Hugh Laurie at the Golden Globes and the awards in general

13 Jan

This past Sunday the stars gathered to celebrate the 66th edition of the Golden Globes.Monday morning,somewhere in Romania,while everyone was in dream land sleeping,at 3:00am I was proudly watching the gala because I’m a sucker for television/movie related awards as the respectable tv/movie junkie that I am.
This year’s event was a bit disappointing because I found it rather dull in general(but not dull enough to not enjoy it because I’m lame of course)and because Hugh Laurie didn’t win or present anything but I was expecting this because he did win 2 years in a row. It was also disappointing because Hugh almost missed the Red Carpet completely and wasn’t at any of the parties so there are few pictures of him even though he looked so damn fine in his Hugo Boss tuxedo . The most annoying thing was that Hugh was seated next to Lisa Edelstein again and I downright hate her now because of how her character is ruined and is ruining the show.On a happy note,Jennifer Morrison was ,yet again,absolutely stunning,she had an amazing blue dress and looked so elegant ,gracious and generally fabulous .

As for the awards in general I was happy that Kate Winslet won 2 awards but I didn’t find her second speech adorable,it was more like a far too loud ramble but it’s ok,I still love her.
I was especially thrilled about 30 Rock,Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin winning in their respective categories because I love LOVE LOVE Tina Fey and 30 Rock and Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy (“thank you Tina,thank you Tina,thank you Tina”)and Tracy Morgan was so Tracy Jordan-ish when the show won.
I was also glad that Tom Wilkinson got some love for his role in “John Adams” although that miniseries is not exactly something for my taste.He’s a wonderful actor and quite the nice guy,always amazing but never in the spotlight. Laura Linney won too,that was nice,I like her too.I’m sorry Emma Thompson didn’t win though because I love her,she’s beyond amazing.
Well,Hugh didn’t win but at least he lost to Gabriel Byrne who so deserves each and every award in this world(just like Hugh),he’s a phenomenal actor,way underrated most of the time.
I was not sad about House losing though because this past 2 seasons(except for Wilson’s Heart,House’s Head,Birthmarks and Last Resort) have been really,really awful,it’s like the show turned into something else,the whole center of it moved and House is just plain mean and vulgar.The only reason for which I would have liked it to win is Hugh,he’s made this show what it is,his hard work and talent is what makes it a huge hit and he deserves all the best.
Heath Ledger obviously won in his category which is ok because he was great as the Joker but what is not ok is that they’re milking this tragic situation with every chance they get,I don’t find that respectful.
I was surprised to see Anna Paquin win for True Blood because it’s a new show that started badly (but managed to become quite the hit)and it’s on the fantastic side with all the vampire stuff.
Best moment of the night was when Ricky Gervais was on stage.That man is wonderful at comedy! He’s sarcastic ,sometimes borderline mean/insulting but always manages to stay on the good side and that’s what I call comedic timing and talent.Also,he’s British ,it’s a plus for him and his humor.
I can’t say much about Slumdog Millionaire because I am yet to see it .I guess it was surprising that it won all those awards. Oh yeah,Shah Rukh Khan on stage at a prestigious ,big Hollywood award show = PRICELESS !!! I got nothing against him,I heard he’s quite a swell guy but Bollywood = LOLzzzzz!

and now the moment you’ve all been waiting for ……….PICTURES(the few I have with Hugh and some with Jennifer Morrison)

Disclaimer : pics are not mine,they belong to the wonderful,lucky people who took them . The caps belong to Marykir.

Clicky for big.

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