Hugh Laurie at the annual SAG awards (last picture adds made on the 27th of January)

26 Jan

This Sunday aka yesterday , yet another award show of the awards season took place in LA : the Screen Actors Guild Awards ,better known as SAG’s.

Hugh Laurie was nominated again , WON (again) and gave a wonderful speech (again) because he’s that awesome ! I swear,they should give that man each and every award ever invented by man even if just for his speeches because they always end up being awesome and funny ,never too long or too short,never boring or arrogant,always in that british accent we all love. House MD lost to Mad Men and I am oh so happy even though,apart from that Jon Hamm guy who is scrumptious at time, I really couldn’t care less about this,granted ,wonderful show.

So,Hugh was pretty and sexy in a tuxedo again,with his adorable,shy,dimpled smile (that makes him more adorable and sexier) in place as always,he did his thing,he won,he posed for pretty pictures we can all drool on and everyone was happy.

Tina Fey,Alec Baldwin and their awesome 30 Rock ruled in the comedy categories (as they should). Oh Tina Fey you are so very awesome I think I’m going to include a funny gif. of Liz Lemon just to celebrate this . Alec Baldwin is getting chubbier each season but ,gosh darn it,he’s adorable now,not pretty or sexy as he was when he was thin but adorable which he wasn’t back then,he was everything but adorable back then and now,poof ,he pouts his lips a little and he’s like a kid ,which is better.

to celebrate the awesomeness of Hugh and Tina Fey

Kate Winslet won too(as if you couldn’t see that one coming). Sally Field won in her category for “Brothers and Sisters” (I will never forget the speech she gave at the Emmy’s,I believe,when the people taking care of the transmission freaked out and shit).I won’t mention the rest of the winners because I’m already feeling way too geeky with all my knowledge of the American based tv/movie industry so if you want more…… it đŸ˜€ .

THE HAPPIEST MOMENT WAS,together with the fact that he won,THE MOMENT WHEN I SAW PICTURES OF HUGH AND JENNIFER MORRISON(aka Cameron),just the 2 of them with no Lisa Edelstein or anyone in sight. Ah,how I love those 2 sepparately and together,that’s real chemistry but I fear Jennifer didn’t make the right friends because she’s way too nice for the Katie Jacobs/Lisa Edelstein circle of friends(witches).This was the first time Hugh and Jen were alone in a picture,without the rest of the cast or that LE who seems to be all over Hugh with each ocassion(bitch,you’re over 40,get a grip,act maturely). Of course the Huddies still win since LE was again seated next to Hugh and launched herself at him when he won to give him a semi-hug/kiss on the cheek (fuck this shit)but luckily I didn’t see that one live so I didn’t have to scoop my eyes out with a teaspoon afterwards but it still took a bit of my happiness away (because being depressive and greedy is a bitch). Also,why was Jennifer not at Hugh’s table? Are they all so afraid of her taking away from LE/Cuddy’s glow that they need to seat her with the unimportant part of the cast(because ,seriously, that Taub guy and Kal Penn got robbed ,they’re supposed to be front and center but they’re getting only slightly more screentime than Cameron and Chase since there’s no screentime left after the Huddy/Foreteen shit).

PICTURES (will add more as I find them).Some are HQ some MQ/LQ. Most of Hugh Laurie,some Jennifer Morrison,a bit of Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin.ADDED HQ’s OF THE HUGH LAURIE/JENNIFER MORRISON PICTURES + 2 Portraits + 2 30 ROCK cast pics . EVEN MORE HUGH  ADDS(some new ones and some HQ versions of small versions already posted)

Disclaimer : they’re not mine,didn’t take em and don’t own them. It’s all for the viewing pleasure.

Click for full size

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