Hugh Laurie at a Party in Celebration of the 100th episode of “House” in LA

22 Jan

OK,so everyone knows reaching 100 episodes is an important landmark in the history of any respectable tv show in the US .FOX will air the 100th episode of House MD in just a few days and they’re now ,of course ,partying . Personally I think episode 100 will be their stupidest yet(although I don’t know what can top that Christmas episode this year,that one was beyond lame) and the lack of Cameron and Chase is absolutely devastating for me because they’ve helped this show,they were part of this show from the beginning,people care about them and we have 13 and Boreteen instead(well,that’s in the few minutes of screentime that remain after they continue pimping the new “general hospital” worthy romance between House and Cuddy *barf*). Well,at least Lisa Edelstein is happy ,her comments about Hugh get more sexual with each passing day . Hey,Lisa,he’s fucking married,don’t fucking turn him into a sex object in serious interviews.Yeah,we all get it,he’s sexy and you’d love to fuck him(maybe you are,whatever) but keep it to yourself ,turn it down a notch ’cause not everyone thinks you’re oh so brilliant and exciting .As a disclaimer I wish to state that this is a personal opinion,I’m not insinuating anything or mean any disrespect(although DS ,KJ and LE are probably laughing in the faces of people like me who’ve come to hate this show).

Now, here you go,the reason for which you visit this blog(I wonder how many of you actually read what I write) : PICTURES of Hugh Laurie being all gorgeous and sexy.


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4 responses to “Hugh Laurie at a Party in Celebration of the 100th episode of “House” in LA

  1. Profa

    24/01/2009 at 7:18 PM

    Numero uno; he really looks damn sexy in these so I’m snagging them, whether you like it or not. *swoon*
    Numero due: I missed the Xmas episode but I’ll try to watch it. If it’s that bad, I’ll be joining the barf session.:D
    Numero tre: *squee* again over the pics!;)

    • ada22

      24/01/2009 at 7:43 PM

      hi ,thanks for leaving me a comment,I love comments !!! Snag away ,take anything you like,it’s not like I own them anyway LOL

      If you’re Huddy and big Lisa fan you might love the episode only for that but if you’re just a general fan or House/Cam or anything else then you’ll hate it because it sucks,it’s a horrible episode,very weak.

      Gotta’ ask ,if you read this,do we know eachother from somewhere like a forum or anything? I’m asking ’cause it has happened to me before.

  2. Profa

    25/01/2009 at 9:19 PM

    No, it’s worse, you know me from a lecture venue.:D Funny when students come across profs, ey?;)
    No, I am pure blood House fan, nothing else moves me.:d

  3. ada22

    25/01/2009 at 9:29 PM

    ^yep,just realized that. Now it’s kinda’ scary looking back at my posts because ,oh,there’s swearing and general craziness and maybe one or two(or more)sexual comments *blush*. You of course realize I’m a gentle,innocent flower.

    Well,I’m a pure blood House fan too and I want the medical drama to keep being just that,I won’t watch the General Hospital wannabe’ stuff.
    Sadly,for the first time in my life,for I hate romance on tv,I’m actually what they call a “shipper” and my ship is sinking more and more every single day thanks to the Huddy that is also killing the show.


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