Updates : a bit of Monsters vs Aliens,the Parade Magazine photoshot,bits of Heroes,Lost,House,life,etc

16 Apr

It’s been a while since my last confesion post ………..again ! In case someone is actually following this little blog that could(well,I don’t know if that’s right but still…) ,I appologize for not updating. Well,I’m still the hugests (yes,I said hugest,I know it’s not entirely correct,shut up !)Hugh fan out there (ok,I know a couple more persons who are entitled to that title and they’re welcomed to stand on the pedestal with me) but lately,due to life and House,I’ve been depressed,really depressed  and just couldn’t bring myself to post.

In case you’re wondering,life sucks (you wouldn’t think it sucks looking at it from the outside but I find it sucky) . I am yet to finish(or even coughstartcough) my diploma paper and I have one month left ,only one fucking month left. I hate this university,I hate IT . Of course,I couldn’t go study something I liked so now I am in this diploma paper shit because I just 1.can’t bring myself to start it (that’s how bad I hate it) and 2.I suck at economy,SUCK ! So,I’m not doing anything productive but I am stressing and freaking out over it like only I know,it’s an art. In the past 2-3 months I’ve had one panic attack and several anxiety attacks which has never ever happened to me.Yes,I’m a tad(maybe more than a tad) depressive but attacks of any kind……I never had . On top of that,for about a month,I can’t sleep properly and am looking forward to absolutely nothing so I have no pick me up.

In all of this even my favorite tv show and the only ship I ever,ever supported DIES A HORRIBLE DEATH,A SLOW HORRIBLE DEATH . This latest episode was the cherry on top.What was advertised as possible House/Cam inclined(you kn0w,to give us something before the dreaded Huddy sex,make us realize it’s not DEAD)was in fact just a whole bunch of crap where Cuddy reached new heights of pathetic (if she was your Dean of Medicine ,dressed and acted the way she does,asked her employees if “x” is in love with doctor “x” because she’s afraid of competition,would you respect or trust her? ) and the writers probably tried to shove it in our faces that House/Cam is no longer a ship ,just a friendship (we wouldn’t want something threatening the Huddy). And now David Shore and Katie Jacobs feel like reassuring the Huddies saying that “there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for them” and they “don’t want to disappoint the fans” ! Oh for the love of God,are they the only fans you care about? That’s just so low ! How about the others? Don’t we deserve a night of passion?Some development after 3 fucking seasons? But ok,you go on with your fucking soap-opera shit ! At least when the House/Cam was canon it didn’t have to take over each and every episode and be shoved in our faces ,it was natural and House MD was the good procedural,funny,philosophical show we all loved.

NEWSFLASH : almost all neutral old viewers,Hilsons,House/Camerons,pretty much everyone who isn’t a Huddy or very new viewer, HATES THIS SHIT! I’m sorry for Hugh but I wish this show ended and it’s his fault also if he likes this or just doesn’t react. Maybe he likes fondling LE and her jumping him at every ocassion .

HEROES : Heroes season 3 was better than season 2 and the last couple of episodes were better than everything since season 1. I think you can notice a change,probably due to Fuller coming back.It got more interesting , a little more on the drama side and the character driven stories than the “OMG powers” side and I love it !I love Angela,I kinda’ like Danko(how can you not like Ivanek?) ,HRG and Angela working together is love , Peter is slowly starting to stop whining so much,he was getting a bit too emo ,Nathan is the guy you love to hate to love and poor baby is really so confused about everything but his creepy interactions with Peter,Momo is pretty and angsty again(well,he never stopped being angsty),Matt is…….Matt and I love him for that,Sylar will forever be exciting. I’m glad we got to see Micah again and I hope we’ll see more of him next season 2 ! One complaint : GOD CLAIRE(Hayden),PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT AWFUL HAIR(wig),YOU LOOK DUMB .

LOST : I’m loving Lost this season and I’m happy this season managed to stay good and interesting because I was quite worried this show was slowly becoming boring back in season 3.I love the time travel thing ,I love the whole “we’re living happily in Dharma land” ,it feels like we’re finally moving forward. Ben is amazing as always although I could not take him seriously in the Ben-centric episode when he had that wig…..OMG it was from the same store as Claire’s or something. I’m no shipper of anyone but I kinda’ like Sawyer with Juliet because I love Juliet and it just looks right. We need to see more Desmond ,he’s awesome and more Locke,as much Locke as possible. I just wish they’d kill Jack because he’s just so annoying and whiny and annoying. At least he no longer has that awful caveman beard while crying his eyes out and taking stupid pills !

30 ROCK : I love you Tina Fey,yes,yes I DO ! The new episodes after Christmas were wonderful(I think all minus maybe 1) and I loved Jon Hamm .I don’t watch Mad Men but that guy is just so pretty and there’s something genuinely nice about him. I love how this show seems to have its own type of humor in a way. I mean,not everyone finds it funny but if you do you think it’s absolutely hilarious ,stupid and smart all at the same time. I was a little annoyed at the extreme product placement in a few episodes but it’s alright . I wish Tina Fey and Hugh Laurie did something together !

Supernatural : I love it,this season is great ! I think this is pretty much the only show that managed to have a stronger 4th seasons than its first and second ones. I think a big reasons for why I think the show is better now is the humor.I mean,in the first couple of seasons it was a little too melodramatic with almost no comic relief which was a shame especially since Dean/Jensen Ackles is perfect at comedy,smart,witty ,snarky stuff. I’m also loving Castiel,he’s a great adition . I’m a little sad the original actress playing Ruby is not around anymore and I wish Bella was still around,I liked her.

MONSTER VS ALIENS : I saw the movie last week and I loved it . It’s not the BEST animated comedy ever but it’s very nicely done,interesting,funny ,well acted . I especially liked the references to different stuff like Independence Day,An Inconvenient Truth,etc. Hugh as that cockroach was awesome,he’s great at comedy and his voice is so beautiful .It’s definitely worth your time so go see it (of course,I might be biased since I love Hugh and animated comedies in general)

If you got this far here’s the Parade Magazine photoshot pics that you all probably know. I wanted to post them earlier but kept hoping they’d appear in a  bigger resolution (sadly,nothing so far)


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2 responses to “Updates : a bit of Monsters vs Aliens,the Parade Magazine photoshot,bits of Heroes,Lost,House,life,etc

  1. Laura Jo (aka Hughville)

    18/04/2009 at 4:16 AM

    Check your email, Ada. 😉 If you haven’t already. There you may find something that makes you feel a tiny bit better. Or not. Maybe I’m making things worse. *shrugs* I hope not.

  2. Tb or not TB

    20/04/2009 at 3:21 PM

    Well, I’ve been reading you for a while.

    What can I say? That you haven’t tell already.

    And now as you say, the cherry on top, was the last episode.

    I haven’t watch it, and I don’t want to do it.
    I already know wath is about… Cameron in love with Chase… must be a joke.

    But is David Shore’s show and he can do whatever he wants… and people and views can watch whatever they want… and I’m pretty sure that House is off the list… at least for me… with the last episode I jump the shark.

    I really love HL, but this is to much for me.
    Now LE can be happy, HL is just for her.

    PS: sorry for my english.


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