. It’s stupid really because House is socially inadequate,he can be abrasive and rude, he has a childish playfulness but he’s not a teenager,he’s a mature man and he has the maturity of grown up and they ruined it. House just acts like a teenage boy with a crush on an older girl and Cuddy acts the same,they are turned into 12 year old’s when the Huddy is turned on,it’s degrading,even more so for Cuddy as a female character.
      Cuddy was a decent character on her own,sorta’ separated from House and his team,she wasn’t even House’s actual buddy,they had some sort of friendship but it was more something due to mutual understanding built cause they knew eachother for a long time and it so happened their paths crossed at several points in life. It was great that way cause everyone else was under his influence,everyone else was ultimately tied to him directly,couldn’t work independently from him,he played off them .Once they started this annoying Huddy,Cuddy was simply transformed into House’s object of interest,an object not a person,she was defined by this and she lost all her credibility.
      I’m also really pissed cause these writers can’t write a decent woman (apart from Cameron when they didn’t throw the stupid friends with benefit shit our way or the sperm thing or her giving into Chase so fast). 13 is like the perfect woman for the horny intellectual bloke,smart,funny,bad ass,mysterious,bisexual,strong but damaged and in need of rescue, indifferent and cold but only on the outside cause on the inside she’s a big fluffy bunny and very ,very beautiful. Cuddy is a weak woman trying to act tough but awfully confused ,weak and needy on the inside and a woman who,it seems,had her womanhood and personal life butchered by trying to be a successful professional (so it’s also masochistic). Amber was great but they changed her to suit their needs,she was awesome as a hallucination though(maybe cause she was mainly a hallucination not a woman).
      Also,why can’t House just be friends with a woman? Why do all women have to have something for him? Sure,I think he’s hotter than Hell but even the hottest guy won’t have all women swooning for him,particularly when he acts like an ass.
      At the same time,another problem I see with Huddy is that it’s unrealistic for 2 people like House and Cuddy to fall in love after all this time and with their personalities. Basically ,at most,Cuddy could have a crush on House because he is what she isn’t ,because he can follow no rules but his own and get his way,because he has that freedom,because he saves people and practices medicine while she is stuck in an office having to not only respect rules but be a leader,enforce rules while not saving anyone and not practicing medicine.
      See,Cameron wore her weaknesses on her sleeve but on the inside there was a lot of strength that helped her fight with her insecurities and her emotional baggage and succeed in spite of them. Cuddy is the opposite,Cuddy is strong and calculated on the outside but in her personal life and in her inner life she’s a disaster,she’s damaged herself basically,she is just as needy as House. Cameron is strong enough to still care and still show that she cares ,let herself be vulnerable and hope even if she has been knocked over ,beat up by life in many different ways from an early age. Cameron has the strength ,has what it takes and is confident enough to actually want and have the patience to help and understand and care for someone difficult like House. Cuddy doesn’t. Cameron runs toward House when he’s down and at his worst while Cuddy takes a tentative look and runs away or runs to Wilson or loses control .Cameron played House’s mental games and he listened to her while Cuddy,right in that stupid next episode, failed at playing any mental game and settled for pranks that are not funny or fun to watch but in fact disrespectful and mean because House is in so much pain and yet she makes him take the stairs,puts tripwire for him to fall or,as she did in recent episodes,sends him on a good long drive to nowhere and plays with his feelings too in the process (very beneficial for his leg especially while off Vicodin). She also doesn’t have the strength to tell it to his face,to tell him exactly what she wants or doesn’t want (which Cameron did even way back when she was still a little naive).
      I don’t know how someone like House could like someone like Cuddy in real life when ,to me, House needs exactly what Cuddy needs and they both can’t give that right now ,they need comfort and stability,they need someone who can be a sort of emotional pillar,safe,strong,not confused,patient. House likes Wilson as a friend and trusts him precisely because of that. Cameron fit the bill perfectly, especially the Cameron of seasons 4-6 and she could banter with him and it was fun for her as it is for Wilson, House would feel compelled to open up to someone like her, all the other women he liked were more or less like that.

      The Chameron is so cliche and pathetic I can’t even…..

      I think it’s ok to have House off Vicodin and start showing his struggle to get some of his normal life back as the show gets in its final seasons but they should have stayed true to the formula they had and kept the canon and the characters as they were. Now it’s just a soap opera.

      Also,I don’t see chemistry between House and Cuddy. I am a HCam fan and this is my only ship in fact and I ship it because ,the very first time I watched House, I was struck by what I saw as intense chemistry between these 2 characters,the actors ultimately. Even at events,when they’re off set, Hugh Laurie has amazing chemistry with Jennifer Morrison. I’m not implying anything at all ,just saying some people have chemistry. I don’t see that chemistry between him and LE at all. As a Hcam ,to prove I am not totally biased, I thought that Hugh had great chemistry with Anne Dudek too(Amber),their scenes were very powerful ,they had something potent,electrifying and that hallucination before Amber died,OMG that was probably the hottest scene on this show. Hell,I think he has more chemistry with that actress playing Sam(another pod person woman character with less personality than a rock)than he does with LE.

      Oh and when u say u hate Cuddy with a passion…….well,I hate LE with the same passion . I’m a big Hugh fan and so I follow stuff so I’ve seen pics and vids from various events where various cast members were present and that woman is always acting like a possessive bitch in heat around Hugh. I’m a touchy feely person, I have no problem with friendly touching,hugging,etc but the way she does it,to me is totally sending off bad,bad vibes,like she’s a hunter clutching to her prey and she looks desperate and over the top sometimes . I also hate that whenever she’s asked about Hugh or House,especially last year,she had to use sexual references or praise Hugh’s hotness and how much she likes /wants to make out with him. She made a really obnoxious comment in one interview when they were asking about the sex coming up and how she gets ready for filming such a scene and she actually started going something like she’ll shave everything even if it’s not necessary cause if Hugh wants to see it she’ll show him,something to that effect and she doesn’t even manage to make it come out as a joke. There was this thing where they got her and hugh in some photobooth(I think E has that photo booth thing) and they were supposed to goof around and Hugh just sat on a chair making faces and she all of a sudden was leaning over him and she bit his ear and he was clearly shocked. I mean,u know that the man is shy and it’s hard for him to have to do all these press/promotion stuff and u still act like a tramp,at least have some decency.
      It worries me that she might have something to do with his lack of wedding ring. I hope not but with her aggressiveness…I don’t know,I’d be disappointed in him honestly.

      • lupus

        20/05/2010 at 3:09 AM

        “Hi ! I think I love you and we should be friends,form a club,etc,etc,etc *waves*”
        Same here.

        Well actually I see the things exactly the way you do, but that was the older House, the true one.

        And about LE, what can I say…I HATE HER TOO and sometimes with more passion than I hate huddy-Cuddy.

  10. Rose

    20/05/2010 at 8:50 PM

    Hi Ada – just in response to your much appreciated comment – I think I may just love you too! I really cried a sigh of relief after finding this post – it’s always incredible to find another HCam fan, as where I live they seem few and far between.

    I just wanted to say that I am really interested in starting my own blog, and I was wondering if you had any suggestions as to how to get started. I’d really appreciate them as after reading your response I can tell that you and I could be really great friends! I’m sorry if this sounds creepishly stalkerish, but I’d love someone to discuss House with. Who knows, we might have other shared interests as well.

    Maybe we could share email addresses? I’d really like to get to know you – being friends, forming a club – I’m all for that!

    My name is Rose, by the way. And it is very nice to meet you!


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