My trip to Egypt + pics

24 Oct

Two weeks have passed since I came back from my latest trip *pouts*

Since I make oh so many House(and Heroes) related posts on my  blog (which should be a personal,random blog about……random stuff but ended up being a House/Hugh Laurie posts Heaven) I thought I’d post something totally random for once and I figured the most interesting subject would be my latest (and last until next summer) trip . I ,of course,chose this topic because I can just put pretty pics and call it a day(or post) .

My latest trip was to Egypt and it was my 6th time there in the past 7 years (can u see the pattern,the obsession pattern that rules my life? 😀 ).Ok,some might say I am crazy and I won’t deny that I probably am a little bit disturbed but I(and my mom) have a perfectly good reason to go there every autumn or summer : it’s really,really pretty . U see,I love history and I was always especially fascinated by the ancient Egypt so in 2002 when I first went there it was a dream come true (particularly after 2001 was a tragic year for us)and I still remember how,during the flight,I kept thinking something must go wrong because this is too good to be true.And I can also remember when I saw Cairo from the air and I could see the Nile because the plane passes right over the Corniche ,I was fascinated and excited as never before.I remember when I went out of the plane,onto the stairs and you definitely smell that you were not in Europe anymore,there’s a musky quality about the air,it’s filled with what I think are all the spices and aroma’s of an arabic,african country(and ,I’ll say it,also pollution :D).I have this feeling every year,it’s always a great thing to see Cairo from the airplane and think that I’ve manged to see that place that I dreamed of seeing not once but twice,3 times,etc .Some think it’s dangerous(why, I cannot imagine),some ask us how come I like Cairo and the poverty,some ask other stupid stuff but they have no idea or are totally stupid because a country like Egypt needs to be “felt” before making an opinion.I even went there 2 weeks after the bombing in Sharm El Sheikh in 2005 and was never afraid so I strongly recommend this destination . Oh and the Red Sea is magnificent as is the Nile at Aswan and Luxor. There are 3 places in this world where I’d like to go over and over again : England(especially Scotland and London OMG),Egypt and Austria.

This time I actually did a couple of new stuff : entered the big pyramid(which was either closed or the que was far too long in past years),took a hot air balloon ride at Luxor at sunrise(waking up at 3:00 am ……not fun but it was worth it this time),took a one day snorkelling boat trip to Tiran Island and actually saw a couple of newly discovered ruins that were totally unguarded and unmarked for some reason (at Saqqara).Other activities included smoking shisha,admiring the Nile,visiting a nubian village near Aswan where u can pet and hold baby crocs,felucca trips on the Nile at Aswan ,Luxor andCairo,eating, drinking loads of beer,swimming in the Red Sea and taking pictures
Here u have some pictures

PS – I wrote this in a hurry so excuse any grammar,spelling and coherency mistakes 😀

The pics are in the order  :Red Sea,Luxor(+temples),Aswan(+temples),Cairo

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