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02 Dec

On Sunday the population of our country,Romania,for those who don’t know,were called to do what most,if not all,democratic nations do every once in a while : VOTE. Of course,we,romanians(from that country,Romania which is not in Russia,we’re not slavic,we’re latin,we’re also not gypsies and we’re not a type of food,drink,tribe or any other stuff people might associate our country’s name with ),still think not voiting is a form of showing the great,stupid leaders that we protest and will not be fooled so only about 30% of the population went to cast their vote.I find this stupid because it’s your democratic right,u have the power to choose and even if both sides are made up of idiots who like to steal,choosing the less evil one is still important and a step forward.

Well,I voted for the party called PSD (well,in fact we have uninominal voting so we vote in colleges ,for a certain person but they do represent a party so I just vote for the person from the party I find to be the lesser of two,or more,evils).After my success in the last elections ,the local ones,for the mayor,where the one I voted for won and he’s actually planning on doing some good stuff ,the Party I voted for won the elections but by a margin of just under 1% and that means around 33% as opossed to the 32% of the PD-L Party .Now some negociations have to take place between the parties in order to form an alliance that can take one of these 2 parties over the 50% margin and give them the right to make the Government and choose the Prime Minister.See,these 2 parties are big adversaries and the PD-L one is,in my opinion,the worst of them all(our “brilliant” President was in this party).Our politic “life” is so fun and funny and stupid.

Wow,it’s been two weeks since I last posted something House MD related. I’m still obsessing over it but I’ve lost the will to rant over it and post new episode promos for now because every episode is a let down.Ok,I did watch the 9th one(Last Resort) only because of Hugh and Zelijko Ivanek ,it was ok,would have been great without the Huddy soap-opera ,subtle wanna’ be moments and 13 being front row again.Having said that,this was the one and only episode where 13 had her purpose and I didn’t mind her much.Also,as a great example of how I am not biased when I hate the Huddy and say they have no chemistry, I thought Hugh and Olivia Wilde have some pretty good chemistry in this episode,far more than Hugh has with Lisa Edelstein or with Sela Ward(and I did find the Stacy arc interesting so I’m not biased by hate or something).Still,would have rather seen Cameron in her place but no one likes Cameron anymore.Now 2 Huddy (and 13 related) episodes follow so I’m not going to watch them and watch House go from a great character to a lame one just like the show.

A major Heroes post will follow tomorrow or the day after tomorrow because I’m about to watch Villains part 2 in a couple of minutes and will obsess over the 2 parter afterwards.

Sure,Heroes is not as good as it was in the first season,some stuff aren’t ok but I think it at least manages to keep big fans like me .The show is in the fantasy category so it’s hard not to fuck it up and Heroes is slowly getting back to what it was in the beginning.Also,I like that they manage to do their thing while also respecting the fans and incorporating at least some of their wishes into it,keeping some characters like they used to,killing others that no one likes,etc.

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