I’m back …. sort of + Monsters vs Aliens

18 Mar

It’s been a month since my last confession post and I decided to finally write something new. I wasn’t away or busy or anything but with House sucking and my depression controlling my emotional state (even my online emotional state) I didn’t feel like posting anything. Nothing has really changed now that I’m making a post but I want to keep this little blog updated , alive and kicking .

First of all : I can’t wait to see this animated movie called Monsters vs Aliens where Hugh lends his voice to Dr.Cockroach,a cute ,big eyed cockroach genius . Other actors involved in this project are Reese Witherspoon ,Seth Rogen,Rainn Wilson,Kiefer Sutherland,Paul Rudd,Stephen Colbert,etc .Here’s a scan from Tv Guide(found on hughbunnies at lj) just because Hugh’s so cute


HOUSE POLE VOLTED THE FUCKING SHARK and ,possibly also thanks to the new hour and the start of Dancing With the Stars,the ratings are at their lowest low since the first season with just a little over 12 million viwers tuning in to watch the last 2 episodes . But hey,as long as the Huddies are happy (and by huddies I also mean KJ and LE) who the Hell gives a fuck! The show has no more exciting puzzle solving,no more engaging emotional turmoil (unless you think House pinning for Cuddy and writing fucking serenades – because House MD is the General Hospital of prime-time)no nothing. Gone are the days when something besides romantic shit mattered and Wilson wouldn’t be a fucking Huddy fanboy just like everyone else,gone are the days when we had a good balance between the characters ,their importance and screentime,gone are the days when we actually gave a damn about House’s fellows ,gone are the days when Cameron used to be an important character who appeared in all episodes (this week they aired the 3rd,fucking 3rd episode in a row with no Cameron).Gone are the days when there was a logic,where the show was logical and “real”. No,now House suddenly discovered he loves Cuddy (who he never even spent time with outside the hospital and he was even shown spending time with Chase),his feelings for Cameron long FORGOTTEN (WAY TO GO WRITERS,WAY TO GO,VERY LOGICAL!),his feelings for Stacy long forgotten,everything that made this show long forgotten.Oh well,at least now LE can gush over kissing and filming sex scenes with Hugh so all is right in the world.

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One response to “I’m back …. sort of + Monsters vs Aliens

  1. Andra

    22/03/2009 at 3:20 AM

    *hugs* Just…ignore. And watch the first 3 season obsessivly. That keeps me going. That and Heroes. Also, the movie does look good.
    HAve you seen Watchmen yet? If not, go now! That should keep you entertained and happy for a couple of hours. ANd just *hugs again*. Stupid writers.


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