First snow and my new phone

10 Jan

I got myself a new phone! Yes,everyone owns a mobile phone these days,even 5 y.o’s but I’m a sucker for technology so getting a new phone is a pretty happy,worthy-of-a-random-blog-post event. As we established in the previous sentences ,I love technology BUT since I’m no billionaire I always prefer spending(wasting) my money on trips and PC-components and never change my phone after less than 1 year and a half of having played with it. This time I kept my phone for 3 years because I decided to wait for the next big step in technological advancement rather than buying a phone that can do about the same thing my old one did just so I can say I have a new mobile(my previous one was at about the top of its “game” when I first bought it). Now,I wanted to wait even longer but my old phone started having problems with the power/data socket and no longer charged the battery properly so I decided to get me a new one for Christmas.Sadly I wanted to get a phone that was only available for Vodafone users which posed a problem for me,the loyal Orange user.Finally I just thought ” fuck it” and I went to get me a new ,shiny Blackberry Storm and a Vodafone contract + a new nr because I didn’t feel like waiting close to 10 days to transfer the nr from Orange to Vodafone.

So,long story short(well not really but you know…),yesterday morning I woke up and said to myself : “today I’m going outside and I’m not coming back without my shiny new Blackberry” and that’s exactly what I did.

I chose this phone (over the Blackberry Bold,that was my second option)because it has touch screen so it’s something new and with a big screen,because I love Blackberry and because ,in my opinion,it is better and far more interesting than the iphone. Of course,one could argue that it has no Wi-Fi(which is  a downside,I admit) but I had no use for the Wi-Fi thing because in Bucharest there are still few Wi-Fi points and ,except for one,they’re all in areas I do not frequent.Also,I have a PSP and it has Wi-Fi and while I was very successful in browsing the internet abroad with it,I had a poor experience trying it in most of these Wi-Fi hotspots around my town.Sure,the BB Storm is new and there’s still a shortage in applications and themes and stuff like that but the phone is definitely great so far,the screen rules because the display is very good and because you actually press on it and feel it which is a big plus in my book,makes it far more natural  especially when it comes to typing(it also has a QWERTY keyboard ,virtual of course,that combined with the way you have to touch the screen,makes it quite nice to type,much better than on the iphone).It also has that accelerometer like the iphone does(the thing that makes the screen flip from horizontal to vertical view according to how you’re holding it).I do have a small complaint regarding that accelerometer : sometimes it switches from vertical to horizontal at the slightest move . I tested the GPS and it works but I couldn’t “play” with the maps because I forgot to make the special Internet contract(actually forgot even though I mentioned it to the guy at the store and he also forgot)so I have to pay another visit to said store to make that contract too.

Do you want to see pictures of it? Of course you do(n’t)! I’ve even set my wallpaper to something other than Hugh Laurie when I took these pics,gotta’ admire me for that

dsc08947s dsc08939s

On Thursday it snowed in Bucharest for real for the first time this year(and it might be the one and only time with this global warming).I love snow and I love the cold and winter and rain so I was very happy ! It snowed almost the whole day with big flakes and it was pretty cold too so the city was covered in a nice layer of snow and I went on a very nice ,evening walk in the park with my dog to enjoy the nicest period of snowfall when there was hardly any wind and snowed heavily.

Here are some pictures ,most of them are of my street and some around the park area.The crappy ones were made in haste with my old phone,sorry about the quality.

dsc08876mic dsc08925mic dsc08924mic dsc08921mic

dsc08885mic dsc08879mic dsc08876mic

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