Random post is random!Heroes still equals love and House still sucks + 30 Rock and Supernatural

24 Dec

It doesn’t take a lot of brain power to get to the conclusion that I seem to have abandoned this (useless) blog BUT truth is I haven’t. Thing is that ,what was initially supposed to be just another random blog in the blogosphere became a blog with 90% Hugh Laurie/House related posts because obsession hits me hard,if I have a hobby/interest/whatever it has to obsess me or it’s not a hobby/interest/whatever in the first place. Yes,I am a tad obsessive but I don’t mind it,keeps my mind occupied and I can always entertain myself  by thinking of my obsessions.Of course there’s a downside : some people might get annoyed when I start ranting about something they know nothing about but my friends all know me well and have come to like this particular side of my lovely personality(I hope). Another downside would be that I get so immersed into stuff that I like that I get emotioanally attached in some weird way to all the tv shows I love and Egypt,England,the Vatican,Hugh Laurie,football,Jennifer Morrison,Piero Marini and other people or stuff that are part of my obsessions.

Having said this,it is not hard to understand that what is happening with House MD right now is quite depressing(yes,shut up,I know I’m lame).So far from this season I watched the first 5 episodes (1 and 4 because I wanted to and the rest because my mom wanted to watch them too…..on my pc),episode 9 and bits of the other episodes.This might not seem like a big thing or change to you but if I tell you that I watch about 10 current tv shows and I have about 4 or 5 of them that I MUST see the first moment they become available and if I tell you that I obsess all week about what will happen on the next episode of ,say, Heroes and that the same thing used to happen concerning House (and Stargate and LOST)and if I also tell you that I’ve seen every episode of the first 3 seasons of House and Heroes and Stargate at least 3 times……….u get how this is a serious situation.

The last couple of episodes of House have been the worst EVER and I’ve even heard Huddy fans say the same so that’s something. Cuddy is so lame,she becomes lamer every episode.It’s like now she’s willing to go so low just to get a reaction from House,she’s almost beging him to fuck her or something and it’s beyond lame. It’s also lame how they chose to build a whole romantic,meaningful relationship on sexual harassment jokes because those are the only things that can somehow be considered as sexual tension and proof of House’s interest and past interest in her.I’m sorry,House and Cuddy(Hugh and Lisa) have no romantic chemistry and the more they try the worse it gets.This also ruins House because he liked other kinds of women and when he liked one he didn’t sexually harrass her (look at the Stacy arc and look at how he’s treated Cameron).He doesn’t bluntly insult the people he likes(look at the jokes he makes with Wilson too and how he treated Cate ,the woman from the Pole).But of course,I will agree that in the present reality of this show none of that matters and the show is slowly becoming a soap opera just because someone had some fantasies.Come on,KJ,Lisa had her fun,she kissed Hugh ,now let’s move back to the original show. Yes,I like House/Cameron because it was clear but not in your face,subtle and sexy and treated with respect.

In the meantime Heroes rules.Sure,this season is not as good as the first one but it’s far better than the second(so they’re coming back,slowly,to what it was) and the story is pretty good,they learned their lesson and started killing off the characters no one liked. Look,Heroes was not afraid,in the first season,to listen to the audiences and make HRG and Sylar part of the main cast of characters when ,initially,they were supposed to appear very little.Now,HRG and Sylar are 2 of the most loved and appreciated characters who always save an episode if necessary .Same goes for Angela Petrelli. Also,they see the chemistry ,they listen to what the audience also sees as chemistry and use it(Jack Coleman with Hayden Panettiere , Milo Ventimiglia with Adrian Pasdar and Angela,Sylar and HRG,etc). Now that Bryan Fuller is going to be back (sad for him since Pushing Dasies got canceled but happy for us Heroes fans)I am certain things will get even better and the 4th season has lots of potential.

Hey,How great is Supernatural this season? I was kinda’ worried about how this will go,I’ve been worrying since the second season ,but the show just gets better and the more sarcasm and humor the better.Also,whoever picked that guy to play Castiel was very inspired and deserves a statue .

A SPECIAL LOVE DECLARATION GOES TO MY NEW OBSESSION(well a few months old already) 30 ROCK .I always loved Tina Fey(yes,I used to watch SNL all the time)and I always wanted to watch 30 Rock but somehow always forgot to get it but one fine end of summer day I did it and I fell in love with it instantly . Tina Fey ,in a perfect world,should write for House MD too by the way. I love Tina Fey and her Liz Lemon who is such a great geeky yet cool character and I love her normality and nerdyness . Also,I love Alec Baldwin’s character,Jack Donaghy because he’s so badass and can be a total asshole but at the same time he’s so friendly and opened and funny and crazy. They sure deserve their Emmy’s!

To everyone who actually read this : THANK YOU ,You are a brave soul because I rant and rant and rant.

PS 1 : Did u see Hugh’s arms on SNL? OMG that was hot ! Wow,how random of me!

PS 2: Here’s the PROMO for the next episode of House MD called Painless. At least this one will have a Huddy break(although not as much as I wish because the stupid sexual comments are still there to make House look bad) ,more Cameron than usual and half naked House. I expect we’re going to pay for all these treats with painful 13 (although I sure love her more than the Huddy and Cuddy right now) and lots of irrelevant,stupid Huddy in the next episodes.

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One response to “Random post is random!Heroes still equals love and House still sucks + 30 Rock and Supernatural

  1. eliza moore

    29/12/2008 at 4:33 PM

    Belated Mery Christmas! Happy New Year, too. Love your comments, always, especially when your humor comes across, i.e., like expect we’ll have to pay for all these treats! Of course, I am willing to endure for all those scenes of gorgeous Hugh. Thanks and blessings.


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