My Christmas and some Hugh Laurie news

28 Dec

Happy Holidays to you all and I hope Christmas was great  and you all got great presents !

All I wanted for Christmas was Hugh Laurie but it’s obvious I didn’t get him because I wouldn’t be here writing if he was with me now LOL .Then I wanted a Blackberry Storm but that’s gonna’ have to wait because Orange = good and Vodafone = bad in my mom’s book(and mine) .So basically all I got for Christmas was the money to buy my phone(if it ever becomes available to me,the Orange customer ,or when it goes down from the close to 500Euros price tag it has at Vodafone if you want to buy it without the contract).

Other than that,Christmas was ……..boring.We had a few guests,ate a lot,smoke some water-pipe,ate,ate some more and then more (yes,we eat a lot).Oh and let’s not forget the beer.Mmmm…beer!

Now I have one more week of holiday and then back to Uni. for 2 weeks and them the exam session starts…………’s going to be fun since I haven’t started my diploma paper yet(yes,I am lazier than the word “lazy” can ever describe).

HUGH LAURIE news of the day is this : according to THIS source Hugh will be a guest on Jay Leno’s show on the 16 of JANUARY ,the same day Band From Tv is also scheduled to perform so I’m hoping he’ll play with them.

Do you want to see our small Christmas tree?Do you? I know you do!




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