House MD season 5 episode 21 “Saviors” promo pics

27 Mar

OMG it’s Cameron !!! OMG it’s actually her ! OMG I think I’m hallucinating because this can’t be real,TPTB hate Cameron and House/Cam so it must be I’m imagining stuff.Of course this might just be another episode that’s going to make us believe she’s finally getting more screentime only to have 2 episodes with no Cameron in them. Or it could be that she only appears in 3 small scenes and they just took pics of that . Probably they’re going to give us some Cameron to keep the non-Huddy viewers from leaving since the Huddy sex is coming(maybe that’s why she’s in the episode,because the Huddy happens in episode 20 or 22 or maybe even that one).

Fuck it,I no longer have any faith in these people,they screwed up big time and it ain’t getting better,not with the power-play and the playing favorites that goes on.

Look at the pure chemistry between House and Cameron…it’s so painful to watch it knowing that TPTB DECIDED TO BE UNFAIR AND NOT EVEN GIVE H/CAM A GOOD LITTLE ARC,SOME LOVIN’ LIKE OTHER PEOPLE ON OTHER SHOWS DO !

Ah,whatever,it’s Cameron in an episode,thank God.

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