In this post I’m pimping a tv series from the UK called “Apparitions”

18 Feb

So,at the end of last year BBC aired a series(I’m tempted to call it ‘miniseries’ because I’m used to all the tv shows that have 20+ episodes per season)called “Apparitions”.It’s a fantasy/paranormal/religious drama about possession .

Now,for all you brits that might be reading,yes,I know I’m late to the party since it started airing in November but I just discovered it so I’m gonna’ pimp it because I loved it.

See,it’s not all Hollywood-like,it’s in a graver note and it doesn’t bother making things look “pretty and idilic” .It’s also not censored ,it’s got some pretty graphic images(you know,like a skinned ,dead body,some almost full nudity),sarcasm and doesn’t shy away from treating certain themes just because the main character and action revolves around a catholic priest.

Oh yeah,for a fan of all things Vatican related but not in a religious way,this was so much fun to watch .Also,the main character,Father Jacob,is really badass not some whiny priest who sees nothing but God in front of his eyes and I liked how they managed to make him badass and fierce while still making it clear that he does believe and he is good and faithful. Another thing I liked is that,for the most part, the whole demons/exorcism stuff are kept in a more realistic light,they don’t turn into really glamorous “hollywood” scenes filled with a strange language some viewers might not even identify as latin.

I know many are probably not interested in this kind of dramas but I am and ,while it does lack certain stuff,everything does after all, it’s a good piece of television and ,I trust that,if you liked Jekyll(for example) ,you’ll like this one too.

PS – Tina,this is definitely for you .

here’s a link CLICK


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2 responses to “In this post I’m pimping a tv series from the UK called “Apparitions”

  1. Tina

    26/02/2009 at 5:33 AM

    Thanks for the tip, I will most certainly watch it!

  2. Natasha

    03/03/2009 at 1:28 PM

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

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