Hugh Laurie / House at People’s Choice Awards(PCA’s) *more pics added*

08 Jan

YEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!!! *happy dance* * more happy dance* *endless happy dance*
Guess who’s happy today? Guess? Did u guess yet? I’m happy today !!! (and I’m pretty sure Hugh is happy today and David Shore and Katie Jacobs too although I wish they weren’t ’cause this way I see no end to the Huddy/13 horror )
Hugh looked wonderful and sexy and pretty and stunning as usual,he appeared to be in a very good ,playful mood,shook hands with some fans(I want to see him give love to his fans but I want to meet him too…’s not fair),smiled stunningly and in his usual geeky,adorable way to the camera and WOOOOOOOOON!!!!!! I hear that when he was announced as the winner all the people in the audience stood to honor him and (at least up until that moment) it hadn’t happened with any other winner so I’m glad to see he’s getting the respect and love he deserves (just hoping he never loses himself and goes all “celebrity” on our asses).

I was just a bit mad he sat next to Lisa Edelstein……again ,I’ve had enough of her and Cuddy .I just wish random fans of both Hugh and Jennifer Morrison and their respective characters would get some reasons to be happy! Oh well,at least Jennifer was there for once.

Heroes also won as Favorite SciFi/Fantasy show so that’s wonderful since this show is pretty much my favorite alongside House(except I hate House right now)and the fanbase is the most wonderful I’ve ever been part of,people don’t fight or bash(like the Huddies do).

Tina Fey also got an award for Favorite Funny Female Star and I love Tina Fey so I’m really happy .

A nice mention goes to the winner of Favorite USER GENERATED VIDEO : BARACK ROLL because I loved that one,it’s basically Barack Obama dancing ,look for it on Youtube.

And now,the moment you’ve all been waiting for : PICTURES
As always : clicky for big version(some huge some not,some both sizes added as I found them).New update with what I found made on the 12th of January
Discl : they are for viewing pleasure and they belong to whoever was lucky enough to be there and take them!

Video of Hugh winning(fangirl moment : OMG he’s so hot and gives the best speeches) HERE

Video of House winning HERE (he gave Jen the award…….yeey)

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